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  1. Not as stupid as we would look if we signed him to a long term no movement contrtact. The Hamhuis situation was a totally different and comparing them is stupid. Letting Edler walk is probably the smart move here, don't get sucked in thinking we need him.
  2. If that is what Edler wants to do then why handcuff the Canucks @ TD? relationships work both ways and it sounds like Edler is demanding and not negotiating. If the deal is not right for the team moving forward then say goodbye to Edler and understand, wanting to stay in Vancouver is NOT important to him
  3. No I don't like it, to sweet for Edm. Lucic + Poolparty or maybe 2nd round pick for LE. It has to be lopsided for Vancouver to do this deal. Period.
  4. No way Edm gives up 2 1st for Lucic, I would be happy with Poolparty + 2019 8th overall. Thats a fair deal
  5. First of all better or worse Brock is a different player then Bo. Brock is a pure sniper who has never broken 30 goals due to injury and Bo is a work horse shut down/face off guy and a natural leader. Unfortunately Snipers get paid better money then work horse/shut down face off guys. Bo has also been in the NHL longer and has more experience, I am sure Brock will break 30 goals but hey you never know do ya. JB has to be smart here and do whats best for the team going forward as far as the cap goes. Sign Panarin and trade Brock if it comes to that, I'm fine with that. Ultimately I'd like to see a full season from Brock with consistant linemates but its contract time and its like flipping a coin........
  6. Great player, wondering what it would take to sign him and get him away from Vegas. His value has to be Brock money at least, 8+mil. No to offer sheet
  7. How do you know he wants 9-10 mil? We have no idea what is holding this up maybe its term. I hardly think he's looking for 9-10 mil and hasn't broken 30 goals yet
  8. Its a topic thats out there considering the likely hood we make a deal to aquire the #1 pick. I'm sure NJ attempts to aquire Quinn to play with his brother. We would want the moon for that deal for sure. Not saying we want to trade him just saying what the option may be considering. NJ wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't try as well right?
  9. I agree, I think NJ would take Kakko unless we make a deal with NJ, like Quinn, 10 OA + for NJ's 1st., That would work as well but we would have to draft Kakko which is fine with me just means we have to make a deal for top 2 D man...Karlsson or Trouba maybe or make a trade with cap crunched team
  10. Brock is a character guy, someone who you want on your side come crunch time. Helps he's mega talented as well and has proved it. I'm not sold on Jack yet, I don't know why but something tells me Kakko is going to be dominant
  11. If we trade BB for JH then we have 3 great centers and lost a excellent winger. We need wingers, Kakko is a beast on the wing but I understand why people here want JH. I can't see us moving Brock.
  12. Sounds like you worry about other peoples $&!# way too much, try minding your own business so people can deal with there own decision making and move on. I think you make it sound like its easy for woman to make these type of decisions. You don't sound like a monster your just sounding like a typical man who love to control other people