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  1. Canucks@Bruins Jan 21

    I was actually considering going to this game myself. I have a couple of bruins friends down near boston I'm planning on meeting up with and hitting the game. If I can get the day off work. I won't have any flight deals but i did see the ramada Inn was cheap and a decent enough stay. Get what you pay for types like a best western.
  2. Are they just going to come back when the puck is dropping or what?!
  3. One hour. I can't contain my excitment. I'm shaking with it.
  4. Oh dear. I'm so excited for the playoffs I haven't taken my Canucks jersey off since clinching a spot. Just been rotating which one I wear. Is it game time yet ?! Go Canucks Go ! :towel:
  5. Canucks in Buffalo

    I've had tickets to this game since October. Been looking forward to it for ages. I love when the nucks are "in town". Totally disappointed Millers not around though but oh well, still stoked about it. GO NUCKS ! I'll be cheering my lungs out.
  6. Sweden/Russia game live was a great one. Frosling two goals, great game for him. The crowd was about 50/50 split, with everyone cheering when Nylander made the smallest play, he seemed lazy on the defense for a lot of the game. Idk how it looked on TV. I find i get a different fibe from live/tv. Couldn't have picked a better game to go see, that wasn't medal round or in Montreal. The 50/50 tickets were 30k. that would have been a nice chunk of change to have won. Heard it was the highest in ACC history. Don't know how true that is though, but awesome.
  7. I missed Canada's last game cause of the hoilday's and will be missing this game cause im going to the Sweden vs Russia game. I s'pose thats atleast a decent trade off. I love World Jrs. Go Canada !!!!! P.S anyone know where i can watch full game recaps or highlights of the games i miss today?
  8. [GDT] Canucks Superskills 2014

    Heeeeeee's back ! LOL
  9. [GDT] Canucks Superskills 2014

    OhMyGod that dance though. Loved every minute of it. Stole the show.
  10. Really being over played, wth?
  11. FINALLLY a snportsnet game i can watch with out a blackout. GO Canucks GO !
  12. I'm so sick of sportsnet-P blacking out canuck games I just want to watch a game on TV. So annoying. Go Canucks Go !!
  13. [GDT] VAN @ COL - NOV.4

    These SN-P games getting blacked out for me is annoying yet i can watch SN-W flames/caps. Ugh. Internet to save the day. Go Canucks Go !
  14. I will pray this is the case. why the heck tsn can't do a game or two ? they do the other Canadian teams, no?