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  1. Thanks guys, you all did it within the 7 days needed. Appreciate that, See you all on Dec 30th.  Back to my CDC hiatus.
  2. You're a loser.. Move on buddy...
  3. VIA text OTIS is good, are you still good ?
  4. Gmen wont re-pick via text. MasterMind is up.
  5. Dollar is staying put via Text. TRR is up
  6. HYD drops David Pasternak and picks up Jimmy Hayes
  7. Buddah is up and he will have a 12 hour clock. HYD may re-pick in the morning. I would BPA Buddah but he might not want to drop a player. If he returns miraculously he can repick ASAP, as long as it's within the window which closed Tuesday morning at 12:01am
  8. IK Confirmed he will remain with the same players. I will drop Adam Larsson and add Dion Phaneuf.
  9. Last re-pick for you.
  10. JT Drops Del Zotto and picks up Francois Beauchemin (For those using search)    
  11. You get 2 re-picks. But for the redraft it's not a snake..  15 to 1 then 15 to 1. You will be up again in 14 picks.
  12. I would be SHOCKED if Prust stays here. 100% for family reasons I bet he signs east and askes for a FULL NTC. He will likely take a paycut to get a NTC but while being engaged and planning a wedding I doubt he wants to potentially be another trade piece next deadline. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to Montreal.. Especially since Kassian has been a dud thus far.