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  1. All I have to say is where has the time gone I feel like just the other day we where in a rebuild. I remember EP winning the Calder like it was yesterday and now he is older then me.
  2. I think overall EP gets it but BH is really close and might actually be more important. Hard to say but slight edge for EP IMO atm.
  3. What if we where to trade LE and retain $3,000,000 in salary that way the team we trade with gets a free player with a $3,000,000 cap hit and we save 3 million in cap?
  4. I don't like giving up a first either, however Miller is also a first round pick that has proven to be better then his draft position (on average) and is farther in his development. You can't ice a team with only your draft picks. At some point you need to make a push and that point is now in this case. FA wants the team to start moving forward so Benning is doing so. We have a new core in place and lots of prospects and some of them will push there way on to the team. The great thing about Miller is he can play any forward position and do it on any line. I personally like the plan and hopefully this year or next we will be in the playoffs and in 3-5 years will have our sights on competing for the Cup. The problem with the Salary cap is you just can't wait forever or get to much high end talent as you start losing it to salary issues (aka the Leafs, Bolts, etc etc etc). Our last time around we waited to long to make the Push and the Sedins only got 1 shot. Do we want the same for Bo?
  5. If you put all of your Salary into savings for retirement (picks) trade all your assets House care etc for more picks (for retirement). How do you live in the now AKA ice an NHL team? Everything can't be for futures the present also exists. Putting all in for the present also doesn't work well over the long haul (aka Gillies). Not sure I explained that well but hope the point comes across there has to be balance in life and same goes for a Hockey team.
  6. I know nothing about Benn is he an upgrade to Schen?
  7. If its $6 mil for 5 years there is nothing to complain about here IMO.
  8. I'm guessing if the conversation happened with Benning he wasn't willing to waste the cap room as he might want to try to sign some players, also the Loungo thing is hanging over his head atm. If Marleau was willing to play in Van then I'm sure JB would have been all over it.
  9. Buddy who's at the awards texted this to me.
  10. Either or both of them would make our team better so I'd take both, that being said the contract they demand is what matters the most.
  11. All I can say is that over the last year and a half to 2 years Benning has been almost flawless IMO. So his previous moves while they matter don't make want me too replace Benning. If he keeps things heading in the direction they are going all is good.
  12. It's really hard to not be getting excited about this team. There are so many positives. The biggest is that the core of the team is very young and only going to get better with time.
  13. I remember that one of the big fears when Trevor Linden quit was that the owners would try and fast forward the rebuild. They said they would stay the course and they did they are saying the same thing this year. You can't ask for better owners then that if you ask me.
  14. 13th atm is latest we can pick unless we lose our next game and Chicogo gets a point if those 2 things happen its 12th.