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  1. still one of the funniest plays ever.
  2. i'm not wearing a shirt right now...
  3. i dont even wake up for school at 7:30 anymore life changes man
  4. Only on Tuesdays
  5. Don't tell me what I can't do!
  6. I'm going back into Mafia hibernation. I will join the next game that reaches 20 people
  7. KP shows up as mafia on investigation so it allowed a huge TP alliance to be formed with everyone investigated. The mafia were really easy to pinpoint this game. JJ, J-23, MR were clearly TP.
  8. Told you guys #16 was the last mafia. TB for the killing blow on the mafia team! First time in a while this role has been used correctly.
  9. @Time Lord Who do you think is mafia and why is it not you?
  10. nice catch. you may be on to something
  11. I agree. I'm re-retiring after this game. Call me back when Toewsy boy signs up for a game.
  12. Mafia feel free to kill me. I'd probably do more damage than good with my TB ability