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  1. Not a good showing so far this pre season. Love EP and his offensive flash, but wondering if he is physically overwhelmed. At this point, I cannot see any of our kids making the team this year. A year in Utica would do them all some good. Edit: and our goaltending still sucks
  2. Have to raise that work ethic. Oil are running us around in circles.
  3. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    And for all but maybe EP and 1 other, I don't think its a bad thing. We will inevitably be struck by injuries and all will likely see time in the big leagues this year. Next year you see a much larger youth movement with Demko and Hughes. That's when I think you see big changes.
  4. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    I am all for Bo to wear the C, but he barely wore an A last year. I think we should roll with 3 A's no C. Place the C on Bo next year.
  5. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    We are not losing sutter. We clealy sucked real bad when he went down. Also both EP and AG can play wing
  6. GDT - 2018 Canucks' Young Stars Tournament

    I see 2 of the top 4 prospects making the team. EP, JD, AG, or OJ 2 of them are likely to make it imo. My prediction is EP and OJ.
  7. TOP 20 Wingers- Brock Boeser

    That is some pretty awesome company!!
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    Omg Alf. Love reading your quotes but I think you have eclipsed Apollo for positivity. I feel you are settimg yourself up for dissapointment
  9. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Hughes looked pretty frickin pale on that bench. Wonder if he is still struggling with that illness
  10. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Palmu. Definately in a class of his own rihht now.
  11. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Yup, looks like GMJB uncovered another gem.
  12. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    The one where two players converged on him and he snuck it out of the zone...yah, that was sweet. Such poise and patience.
  13. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Like most observations here. Palmu has looked great, solid on the puck too. Lind looks like he is ready to excel in Utica. DiPietro made some fantastic stops. Madden looks good positionally. Hughes, great skater, sick passer, too bad most of the boys can't handle his passes. You can tell he is just feeling things out, he has so much more to give. Rathbone looking great too, solid as well, moreso than I thought he was.
  14. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    I like this line up, and feel it is a realistic expectation of what this will look like. Everything we have heard says that Green threw Pouliot and Hutton the challenge to rise and improve. You need to give them that chance. As for Hughes, he may just start in Utica as well as OJ. We could then see both of them in the line up once injuries hit or trades take place. Not a bad thing having them in Utica to develop and provide depth.
  15. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Definately looks like he is quicker and smoother than he did last year. Liked what I saw, wish I could have been there in person.