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  1. how far away is Thatcher Demko? Will he play for Boston again next year?
  2. [Report] Canucks initiate talks with Bolland

    apparently Bollands camp won't talk to the Canucks until the kesler situation is resolved.
  3. The Scariest Thing About Our Situation Right Now...

    I understand why people are upset with gillis and some of his choices and how some things have wen't down. But a statement like that is just ignorant. Why is he such a bitch? Because he didn't trade Kesler? The Kesler trade wasn't made because: A) the return was not good enough or B ) the reports out of Pittsburg are true and ownership got in the way. We were gonna be terrible for the rest of the season if we traded him or not so why does it really matter? He will be traded at the draft.
  4. No he said maatta was the only untouchable
  5. D.Sedin. 40pts H.Sedin. 40pts Kesler. 39 pts I don't see how the twins have so much less value then Kes. The twins are known for making players around them better. Where Kesler is known for the canucks not being able to ever find line mates to play with him. A youth movement is coming and I feel the twins would be better mentors for them on and off the ice then Kesler. Not to mention we could get better value in a trade for Kes.
  6. I like Kesler as much as anyone else. But the twins are more valuable to this organization then Kesler.
  7. Poll: Would you be OK with a Kesler Trade?

    Canucks can't seem to find quality players to play with Kes and the won't anytime soon. Trading him is the best way to land some young talent and clear the way for a youth movement the we desperately need. I don't think Bo Horvat was drafted to be a 3rd line centre. As much as I don't like the idea of losing Kes I'm really tired of seeing our team get older and less impressive every year. There are a few more players who should be shipped for this same reason.