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  1. Do not want Duchene at this point in our rebuild
  2. First of all the Sedins arn't going anywhere and if they were that would not be a good deal for us
  3. Ya refs are not helping tonight, hard to get any flow
  4. Just because Virtanen hasn't been noticeable doesnt mean he's having a bad game he's just not a stand out tonight. Kinda like Jovi. Not an entertaining line up tonight
  5. Why would you say that? Im at work in my office listening to the game? Something wrong with that
  6. Ya same system but different players, this is an average AHL line up
  7. Ya probably but we will have players who can play that system and do it effectively
  8. Its not like were icing the best team we have here so nothing to worry about
  9. Great goal, hope he sticks and makes the trip to China
  10. This guy looks really good hope he makes the big club this season