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  1. That is from the new Jackass movie
  2. Space Milkshake 4/10 I enjoyed it but the content and story was laughably terrible, but I guess you can't expect much from a Canadian made Film.
  3. OTTFFSSENT = One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten.
  4. aw damn a split second to late.
  5. OH! Tom Barrasso
  6. Scott Clemmensen
  7. Hitting below the belt- Lie in wait- Search above and below.
  8. Painless Operation!!!
  9. Chuck Testa killed Lou Lamoriello!!!
  10. .
  11. Operation - Excuse me - Play in the Yard.
  12. That Labarbera?
  13. hes not responding so i guess i will.... yes thats John Garrett.
  14. Don Edwards.
  15. Brett Johnson? or is it Brent....