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  1. I think I'm in the minority here, but I've always been a fan of this signing. I think being so close to buffalo I seen his best years live and knew what he could do. That said I never followed him closely so now that he's here I see how much a team guy he is and I love that. You win championships with the team guys who buy in to the system (not saying were about to win but I like how things are going with these team guys).
  2. Watching that still hurts and brings tears. RIP Rypien. I know his fight all too well. Let's go Canucks !
  3. Seeing as this is really annoying me and I can't find an answer anywhere I'll ask here again. I've looked all over my settings and can't seem to find anywhere to change between cm/ft.
  4. I've also noticed there is no refresh button. So you have to actually leave the message boards, reenter, find the topic you were reading to see the updated topic. Very inconvenient for GDTs.
  5. The biggest annoyance for me is the lack of a back button. I find I have to go back to the home page and then reenter the boards if I end up in a thread. (Or I'm just too slow to find it which I haven't ruled out yet)
  6. That's a smart way to look at it haha. Way easier to swallow.
  7. I have nor will I ever be more happy to see marchand score a goal. Heck yes!!
  8. This game has got me excited for the future. As well as just the start of hockey season. I've needed my canucks fix. Just calms my anxiety and fuels my love. Go canucks!!
  9. Oh wow I'm loving stecher so far. Just what our pp needs.
  10. Oh that is too true. My apologizes. I just black out when I see him I'd forgotten.
  11. My distaste for lucic is so strong I couldn't even understand the words he was saying. Muffled garbled garbage.
  12. Ah, thanks. I thought so but I figured I should ask anyway.
  13. Is there a stream showing the game? (Sorry if someone's answered this before I don't want to try and comb the previous pages) last I heard there wasn't one.
  14. Quick question. Is it something in my settings or just the game itself but the height is in cm and weight in kg. If it's something in my settings does anyone know how to change it?
  15. I've been really liking the music in the Bell Center. Maybe not good "hockey" music but i still like it. Also my brother the Habs fan is trolling me hardcore and hasnt even watched a second of the game.