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  1. Ah yes, the rare and yet effective 27 man roster. Higgins Kenins and Prust way better than Baertschi? Higgins a better penalty killer? In all likelihood yes. Kenins a better hitter? Absolutely. Prust a better fighter? Definitely. Any one of those three better at putting up points/being a threat on a 2nd line PP, not likely. Take your head out of your ass and get back to summer school.
  2. That just illustrates how badly we need on of Grenier, Jensen, Virtanen to take that 2nd line RW spot. Higgins is a solid 3rd liner but should never be counted on for more than 35 points. Burrows is a 3rd liner that can step his game up a couple notches when he plays with the Sedins.
  3. I think fair value for both players (plus a premium for an in division trade)
  4. Better off trading Bieksa for cap space and a pick, then re-signing Richardson. Brower is more or less a slower tougher slightly younger and more expensive Higgins.
  5. His strong play leads me to think that it'd be wise not to rush him to the Canucks. Let him hone his offensive creativity in the OHL and then the AHL. See Bo, strong defensively but not getting the time to develop his O game.
  6. Unlikely that he makes the Canucks next year, but Bonino isn't doing anything to secure his spot moving forward. Stranger things have happened. Would be nice to have a positive development surprise instead of disappointment.
  7. Oh agreed, Forsling will be in the SEL for a couple years yet. I didn't realize you were referring to the Comets roster. I see one of Forsling or Subban filling a role like Weber on the team now. PP specialist, but only getting bottom 6 5vs5 minutes, being too small to contain the best of the west.
  8. More like Cederholm Subban Tryamkin Forsling Why put both trees and both shrimps on the same pairings?
  9. How about Lack to Carolina for 2015 3rd Could see Higgins going to Winnipeg over Washington for a 2nd. If healthy I'd move Richardson for a 3rd pick, and Weber for a 5th.
  10. I'd say that it's more likely that Franson signs with Vancouver as a UFA than this trade goes down. Benning will not rent players with our young assets. Nonis and Gillis did, look where that got us. No deal
  11. 1st - Boston has Malcom Subban, Markstrom doesn't make sense for them. They have lots of 3rd liners as well, need scoring not an overpaid penalty killer. 2nd - Kassian (very little value right now) Burrows (overpaid) and Richardson (UFA to be - unlikely to resign) plus a mid round 1st for a high 1st and one of the best defenceman in the league? Good grief. Also you thing Az is desperate? They are salivating at the thought of the absolute randsom they'll get for Vermette, Michalek, Yandle, and maybe Hanzal. 3rd - Canes are NOT in desperation mode, they are in the Eichel race so their 2nd is = to a late 1st round pick. We'd be lucky to get that for Bieksa, let alone an AHL goon and a 6th/7th defenceman. All deals refused by the other teams. + 1 to Barzal this thread should be closed.
  12. NHL team are (in general) run by very smart people. All of the Canadian team hedge against the fall of the Canadian Dollar, there will be very little effect on teams for this season. I can see Lack (2nd), Higgins (2nd), and Richardson(3rd) traded for picks. Weber could be moved for a 5th round pick. Benning must know that this team isn't going to make it out of the first round (playoffs aren't even a given). Despite the stated goal of making the playoffs, the management team must realize that the priority should be continuing to add talent though the draft. This season more than ever before they look old and slow. I am glad to see that I'm not alone in wanting Kassian to stay. Too few people recall that Todd Bertuzzi didn't have more than 33 points in a season until he was 25. Unfortunately a change of scenery may ultimately be what he needs to wake up and start putting it all together.
  13. Are you the same person that posted this on HFBoards or did you just copy the trade idea? Because Isles fans laughed at this.
  14. Too many pieces moving, unrealistic. I'm not the first person to state this but... I can see one of Higgins or Kassian to Boston for a 2nd round pick + mid level prospect. Khokhlachev is one of their top 3 prospects, Boston is not going to trade him for guys that aren't contributing. Boston needs to shed cap for next season.
  15. I grew from 5'10 to 6'3 between 18-21 not the norm I know.