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  1. Expectations for Sbisa?

    He is terrible. My post has nothing to do with last nights game, but what I have surmised from every game I have seen him play in is that he is soft, makes bad decisions when pressured, and just doesn't look like hes trying as hard as anyone else. And also.. how do you comment even somewhat positively on what kind of start hes had? Its been 1 game and he had a brutally soft giveaway (something that has plagued this team for years) that made it a 1 goal game and could have ended up letting Calgary take over momentum. The same type of play that he made 100000000000 times in a 5 game series last season. So to answer the question, I would be happy if we went back in time, sent him through wavers (to be claimed by some unsuspecting team) and kept any other defense man in his place.
  2. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    Hazard would be even better as a CAM in my opinion. Schurlle Hazard Cuadrado would have been a treat.
  3. What should be Bennings #1 priority this summer?

    Hamhuis is the only real 1st pairing defense men we have. Edler should have been but never developed to what we thought he might, to inconsistent. The only way that it would make sense to get rid of hamhuis is if we were fully blowing up the team and rebuilding. Meaning that the sedins, hamhuis, edler, burrows, bieksa should all be gone. I personally dont think thats what will happen. The REAL list of those who need to go is: Bieksa Burrows Higgins Sbisa Mathias Bonino Miller Bieksa and Burrows because they are on the decline and neither offer what they used to (sorry love them both) Higgins plays like a 2nd line scoring player (brings nothing else) unfortunately he doesnt put up the points to be a 2nd liner. Mathias and Bonino are the softest big players Ive ever seen. Neither through a check all series and were a large part of us getting b-slapped by a team of 150 pound rookies in Calgary. Sbisa was god aweful,no explanation really needed. Miller is just not needed, Lack is just as good, younger, cheaper etc. 2016 Roster Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Virtanen-Horvat-Kassian Hansen-Mccan- (player that can skate/check/not be a wimp) Dorset - Richsardson- Kenins Hamhuis - (Need someone badly) Edler - Tanev Corrado - (anyone but sbiza,weber, or Bieksa) Lack, Markstrom
  4. Live Long Enough to Become the Villain (Bieksa)

    Every real Canucks fan has a soft spot for Bieksa, He has long been the only tough defense man we have had. The only guy who sticks up for his team mates etc. etc. The reason he is garnering this much hate is because due to his age he has declined to the point where he is no longer a viable option. His main job has always been a shutdown role. He is not fast/quick enough to play that role anymore. He brings nothing offensively (despite his important goal that we will always remember and appreciate) and physically he has lost it as well which is understandable considering his long career playing a physical brand. In short, he deserves to be appreciated and remembered fondly, but should not be on the team next year unless its as a 6-7 defense men but unfortunately hes being payed like a 2nd pairing defense men.
  5. Todd McLellan as New Head Coach?

    I didn't say you would be a crappy GM, I said I wouldst trust you to butter toast, It was more like I was implying that I think you should be wearing a helmet to avoid hurting yourself while stumbling through everyday life.
  6. Todd McLellan as New Head Coach?

    Thank god you two are not in charge of this team, based on your posts i wouldn't trust you to butter a piece of toast. Stop blaming our ROOKIE head coach for our team being pushed around by the smallest team in the league? Our team is soft, Im not talking about the Sedins because you can oblige players who dont play physical when there the best point producers but when the rest of your rosters are a bunch of muffins then it doesnt work out to well.
  7. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | 4/19/15 | Series Tied 1-1

    not that i agree with him necessarily but what is your logic? to get valuable Calder cup playoff experience? as compared to i dono.. Stanley cup playoff experience?
  8. Worst Playoff Home Crowd Ever (Game1)

    o really, so they just tune down volume on tv in Vancouver and no where else? is that why Calgarys building is 10 X louder then ours has been on TV? Just the Canucks who tune down croud volume, i c. No your being a biased homer fan and wont admit that our fans are the worst. Bunch of white collars who come in there business suits, dont know the names of the second line players and spend 50% of the game in the outer ring on there cell phones.
  9. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | 4/19/15 | Series Tied 1-1

    can some1 on this team please throw a hit, or make a pass, or take a look, or stop the flames from running our goalie, or start passing it to dan humhuis when he joins the rush as he is the only one who came to play tonight. Is this a run on sentence?
  10. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    It was not a missed call, look at it again, terry gets his toe on the ball. It was a hard challenge, but a clean one.
  11. Worst Playoff Home Crowd Ever (Game1)

    As a life long Canucks fan who does not live in Vancouver I must say its embarrassing how bad the fans are. The fact that people are able to buy lower bowl seats off ticket master to a playoff game the day before the game is shameful. To make a comparison, right now Its cheaper for us Canucks fans in Calgary to fly to Vancouver, get a hotel, and buy tickets then to get them in Calgary. So, Why does the team from a city of 3 million people that claim to be crazy about hockey have the worst crowds in the league and fans that turn on their team when things don't go there way. (Luongo booing 2010) Living in Calgary I am just embarrassed of Canucks fans and genuinely feel that their are enough of us Canucks fans in Calgary to sell out an arena and make 10 times more noise then those who go to the games in Rogers arena. In short, for the most part the people reading these forums are not the problem, and are more then likely "hardcore" fans. That being said, fore shame Vancouver, please do better.
  12. Derek Dorsett UFA, present and future

    I think this years playoff run will determine a lot. Dorsett will not have to adapt as his style of play will be perfect for playoffs, so he if he plays a successful role which i expect him to he should be re-signed. Richardson will have to step up a little bit but seems to be capable. My concern is Mathias. For a big strong fast player, he is not physical. If he doesn't step up in a big way in playoffs and play a very physical brand then we can not afford to re-sign him in my mind. Virtanen could be ready next year and take that spot, and we would not have to worry about being physical enough with a player like Virtanen.