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  1. I thought the assessment was pretty fair and well thought out. The score article on the other hand was pretty much crap but oh well only one direction for Benning to go on that list. Reminds me of a guy I use to work with. When management would tell him he had the worst numbers in the company. He would say "somebody has to be worst, I've got big shoulders I can take it". That being said I actually think Benning is at worse in the top half of GM's.
  2. I think this is great that Edem is going. But disapointed we still need these things. When are people going to stop caring about other peoples sex lives.
  3. I think they will have a 96 point season +- 2 points which I think will put them just in or just out of the playoffs.
  4. Well I think things have changed the bar has dropped but to be a superstar you used to have to have scored 50 goals in a season. Thats the definition I always use for superstar status. So yeah no they aren't, great players though. But superstar is like Elite everyone falls into that catagory these days. It used to be that there was only ever 3-5 supersars in the league at any given time now every team seems to have 1 or 2.
  5. Good price for now, I predict it will be a steal at the end of the contract.
  6. Good if he will sign for 2-3 years bad if its more.
  7. The big thing that I see is we have a lot more players that are on the right side of their careers. In other words we have more players that will improve as they age and gain experience than we have that are declining due to age. The team now has a lot of potential. We as fans just have to hope more players then not reach thir potential.
  8. Redundant I don't think so. We still need a offensive defenseman but offwnsive defenseman are usually smaller would be nice to pair them with a beast of a defensive defenseman to keep players honest. Benning is not afraid to make trades so if he can find an offensive defenseman he will move whomever he needs to to make room I'm sure. For now our defense is harder to play against.
  9. With Tryamkin (sp?) Petan, Sbisa and Gudbranson even Edler thats a pretty big defense. We could be a real hard team to play against. All of those guys can take your head off. This team has gotten a whole lot bigger since Benning took over. I have felt for a long time that our team was too small which lead them to get worn down and injured. We need a couple top end offensive players and we might have a team on our hands in a few years.
  10. You are absolutely correct all a GM can do is make an educated guess as to how a prospect will turn out. Some GM's are just more educated then others. 90% is up to the prospect themselves as to how hard are they are willing to push themselves to succeed. Injuries are a big part too and out of every ones control. Tanev is a good example and so is Burrows of player's who weren't gifted with all the attributes a GM looks for but out of shear willpower made great hockey players out of themselves. There are many more examples of players who had it all but the willpower and because of that failed to make a career or had a much worse one then they could have.
  11. When I was 12 years old my Dad took me to my first Hockey game and after the game all I could talk about was Tiger Williams. 2 nights later I went to my second game and again it was all about Tiger. Rick on the other hand is probably the most skilled fighter I have ever seen wearing a hockey jersey and had he been bigger I'm sure he would have been the undisputed champion in the league he wasn't far off anyways. I wont pick between them but I will say this, both of them had the heart of a Lion and I'm proud that both of them donned the Canucks jersey.
  12. Thinking of the 94 run has always warmed my heart and I have fond memories. For whatever reason 2011 run just makes me angry. I truly wish we would have lost to Chicago and started the rebuild back then. Can't say I can rasionalize (sp?) My feelings on that but it is what it is. I wish I could look back and enjoy the ride but I can't.
  13. I have nothing against Bonino but I would take Sutter every time given the choice. Both good players but Sutter is on the next level IMO.
  14. My personal opinion is they should just sign a couple low price veterans that can help the kids learn and save the other money for the loss in revenue they are sure to take this year. Why spend a bunch of money on high end talent if the end result will be just about the same at the end of the year.
  15. Horvat was #9 he doesn't suck but he looks to be a great 3rd liner good 2nd liner or a poor 1st liner. He could of course surpass that but does it look that way? Not really. . Jake #6 real early but no signs of him being better then 2nd line player. Boeser is looking promising at #23 so he may be one of the steals that happen in the draft. #5 tends to be a 2nd or 3rd liner unless lucky. So really nothing to get excited about. We are going to be a team stacked with 2nd and 3rd liners and its real hard to win a Cup with that type of line up. Whats worse is those types of teams are painful as hell to watch. I really hope we get lucky with our pick but it will be ages before we find out.