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  1. yes you were
  2. Playing in the NHL is not all about points
  3. Marky is certainly not a proven #1 goalie, and alot of his goals against are terrible goals especially the first goals of the game and then he seems to settle down abit. I have to agree with you he's not a #1 and if he doesn't improve we'll have to make a decission on him. But to his defence the team in front of him is not all that great either
  4. Dr's are human and make mistakes like anyone of us. Although I am sorry your wife had to suffer, maybe you would like it if you were American and had to deal with their issue's? The grass is not always greener on the otherside and our medical system is not perfect, like all western countries we don't have a perfect system but I'll take it over 95% of the rest of the countries in the world.
  5. he may be a 6th or 7th D man now but has huge potential. Low cost high potential equals good deal for us to be a top 4 as well as the offensive D man and power play quaterback we need. Low cost, huge potential lets cross our fingers
  6. Benning seems to have the nack picking up former 1st round picks. I like this one the best because he's an offensive D man and is only 23, has plenty of time to continue his development. Cross our fingers on this one it could be huge.
  7. Well I am no political scientist, but what I would say is Trump is a divider and racist and Obama at least attempted to bring people together which was hard in the US being there are so many racist people and there history speaks to that.
  8. I think your right but its hard to control your feelings and with all the BS going on south of us it seems we are right back in the 60's and it sucks especially after Obama presidency
  9. Because I feel all people should be treated equal and I think it sucks that other racist don't get as good a treatment as myself just because I'm white.
  10. Its funny you have to explain these kinds of facts about suppression and equality in North America in todays day and age. I thought this would be an easy topic being from Canada but I can see that its not and we have uneducated people here in our own country. Sometimes I feel bad because I'm white.
  11. True. There are exception to every rule and I know there are good people everywhere.
  12. You know thats a stupid question right? Of coarse they would and so would the rest of the world.
  13. First of all I am sorry for what you have had to deal with when it comes to racism, people just don't understand because they haven't experienced it or feel it doesn't exist and any idiot can see and hear that Trump is racist, sexist and a scumbag and if they can't then their too far gone to fix or should pack up and move to southern US where they belong. Crosby and the Pens will fall on the wrong side of history if they go to the Whitehouse and I will loose respect for Crosby and any other Canadians on that team and I don't want that..
  14. You are a great example of why you can't fix stupid