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  1. I love this sort of "logic"; it fits right in with the old "Bertuzzi had to attack Moore because the NHL refused to agree with the Canucks that Moore's hit on Naslund was dirty" logic or the "Burrows has to dive because the refs all hate him and won't call penalties against him". Sits nicely alongside the long held belief that "nobody is allowed to hit our star players" philosophy that prevails around here.
  2. So... 4 years a sucker. Me I spend $0 on the NHL so I don't worry about such things since there isn't anything I can do about it. Remember: Bettman answers to Aquilini and the other owners.
  3. I do that all the time and, not surprisingly, it pretty much usually evens out. That would be an excellent start...
  4. ...and you are one of those "suckers" I guess.
  5. Says a guy whose user name is "Positive Canuck". The fourth sentence here confirms your cretin status.
  6. According to whom? From Wiki: "During the 2012–13 NHL lockout, Weise joined Dutch Eredivisie side Tilburg Trappers". Thanks for coming though. Don't ever change.
  7. If I understand the video it is Marchand's responsibility to avoid contact with a player who is setting a pick which seems odd. Nonetheless 3 games is about right for a guy with his history. Player wasn't hurt which lends credence to the argument that the guy who elbowed Hank should have got some sort of supplemental discipline as well, if only a fine. Whatever the case I'm guessing no suspension is long enough for the good denizens of CDC where Marchand is Satan.
  8. I'm betting that if it were, say, Brad Marchant doing this to the Canucks you would...
  9. Yeah because that did so well for the team last time. Might want to ask big Bert how he feels about that decision right now. Probably cost him several million $.
  10. What would that accomplish? Gigantic fines, suspensions etc. Brilliant idea. I'm guessing you are one of those geniuses who think that "Bertuzzi"-ing a player is a good idea. Look how well we did when that happened...
  11. "Classy" is not a word I would use in describing Alex Burrows.
  12. We gave Burrows an "A". At least Marchand is playing well...
  13. This. He's already over this. Nu?
  14. If you actually saw the play where Sestito suckered Nolan off the face off and then pounded him without Nolan even getting his gloves off you would realize that it's two minutes for instigating and 5 for fighting. That's 7 minutes and to boot we did it twice in a week. Complaining about it is whining, especially in the context of pretending to be worried about "player safety". Saying that Nolan deserved it for attempting a hit on a Sedin is also whining.