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  1. Theres no way Hutton is worth a 1st, and you want to give us a 4th as well..........I don't think you understand value, it obvious to most people here
  2. Thats just stupid....You think management in TO is that dumb?
  3. good call thank you for saying that
  4. Wow considering how good our PP was I am so upset right now
  5. Ya optimism, put your crack pipe down kinda optimism right?
  6. Why would Minny want to give up on Eriksson? And you think we could land an Eriksson and Drouin at the same time? Ha ha ha your a funny guy, NEVER HAPPEN
  7. Why would we want Riley Tufte? not interested in him we have enough bottom 6 players.
  8. Its all good TSN's days are numbered and they loose the Canucks and hopefully Sportsnet does a better job appealing to Canuck fans. Ever since we lost Donny and SNP was moved to Toronto we have no representation on TV and as we can all tell having TSN as our radio sucks big time especially listening to those Insiders who seem to have no passion for our team with the exception of Bob MacKenzie.
  9. I don't know, I think I'd take Peter Forsburg over Lindros everyday
  10. Won't have to worry seems like the Preds are going to do that for them
  11. Then one way or the other their going to pay whether its Tanev or someone else
  12. Its Nylander from Buffalo not toronto, and I would not give up Sbisa over Edler, trade Edler or expose him and get rid of him. Tanev will get us a B prospect with a 1st round pick or a A prospect and a 2nd
  13. He's talking A Nylander from Buffalo not TO