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  1. ...and both left under a cloud...
  2. I find it odd that many on this board are seemingly blaming pretty much everything bad about our team on Yannick Weber and yet nobody seems to mind Baertschi's pathetic play. I get it; he's not a physical player at all and he's supposed to be some sort of offensive threat. But he's not; if you pro rate even Ronnie Kenins' offensive stats from last year he is a much better offensive player than Baertschi AND has 3 more hits in only two games and 22:00 of icetime than Baertschi has had ALL SEASON. What's more Sven doesn't make anybody around him any better (ask Bo Horvat who he would rather play with). I say this as someone who was delighted when we picked him up last season but I now realize why Calgary was so keen to get rid of him. He is a complete non factor every game he plays. He will be a regular in the Swiss league by the time he is 26.
  3. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    Agreed, Dorsett and Higgins were useless the last few games.
  4. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    Sat in the press box for two straight games while he watched his team get destroyed.What's the point? Either play him here or play him in Utica but for chrissake play him.
  5. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    I have watched him like a hawk. If two players go into the corner and one of them is Baertschi then the other player emerges from the corner with the puck 99.9% of the time. I was stoked about him when we got him but he has disappointed me bitterly. You've heard the saying that a player "hasn't got an ounce of quit in him"? Baertschi has kilograms of quit in him. He will be a star in Switzerland well before he is 30 with the NHL just a peach on his resume. Godspeed sez I...
  6. Ronalds Kenins | LW/RW

    9 hits in 22 minutes of ice time over two games and sent down; what do they want? Baertschi is useless and has 6 hits in 24 games and pretty much bugger all offence. I know who I would want in MY bottom 6...
  7. ...and that's the rub, innit?
  8. Funny those weren't the numbers when I checked; maybe I misread them. You are right; .926 is very good. Strange to think that unless they make the playoffs this year Lou will have played the equivalent of EIGHT seasons with them where they haven't made the playoffs. despite playing the best hockey of his career with them.
  9. Curious tidbit: both Lou and Miller have very similar numbers this year on their respective teams (which are roughly of equal quality). Neither could be considered "elite" by any definition at this time.
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Actually he said neither; a tiny detail that didn't come out for a week was that the whole conversation was in French which makes exact translation difficult...
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Hey Deb howsabout you stop putting words in my mouth. I NEVER SAID that Burr is the only guy to trash talk in the league. I just said that Burr is well known for his trash talk and I agree with you that trash talking is classless and, furthermore, I think all it does is wake up the opposition and make them play better. I guess you thought it was just fine for Burr and Kes to be talking trash about David Backes' wife (Kes' ex girlfriend) saying such classy things such as " she's a GOOD girl" (do I need to translate the meaning of this to you? Hope not). I didn't; I thought it was disgraceful and wouldn't have been surprised if Backes rammed his stick down Kesler's throat till it came out his behind (I would pay money to see the next face to face meeting between Kelly and Kesler. I hope she has a drink in her hand when it happens). I still like to believe that hockey is the classiest sport of all the major ones and crapola like trash talk embarrasses me as a hockey fan. If you MUST yap at the opposition at least be like Esa Tikkanen who at least left them rolling in the aisles. P.S. I think you mean "pre game skate" where Auger says he told Burrows that "I'll be watching you"; understandable given the circumstances of the previous game where Burrows executed a gigantic dive that fooled Auger and cost Nashville the game. Of course you probably have an excuse for that as well just like you do for his biting, hair pulling etc.
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    There was as much "proof" that Auger said what Burrows alleges than there was that Burrows said to Tootoo. The big diff is that there would be no reason for Auger to say "I'm going to get you tonight" whereas Burrows is well known for his classless trash talking. Love him as a player, not so crazy about him as a person.
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Not this time. Stephane Auger says hi.
  14. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    ...and Burrows has?
  15. Wow I compared Lou to Liut years ago. I agree completely. Nobody remembers Liut even though he won the Pearson one year in a block of seasons where only Gretzky won it.