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  1. 1. [Proposal] LA - VAN 2. Hellllllllll Noooooooooooooo
  2. Going to John Fogerty tonight !! I must be old.. All CCR hits !

  3. Thanks for telling me how I should think. Congrats on being a Gypsy. Also.. Francesco is that you ?!?!?!
  4. And why is that ? I'm a seasons ticket holder, paid $5008.25 for my season ticket and I'm all for team tank. I don't believe in the current product on the ice and another tank year can mean some positive things to me. 1. Willie D will likely be gone. 2. We gain 10.5M in contract space from the Burr and Miller departure. 3. We get another top 5 pick in a draft that has some great young hockey players including this guy who I think would be excellent with us. 4. Life after the Sedins is coming very soon and we need to stockpile these young kids for that day.
  5. Tuukka got more points then the Sedins
  6. Just the Bernier for Scrivens swap but that only lasted half a season before he was shipped off to Edmonton.
  7. If I was them I would reach out to Ben Scrivens in the KHL and see whats up. (assuming he has an opt-out clause for a NHL contact) He has played very well on a very average KHL team. Season Team Lge GP A PIM Min GA EN SO GAA W L T Svs Pct GP A PIM 2016-17 Minsk Dynamo KHL 19 2 26 1091 43 0 3 2.36 11 7 1 469 0.916
  8. This is a real test.. High flying offence of STL will be too much in my opinion. 6-2 Blues.
  9. @Nail Who got Holland?
  10. I get alot from EMS. 4 business days after what is typically expected. That being said, if it's a counterfeit product like Nike or LV it will be confiscated without you knowing.
  11. Why can't London Drugs have the calendar, they are 2 min from me. I don't even know where the nearest phamasave is. What the heck is a pharmasave ?
  12. Canadians place a claim on Peter Holland. (I have no clue the order or where to find it)
  13. I hate to be that guy... But...
  14. I would look at the standings but, you know... Its day 2 of the 250 day hockey season