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  1. Beth Bartkowski on TSN1040

    This lady is bat $&!# crazy... Literally, she might be a little nuts..
  2. [PGT]Canucks 3 vs Avalanche 1

    Wait... We won ?!?!?! *Not 100% sure but I believe they are staring at the NHL scoreboard seeing that the Canucks have actually won*
  3. Kings get 9 goals tonight and 15 different scorers on the sheet with the maximum being 2 points per person. What depth, long playoff run for sure.

  4. Virtanen not playing

    They want to slowly break him into the league, the Canucks feel a full 82 game schedule will burn him out. They pick and choose his games. Yesterday they chose to put McCann into the game because it was more of a skilled game with very little crash and bang. Willie wants to use Virtanen vs Calgary because he knows his physicality will be required. Looking forward to your thread on Saturday as to why McCann is sitting.

    Heading to the game tonight. I'm expecting a Canucks blowout tonight.    6-2 Canucks. 
  6. [Report] Leafs unveil new logo

    I like it more then the current logo. Nice little change.. Now if the Canucks will embrace the inner Canucks fan and go back to the Skate.
  7. Sign, Trade, Waive

    Rosie Odonnell, Whoppi Goldberg and Rosanne Barr..   Oh, wait.. This isn't Fu*k, marry and kill..
  8. Hamhuis will have about 10 games to showcase himself to potential Stanley Cup teams. Only the right position for him, on the point with the Sedins and protect him with Tanev. 

    1. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      General managers have access to this thing called 'video'. They already know anything they could want to know about him. The idea of 'showcasing' a player for a trade stopped being relevant years ago.

    2. AriGold


      Not a player coming off of an injury. He needs to show he can contribute after being off for that long.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i can see a team picking him up for a playoff push, but i don't see anyone giving up a first round pick....probably a contract and a 2nd...we don't know if he is thinking retirement....

  9. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    I love this one...
  10. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    Nothing better then this jersey. Drop the blue orca crap.
  11. Sorry boys, took me longer as I just plain forgot. All are in place now. If I need any let me know ! These trades have been backdated to Jan 6th meaning on the morning or the 7th you had these new players on your team. Thanks!