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  1. Aladeen likes to Freighten little kids with his Gigantic penis
  2. imo your face should take a break.
  3. i'd do it in a heartbeat
  4. lol sorry bud, but Toronto won't even trade Nylander for Tanev straight up.
  5. GG thanks for hosting MR. I'm taking a loooong break from mafia
  6. This song's lyrics have brand new meaning now:
  7. DC's commanding of who to lynch seems more misguided than anything. I have bets on him being a potato rather than a mafia, but we'll see.
  8. this poll is turning into the exact replica of the HF poll
  9. @King Heffy lurking thread but not saying anything
  10. so are you sheriff? how do you have so many confirmed mafia? and why is hashtag not mafia?
  11. im confirmed mafia, yet you don't vote for me... so you want mafia to win? Whats happening? Why are you a potato?
  12. I think # is a better TP player than what she's shown this game. She's barely contributed at all, very much like her mafia MO Vote HashtagNucks
  13. Also, can we PLEASE start looking at the more inactive people and putting some pressure on them to at least post something? The 2 mafia that are dead are godkills and no one even called them out. If I was mafia this game, all I would do is sit back and hide every round.
  14. BW being TP actually shocks me... I didn't actually believe he potatoed that hard last round and thought it was an insane mafia ploy