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  1. Hahaha you must be a severe degenerate to think that Vigneault's dismissal is at all comparable to Gillis's.
  2. I don't get how people listen to Craig Button. He makes Sportsnet's panel look credible. As recently as January, the guy ranked McCann and Kempe in the top 10 (contrary to many). Hell, the nutjob put Draisaitl at 11 for Pete's sake!
  3. I hope Tallon threw in a razor and some shaving cream coming back this way...
  4. Sportsnet is a complete and utter joke. I bet even I'd do a better job than their analysts.
  5. And Gaunce can be invisible!
  6. How much do they pay Clarkson again?

    1. kodos
    2. Blueberries


      5 million a goal.

    3. NightHawkSniper


      They pay him with money, so by definition he is already overpaid

  7. Nathan, Although you probably will be the first overall in June (people make mistakes, I know), my superior skill to yours will be evident throughout my career. You're the Daigle to my Pronger. Yours truly, Seth
  8. I've got Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar, and another player is agressively pursuing them. The main players they have are Zetterberg, Seiguin, and Kreijci. And by agressively pursuing, I mean they're a die-hard Kings fan who wants to add them both to a team already with Doughty and Quick.
  9. is sexist.
  10. LOLOLOLOL -1133