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  1. I always feel that the Canucks struggle with these early games
  2. Is there a petition so that they have to play it at least five times per game? I'll sign that one.
  3. I'm betting he's haveing the most fun playing since then, he looks great out there,
  4. It wouldn't give you that much extra strength, however Keto is very anti-inflammatory so if inflammation and pain where the reasons he wasn't able to lift it before that could be what helped.
  5. Man that's great like I said earlier in the thread Keto was one of the best choices I ever made for many of the reasons you stated. I know it's not for everyone but for those of us that it works for it has some amazing results.
  6. Grew Up in Kelowna live in Georgetown Ontario now.
  7. Well this sucks for Sven this works out great for the Canucks, when was the last time we had a legitimate top 6 forward we could call up? Have we ever? I really doubt he will be down for long with our injury history. I think this will prove to be very valuable, still bummed he's not on the team I really like him as a player.
  8. I'm guessing the Canucks finish the season with 96 points might be optimistic but hey what can I say trying to be positive.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, when do we know if these guys have cleared waivers?
  10. I kind of feel pushing someone away from you that just took you to the ice is kind of an automatic reaction most of us would have. Interesting to see how this turns out but 10 games seems a bit of an overreaction if that happens.
  11. Yeah but if he passes waiver I really can't see him in Utica for long, but I feel what your saying.