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  1. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    I've been using to find groups for heists.
  2. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming 9.17.2013 | Rockstar Games
  3. OMG Earthquake? 7.7 hit first and then a 5.8 10 mins later
  4. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Vice City coming to iOS and Android! Celebrating the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary plus Details on the Upcoming Mobile Release | Rockstar Games
  5. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    4 more new screenshots!
  6. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Is that Tommy Vercitti's voice from Vice City? Mother of God!
  7. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots
  8. OMG Earthquake?

    Breaking news from CNN: Workers at Japan's damaged nuclear power plant have suspended operations and evacuated, chief Cabinet secretary says.
  9. OMG Earthquake?

    Washington state has a reactor and not to mention the nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines they have in port.
  10. OMG Earthquake?

    I'm amazed they still have things under somewhat control. The plant was hit by a magnitude 9.0 quake, a 1 in 1000 year occurrence. They shut down all the reactors successfully but then the tsunami knocks out all 12 back up power generators. Without power they lose the ability to cool and control the reactors safely. Magnitude 5.0 or more aftershocks are still hitting Japan at about 100 per day. Despite all this the plant and all 4 reactors are intact for the time being. I think the nuclear plant has been superbly designed after all the punishment it has taken.
  11. OMG Earthquake?

    I believe a meltdown is in progress. They are slowly losing control of the reactor's core temperature and then trying to downplay an explosion at the plant..... only a matter of time
  12. OMG Snow?

  13. OMG Snow?

    I think I'd rather that than have a plow trap my car in with a couple feet of snow.
  14. OMG Snow?

    No one knows, not even the weather man.