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  1. You must be on drugs.....terrible trade for us
  2. That is a horrible trade for us. No way we trade Juolevi or Boeser for pretty much anyone especially not Reinhart.
  3. I think Cole Cassels will take a real leap this season and be a good depth center for us hopefully able to crack line up next season
  4. And all I am saying is when you draft a very good player like some of the Cunuck prospects you like to hope that one of them could possibly turn out to be a game changer and a franchise player. All I am saying is its possible and not like Dumb and Dumber possible. I am trying to be possitive on a CDC that is so negative all the time.
  5. well I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we instead of trusting your expert opinion
  6. How do you know who is a franchise changing prospect? Are you dancing your way to the future? Comments like that are just plain stupid. Boeser could be a franchise player and who's to say Demko or Juolevi can't be? Wayyyyyyyy to early to say.
  7. Tryk ain't going down or he goes to Russia
  8. Its only 3 more years and I'm sure we could move him in year 3 at TD or buy him out
  9. Hartnell, I think he is our best fit right now. Reasonable price he's offensive and tough and on a good term for us to find a younger replacement and move him out.
  10. Oh god please not Kane, like we need his problems, like a cancer
  11. I dont think its the talent people are worried about with him its the attitude and adding poison to our dressing room
  12. Bonino is not better. He had a horrible season last year and did well in the playoffs Did you happen to see the team around him? Think they had anything to do with his playoffs?
  13. So negative....Our D is better for sure and our goaltending is very good as well. Maybe we still need a sniper but over all we are much better then last season with more cap and prospects in line to join us next year as well. So please leave your crap in your mouth and let us be excited for our little victories please
  14. Sucks for you maybe but I hear alot of happy fans to see us going in the right direction and not completely tearing it down. I agree we need a sniper and personally I think the one way is trade Edler or Tanev, they hold the greatest value and with what a solid 1st pairing D is worth on the market today we could easily trade for a good young sniper Please JB get er done