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  1. The best option is to waive LE let him opt out of his contract, retire or ride the bus. He's waisting a spot on our team right now and the guy just seems disinterested
  2. I'm 50 , I think I am grown up enough to call out this kinda crap, Tucker Carlson and Fox news are scumbags who want a race war and are anti immigrant in all ways unless your white. I see some of there crap is spreading to our country and thank god we have freedoms beyond what the US has. One of those freedoms dude is the freedom for you to move south of the border and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
  3. He's now beyond saving, ruining is legacy for sure. This could cost him alot of respect in Canada foe sure
  4. I predicted this, Cherry on Fox news, Stupid move by Cherry just shows his true colours. Tucker Carlson is a scumbag and Fox news is a right wing racist so called news station who has no business involving themselves in Canada's business. What respect I had for Cherry is now gone.
  5. I understand your point but unfortunately alot of those people have come from war torn countries and have their own way to grieve, remember and like us prefer to do it with their own. Thats not to say they don't have respect for our way of doing things but they dont have to participate in the way we may expect them too. I went to a gathering yesterday here in 100 Mile House and there were all kinds of cultures there and some with a poppy and some without, including us white Canadians, I just dont see it that way, I see all Canadians because were a multi cultural country and were all here to remember in our own way and seeing the multiculturalism is what makes us Canadian, a great country, considered one of the best in the world and I wouldn't have it any other way and unfortunately Don Cherry doesn't see it that way. I really loved Cherry, wished he could see my two young girls play hockey some day, they are great players, one is captain of her team. Unfortunately they are also mixed race and now I see that that might not be such a good idea considering one was born outside of Canada. Sad.
  6. I'm not far right and I'm not far left, Like the majority I'm in the middle leaning left and I have my own opinions never needed anyone to follow
  7. Times are changing, change with them or get left behind
  8. Really doesn't matter what people heard that night it only matters what Rogers heard and they have the right to end his employment with them. We all know what he meant and anyone who doesn't is in denial.
  9. I agree with you, but that is what freedom is, the right not to participate and I'm sure our men and woman in the military would agree with me
  10. Thats what freedom is, the right to not participate if you don't want to
  11. Sorry I live in a free country I am very good at saying whats on my mind. Always.
  12. Great story, we all have people like Don Cherry in our families, like them or hate them we all must appreciate where they come from. Great story, wish there were more to read
  13. If any of my employees said that to my customers they'd be gone on the spot, no explanation needed