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  1. Agreed, but end of the day, it's all on the players and coaches executing a $&!# PP.
  2. Lines need to be shaken up a touch, not a bunch, but need to split up Brock and Petey. Miller Bo Brock Pearson Petey Ferland Leivo Sutter Virtanen Schaller Beagle Motte Alternately switch Pearson and Miller, or even Ferland and Virt.
  3. Contrary to the popular belief in this thread, I think they played a pretty good game for the most part. Better than I was expecting for a 10am start. They have to fix that PP, it sucks the energy out of the team and kills opportunities to build momentum. All other parts of our game are firing, but that PP is holding us back.
  4. Lame, if our PP can't grow some balls, we are going to lose a lot of these types of games. 0-6 is embarrassing.
  5. I have to disagree. I love that 4th line and you don't switch it up during a winning streak. Need to send Gaudette down to play big, all situation minutes.
  6. My whipping boy with the SO goal for the win! Guess I am going to have to cut him some slack! Lol
  7. Wow, what an effort, what a game! Taking down the defending champs from a 3-1 deficit in their barn?!? F'ing Fantastic! Boys should be hyped and proud of that gutsy performance!
  8. I think he is a better choice on physicality and board battles alone.
  9. Uhm, at this point, I would consider more, he is more than worth what we gave.
  10. Wooohoooo! Boys are starting to gel! Damn that 4th line and PK.
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing Boeser and Pettersen split...maybe not yet, but if they haven't got going in a couple more games. Than maybe: Ferland Pettersen Miller Pearson Horvat Boeser Leivo Gaudette Sutter Schaller Beagle Virtanen
  12. What an intense game. Not a lot of room out there and super tight checking. I knew Philly had a strong team, glad the boys were up to the task, but I probably gained a few more grey hairs. Looks like Leivo will be the new whipping boy. So many chances died on his stick tonight, and yet he battles hard and creates some chances too....idk yet. Boeser and Pettersen scare the hell out of me in the defensive zone. Hopefully they start getting it together soon. Pearson has been beastly since joining us. Marky = wow Bo has been solid, but need him to start popping some points in soon. Our blue line is so much better than last year. Hughes is a gem. Myers is real gud. Benn and Stetch have been solid. Ferland is improving, won't be long now I think till we see his true impact on the game. All in all, lucky to win this one, but need to be lucky to be good.
  13. What a treat, not taking long for Q to settle in. Nothing but smiles!