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  1. Hostels are the way to do it in Australia. You should also try camping if you're into that. Could save you more money. Be prepared to easily spend $100 a day there. I didn't do the east coast other than Sydney, but Tasmania is beautiful and seeing Uluru at sunset and sunrise was incredible.
  2. I went to Laos for a couple weeks in February and I really enjoyed it. Took a slow boat down the Mekong from Huay Xai (border near Chaing Rai and Chiang Mai, Thailand) to Luang Prabang. The roads aren't great there.. it takes like 6 hours to go a couple hundred km, but that was part of the fun for me. Learned a lot at the Plain of Jars, especially Vietnam War history. Things they don't teach in school here. There were remains of old bombs everywhere. In the distance we could hear the government destroying mines and bombs that are still left unexploded from the war. Vang Vieng has some nice scenery. The government has cracked down on the crazy party tubing of years past, but you can still go tubing or kayaking and have some drinks. Lots of caves to explore and rock climbing/caving in the area. I didn't go to Vientiane, but I went south to Pakse and rented a motorbike for a day to check out the Bolaven Plateau. There were some nice waterfalls in that area. My last stop was the 4000 islands where I basically relaxed in a hammock for 4 days watching sunsets on the Mekong. After that I crossed into Cambodia. I would definitely go back, but probably in the wetter season when the rice fields are green. It was pretty dry in February.
  3. Really diggin' their sound. Just read up on their background and how they escaped Iraq. Awesome, thanks for posting their music.
  4. New mastodon, warbringer, evile, and machinehead albums coming next week!
  5. I've been meaning to buy one of their albums. Listened to their stuff on YouTube. It's awesome. Favourite song is two day booze. Oh.. And I can't wait for mastodon's "the hunter", although I'm not really into curl of the Burl.
  6. Yeah it's like +1 here and the snow is slowly melting already. It's been sprinkling rain too, so I don't think it's going to snow.
  7. http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/warnings/report_e.html?bc40#bcrm16-800cwvr-082720 2 feet of snow here in Chilliwack? I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. It's coming. Check the radar maps on the weather network's site.
  9. October 7 Mastodon and Alice in Chains are playing at Rogers Arena. I'm very excited for that. Floor "seats"!
  10. He's probably going to stick with Avenged Sevenfold now.
  11. Toney gonna get a beatdown tonight