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  1. Proposal- Oilers and Canucks

    No way you must be kidding
  2. Trading Tanev in any deal has to start with a 1st round pick or an A defensive prospect. Period.
  3. Linden and his Position the problem for GMJB

    The pole is alittle incomplete. What we would like is to leave TL and JB in there positions and hire an assistant GM to help Benning with the GM part of his job without striping him of his title
  4. I agree qwith every thing you said except the 5 years to be a contender. I think were there in 3
  5. William Lockwood | RW

    I would say at least 3 maybe 4 play in the NHL
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    Amen brother
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Just some of the reasons TSN lost out on NHL Hockey and until they have fair treatment from coast to coast they will only be a toronto sports network
  8. agree but do we give up on him already? I think its too early and we let it play out until at east next season
  9. MDZ/Hutton or Edler sure but no way we move Pouliot. He was a great pick up and is improving every game. Stecher is a tough one, works hard has lots of energy, good teammate but alittle small but plays much bigger. Tough decision.
  10. (Proposal) Hyman for Gudbranson

    I agree Guddy's a keeper but if someone offers the moon then we take it
  11. Proposal- Vancouver- Anaheim

    Steel is a excellent prospect but thats too much. I would drop the Vanek and maybe up the draft pick to a 3rd. Dman are valuable especially one that brings to the table what Guddy does. I wouldn't trade him I'd call Guddy a keeper unless someone offers the world and this is not it,.
  12. (Proposals) Multiple Moves for the Future

    No way someone pays that much for Granlund
  13. [Rumor] Canucks shopping for top 9 forward

    No picks & no prospects please
  14. Erik Karlsson (Discussion)

    At this point Demko isn't going anywhere