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  1. Screw that, he can play 3rd/4th line minutes. We don't NEED to lose him yet. He wants out that bad, he can agree to terminate contract. Why should the canucks bear the burden of trading his contract with sweeteners when it is his on ice play that is causing the problem. His responsibilty for being in this position.
  2. I love Gaudette, but he needs to start in Utica and stew a little more, especially since we can afford to. It will only do good things for his development. He can be 1st call up.
  3. I doubt we see Woo in an NHL game for at least 1-2 more years. 1 yr junior, then at least 1 yr Utica
  4. Makes the rumored Myers signing that much more impressive.
  5. I agree, I am not that high on DiPietro, I do not feel he will become a starter in the NHL.
  6. Probably best to get the lineup right before spouting off. You forgot , Pearson, Leivo and as much as we $&!# on Ericksson, he can play an excellent shutdown 3rd line role.
  7. Sweet, coming to Vic. I will most definatley attend.
  8. His skating is far superior to anyone on our team except Hughes.
  9. Agreed, from all the rankings I have seen, shouldn't be a problem getting him at 10. Imagine Hughes, Juolevi and Broberg. That is a mobile, puck moving D. Put in some D with good size and pushback and that is a solid d core in a couple years.
  10. Skating is impressive, period. Regardless of size, he is fast and shifty.
  11. Woohooo! Just bought some tickets and hoping the pond to see the game. Haven't been to a game in a couple years! So excited!
  12. Not to mention playing meaningful games down the stretch and making it interesting. Certainly got more than I was expecting at the start of the season.
  13. Flames should be playing soccer, not hockey. The embellishment was embarrassing for the sport.