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  1. Well if they want Tanev Benning already set the table, he wants a young d man in return so its Tanev for Lilijgren. Period. If TO doesn't like that then we will wait til TDL or someone else can make an offer.
  2. 6-8 years 6 million per
  3. Well we will agree to disagree because JP has not put in his time yet and D man are more valuable then wingers, as well Guddy has a history in the playoffs which you may or may not think is meaningful, but I do. I like Guddy's physical play and leadership and think he has not shown his best yet.
  4. Well Guddy is a #3 pick OA and why wouldn't he and a 2nd fetch JP?
  5. The league and toronto have always been against the Canucks, Gagner and Del Zotto are not our new core they are filling in until our youth are ready. It allows us to let them develope without rushing them like what happened in Edmonton.
  6. Ya anyone who listens to the idiots on TSN deserves what they preach. This is one of the many reasons they are leaving Vancouver radio because they don't care what so ever about anything west of McDavid and we should not be surprised they react this way to anything we do. They can't leave soon enough.
  7. Well I don't care about pissing off Edmonton but I'm not interested in 4 1st round draft picks going to Edmontom. It just might turn Edm into a dynasty and we had to deal with that in the 80's don't want to deal with that again.
  8. 4 1st rounders hurts alot, Im not sure its worth it. Would you trade 4 1st round picks for LD?............Not
  9. Ya i could live with that, but I still am not to high on RNH
  10. Totally agree Granlund is worth keeping and not trading for RNH
  11. Noway man, he'll be back Im sure, he just wants to not go through the pain and rather play in Russia until Vancouver is ready for him. I just hope his development doesn't suffer.
  12. Go for the stars Benning
  13. because Tanev is ready and in his prime right now for a team who is in "win now mode". If someone has a young Dman NHL ready but not in his prime then that is the team who needs Tanev like Dallas or NYR
  14. With the price of defencemen these days Sbisa is worth a 2nd, especially if he continues on his upward trending play like last season
  15. Ya i don't necessarily disagree but if we HAVE to take a bad contract to obtain the 3rd OA pick and we need a goalie anyways I don't think its a bad idea