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  1. Wow looks like another beauty by JB
  2. Why is making the playoffs so important? To loose in the first round? I think its more important to have a 1st round pick and whatever we can do to get short of loosing any core players, I support
  3. Never again will we see talent as a percussionist like that, for those who are not musicians that was art at its best
  4. Absolute legend best drummer far and above anyone else. Grew up with Rush on my jean jacket been to 6 concerts my brother is a professional drummer due to Neil, his whole life has been drums. Sad life story with the loss of wife and daughter but incredible story about his and Rush's career. Condolences to his family and Geddy & Alex, a true loss for Canada and music in general. I shed a tear in his memory RIP Neil Peart
  5. No way no how bad idea never never never..................did I say no
  6. Different strokes for different fokes, everyone has a different tolerance, 10 mg is a super low doze like most people are saying here, not even comparable to a glass of wine like someone said. 100-300mg is probably normal for regular users. I have never found eatables to be effective for me other then some old school brownies but who knows what level the mg levels were at. I have not even found that the smoke at the pot shops are nearly as good as the smoke I get from my guy.
  7. Thank you, the biggest problem the countries have in the middle east is US presence. Your exactly right, how would the US react to being surrounded by unwanted aggressors.......Oh unless its Russia of coarse
  8. Ya what a stupid s@#t eh, I mean like dumber than dumb. The damage Trump is doing, in hopefully his short time in office, will take decades to repair if it can be
  9. Whats dumb is assassinating another countries military leaders, how would we or the US react if one of their military leaders were assassinated? And since it was the US what if some country, like say Iraq, assassinated Bush, he's a war criminal, lied to the world, invaded another country illegally, murdered 10's of thousands if not more looking for fake weapons of mass destruction all for oil. The US is loosing its allies and becoming a lone wolf, dangerous direction. Lets try and remember history, no matter what, all super powers fall, one way or another
  10. No need to be confused, I don't think Iran will do nothing, I think they will retaliate in many ways that will be devastating to the US and its allies but probably more devastating for the Iranian people in the long term. And I do hate Russia more than I hate the US, but not by much and when I say this I mean its government and foriegn policy, not the people just like the Iranian people. Understand now?
  11. I agree, I definitly hate Russia alittle more then I hate the US. The worst is traveling the world and being mistaken for an American, nothing sucks more