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  1. Zdeno Chara @OurTimeToShine
  2. What did I miss ?
  4. Curious if anybody else has Justin Bailey on there list ? I stumbled upon him even though I have never heard of him and like what he could bring to the table this year to Buffalo. Just wondering..
  5. Woah.. Heavy.. Who are your goaltenders now ?
  6. I keep seeing this but have no idea.. What's a kik ?
  7. Justin Bailey @MikeyBoy44 @Baer. ? I dont know whos up anymore..
  8. Barclay Goodrow @Herberts Vasiljevs
  9. @OurTimeToShine I will give you another 12 hours..
  10. My fav is Squeaks team, he drafted a team with a 7 year plan in a league that will last 2-3 years lol..