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  1. * Pigs will fly.
  2. out of all the stuff the mods ban on this site how are stupid memes not one of them
  3. Good God, you truly are delusional. How stupid do you feel right now with the Canucks battling for a top 5 draft pick instead of the playoffs. If you took off your fanboy glasses for one second you would have realized the Canucks overachieved hard last year even making the playoffs. Getting crushed (and physically dominated and bullied) by the Flames (smallest youngest team in the league) proved that. We are clearly so far from contending for a cup but you prefer blind loyalty. I want us to lose as many games as possible to get the best draft choice possible, but I want them to do that trying to win. Being part of "Tank Nation" is better for the team, and is more based in reality then being part of delusional fanboy nation. Best place on earth? SMH....
  4. THIS IS GOD DAMN BULL **** I HAVE THE DAY OFF RANDOMLY AND SHAW HAS THE FREAKING BRIER ON INSTEAD OF CL!! I CANT WATCH THE CFC vs PSG MATCH BECAUSE CURLING IS ON?? MOTHER *******. sorry for the caps but I really needed to vent my anger. now im just sad : (
  5. why? what a pointless comment. If your implying that the conversation is "bad" then you have clearly never read a single thread on this site.
  6. Its absolutely hilarious that people blame the coach for this teams lack of TALENT. We are the Calgary flames of 2005-2012ish. We are aging and not as close as we think we are. Even if we get a playoff spot we don't have the team to make it out of the 1st round. No scoring depth, not sound defensively, not physical, not fast, average goal tending. We have players with those qualities on this team, but as a team we dont play with any of these qualities. It doesn't exactly look like a recipe for playoff success. We are going to realize (like the Flames) that our window has long closed to late.
  7. I think now is the time to trade him. He will fetch more then Hammer, and is worse.
  8. Daniel is the more prolific scorer...as of tonight. Not as flashy. Ill take consistency any day.
  9. Lol, I cant believe I'm even responding to this.. people like you are the worst, you were probably one of those people calling for AV's head when before he left. Pull your head of your butt, stop blaming our coaches for management's mistakes. Your right, your observations (someone who knows dick all) are accurate, and the man who has dedicated his life to the sport and is a professional coach is out of his depths... SMH
  10. While his role as a goal scorer is because of the Sedin twins, you dont give the guy the credit hes due, he was developing into a great checking forward/penalty killer before he played with the Sedins. Were the Sedin's there when he ground his way through the East Coast Hockey League then the AHL?
  11. 3-0* we were a Chicago OT goal away from the dreaded reverse sweep before Burrows' fake-clapper-half-clapper sent us through.
  12. He is terrible. My post has nothing to do with last nights game, but what I have surmised from every game I have seen him play in is that he is soft, makes bad decisions when pressured, and just doesn't look like hes trying as hard as anyone else. And also.. how do you comment even somewhat positively on what kind of start hes had? Its been 1 game and he had a brutally soft giveaway (something that has plagued this team for years) that made it a 1 goal game and could have ended up letting Calgary take over momentum. The same type of play that he made 100000000000 times in a 5 game series last season. So to answer the question, I would be happy if we went back in time, sent him through wavers (to be claimed by some unsuspecting team) and kept any other defense man in his place.
  13. Hazard would be even better as a CAM in my opinion. Schurlle Hazard Cuadrado would have been a treat.
  14. It was not a missed call, look at it again, terry gets his toe on the ball. It was a hard challenge, but a clean one.
  15. "Bild report this evening that Lewandowski has agreed personal terms on two deals with Bayern Munich, the only question is whether the Bavarian side can agree terms with Dortmund" (b/r) His agent, "We have reached an agreement with a club and intend (him) to move this summer. There is a very interesting offer for Robert which fulfils entirely the demands set by Dortmund and also the demands of Robert. Dortmund have assured us that Robert can move at the end of the season under these conditions." (b/r) Hope this doesn't happen... normally wouldn't put any stock into this but bild was right about Gotze...