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  1. Spew your right wing crap somewhere else, I hear the southern US is looking for people like you. Maybe you can save us all and move, you know go somewhere your wanted and fit in
  2. Im a supporter of the movement, I just don't like people who use it as a crutch or a answer to every problem we have. Carter made a gamble and lost, had nothing to do with his race and more to do with his stupidity And I have no idea what your talking about when you put BLM and rioters in the same sentence. Maybe try removing your "Make America Great Again" hat and give your brain some sun, maybe that will help it grow and evolve.
  3. As long as we can land Risto I'm all in with letting Tanev go and yes signing Toffili is important. So we need a deal involving Risto and Brock
  4. Seems like a doable deal, may have to add a 2nd though
  5. Ya I would like to win as well I was just saying to the other blogger I'd rather be in this draft in the first round then next year. We ain't winning a cup this year and a possible decent pick this year with how good this draft is would be nice. Watch us win the series with Minny in 5, then get swept in the next series. That would be Vancouvers style
  6. We ain't winning the cup I say go for the pick its a great draft much better then next year
  7. I'll go a step further, Canada needs to put a travel warning up for people who want to continue to travel there
  8. Is this a spelling class? Sorry Ive made money on numbers not letters
  9. Well I totally agree with you, hopefully Our moron Prime minister keeps the boarder closed
  10. There ex military nut jobs back from middle east with a shoot first ask question later attitude. That is why I have not been to the US since 1999 and would never take my kids there
  11. Wow that is just stupid, free country my ass
  12. Thats easy to answer, they want all 4 cops to be charged wiith murder and it should have been done immediately. If it were 4 black guys who did that to a white guy they'd all be arrested and no bail givin. What world do you live in anyway?