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  1. If we should offer sheet anyone, it's Gaudreau. Sign him for 8.5milx8. If Calgary matches, we've managed to screw Calgary for the next 8 years. If Calgary doesn't match, we get Johnny Hockey.
  2. Vote virt
  3. I'm sorry. I really can't. I away to hockey tournament this weekend.
  4. As an Edmontonian, I'm super excited
  5. you're a butt
  6. Sorry mang. Still on break
  7. Cancer sucks... a lot
  8. I remember the days when I used to love CDC mafia and now I'm slightly disgusted with it.
  9. invite me to DPS?
  10. 66.67% of the mafia team got GKed?
  11. No I didn't There was one mafia and 4 tp left when I was killed. The last mafia played the TP like a fiddle. He killed the only person who was defending him so it threw off the other tp.
  12. Umm....
  13. I wish I had money and time to play Legion I was a huge WoW nerd back in high school. Played thru BC and WOTLK. Quit a month into Cataclysm after I hit 85. Mage/Druid/DK are my classes