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  1. Anyone have a good objective opinion/observation of how he is doing at the moment?
  2. Doubt Bailey makes it pass a call up fourth liner. He has been around a while, and had his shots, but hasn't stuck. Just like Boucher, I do like him as a player though, just cant seem to translate to the big leagues.
  3. Damn, sharks player had all the time in the world, should have been on his ass.
  4. Yup, looks like he has really turned the corner. Especially since the promotion to the top line. Been real good.
  5. Wow, so many posts. Finally seeing some great team defense past 5 periods. Don't let down in the third boys, bring this one home and earn a well deserved break!
  6. I think its better for the team if that line can find chemistry. Also think Boes is becoming a very complete player, and can make players around him better. Would like to see how it plays out. Virt looked solid on that 1st line.
  7. Fantastic game, beautiful effort. Trap? What trap? That was not a trap game. That was a great game!
  8. I don't know what everyone else expectations were when starting the season, but I was expecting to be battling for a wild card spot all the way through. The experts said we wouldn't be a playoff team. So the fact that we are battling for 1st in our division and a place as one of the top teams in our conference is beyond expectations. So I feel all these coaching conversations are a little misplaced.