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  1. Nice. I liked him at the prospect camp
  2. I can see that, although Joulevi looks much stronger and confident in his own zone, as well I think has a higher ceiling offensively. Lumme was pretty poor defensively at times.
  3. Gawd...what a terrible list, if I was Vegas and saw that list I'd ask for compensation to avoid picking from that list. Lol
  4. Boeser proved he can play in th NHL. He has a spot unless he regresses at camp, which I cannot foresee. Imho
  5. And then who's to say what affect that would have had on Jake? Maybe it lights a fire and next thing you know he starts living up to expectations. Then everyone would crucify Benning for not taking the hometown boy. You can't win as a GM in this league till you hoist the cup...then you win...for that year anyways.
  6. Is he eligible for Utica next year or 1 more year of junior?
  7. Reminds me a lot of when Horvat came into the league. Very calm mature get to work attitude. Think we have another gem here.
  8. Just saw a facebook post that said boeser was in the lineup today. Will wear #6
  9. Haven't been anticipating a canucks game this much for a long time! Only a couple hours to go.
  10. Just the flu
  11. You're just hungry aren't you?
  12. I remember watching him at the prospects camp at shawnigan. Him and Stetcher were by far the 2 best d at the camp. Stetcher, I was confident we would see this year(although not till late, his early success was a wonderful surprise). Juolevi, wasn't far behind. I would say famn close to on par with Stetcher in every area, better in some, just needed some size and grit/heart. He almost seemed too cool. Stetcher's drive and heart were unmatched, that was the difference. Juolevi also evaded checks like gretzky, so elusive(doughty in todays day) hard to catch.
  13. Well that was like watching a cat play with a mouse. Completely outclassed
  14. Sheesh...that was ugly. Surprised it's still only a one goal game.