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  1. You guys let the lynch tie? Y'all are a bunch of potatoes. Sigh, looks like it's time for me to lead the TP to victory. Vote A: Zfetch Vote B: Zfetch Doctor save me tonight.
  2. hey guys I cant sign up for this one sorry I know I wont be able to dedicate full effort into it right now and I'd rather not be draggin my team down
  3. Why not throw in Horvat and Baertschi while we're at it? Give them Fin too
  4. Would be nice if we didn't have the most incompetent coach in the NHL. Dallas Eakins was better.
  5. Seriously when can we fire this clueless coach?
  6. RIP again mafia. I'll be back for the next 20+ person game.
  7. Vote 112 i guess.. I don't like how many people are on this bandwagon tho. Apathy is gonna be the death of the TP
  8. Did you just say 112 is likely to be tp, but could also be mafia? My scum radar going off on this one. Sounds like someone who wants to look like they're contributing without actually saying anything useful.
  9. There's only 11 people in this game? RIP. That should mean what 3 or 4 mafia? Is this a vanilla game?
  10. 112 is gonna make up for 80% of the posts in this game. I haven't played mafia in so long. What do I do?
  11. alright. Lets do it.