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  1. As long as there is not a no trade clause I'm ok with it
  2. Way too early to make that call, but maybe your just that kind of guy
  3. You have a right to your opinion but I am sure he will turn out to be one of our core players and top D man
  4. Olli deserves a better position then that
  5. Thats right, if Tanev is moved it better be a great deal for us or no deal at all
  6. TheScore (proposal)

    Ummmm its a start with the 1st but not sure if those players work for us
  7. How BC Votes - 2018 Referendum

    I have learned from experience that anything the NDP wants to do is never a good idea for working private sector people. Thats why they only get elected every generational change, so they hope people from the past don't remember and newer voters don';t do their homework and of coarse they always have the public sector to screw us over.
  8. Canucks-Hurricanes [Proposal]

    Key words "In your opinion" You really have no idea where Juolevi is going to end up
  9. Benning's kind of player
  10. (Proposal) Draft lotto change

    All I know, is if the Oilers or Chicago get the first pick I am done with the NHL. 40 + years of being an NHL fan gone in seconds
  11. Improving the Defence

    I don't know if the hockey gods even know where Vancouver is?
  12. Improving the Defence

    To be fair our goalies and D suck equally, and Tryamkin is currently not on our team
  13. I like Carlson and JVR but No to Kane