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  1. I remember most drafts, I think to myself well I guess we will see how this pans out. But with Hughes I thought wow great pick.
  2. It's not Aprils fools day is it? The Canucks have to be playing a joke on us.
  3. Is there a petition so that they have to play it at least five times per game? I'll sign that one.
  4. I'm betting he's haveing the most fun playing since then, he looks great out there,
  5. It wouldn't give you that much extra strength, however Keto is very anti-inflammatory so if inflammation and pain where the reasons he wasn't able to lift it before that could be what helped. h
  6. Man that's great like I said earlier in the thread Keto was one of the best choices I ever made for many of the reasons you stated. I know it's not for everyone but for those of us that it works for it has some amazing results.
  7. Grew Up in Kelowna live in Georgetown Ontario now.