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  1. Just out of curiosity if you where to assign a dollar value to a mid first round pick what do you all think it would be?
  2. I'm guessing just a body to replace Demko if and when he spends some time in the NHL.
  3. Yeah I'm not one for figuring out values. I was just pointing out a potential opportunity.
  4. Just throwing this out there as an Idea. Seems as though Bobby Ryan is being attached to the Karlson trade which will obviously lower the trade value. Wonder if there would be any benefit to us if we could do a 3 way trade where we pick up Bobby Ryan and some assets and someone else gets Karlson. Let's say we could make this happen what would we need to get to take BR contract for the next 3 years? Would a 1st and a 2nd be worth it? BR contract should be off the books by the time we need the cap space.
  5. goals,goals...from who?

    I know this was sarcasm, but I think that if everything went right for anyone of those players, that they could hit those numbers. But it won't happen to all or even most of them.
  6. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    I really like Bennings strategy this year. Draft the most speed and talent you can and sign all the toughness. Toughness is much cheaper than skill so I like the plan. I hope it works.
  7. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    If he said that in 2016 and he said 5 years isn't that up in 2021?
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    I'm good with this deal seems fair for both parties.
  9. $11 million is crazy if true, I know little as far as what players are worth I'm only looking at how the $14 million we spent on the Sedin's limited our options and that was for 2 first line players. $11 million for Daughty has to cause some issues somewhere down the line. I'm not saying he isn't worth it or that the Sedin's weren't either. But that almost 14% of the teams cap on 1 player.
  10. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    I have touched the Cup. I was flying from Hamilton to Kelowna about 10 years ago and the guy who transports the cup after the Cup finals to each player of the winning team was there with the Cup. He pulled it out at the Westjet counter and a Buddy of mine asked if it was ok to get a picture of us touching it. He was cool about it and even took the picture for us. One of those really cool chance encounters.
  11. Jett Woo | D

  12. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    I much prefer these high skilled small guys in the late rounds as they can get bigger or just succeed because of skill vs the grab a big guy cause he may fill a hole one day on the 4th line. 4th line guys are easy enough to get as free agents or waiver pick ups. Skill is much more expensive or had to find in waivers. Good chance these picks don't work out but if they do the up side is so much higher.
  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    I think the Hughes pick will work out great for OJ. A lot of pressure for him to come in and dominate will be taken off his back and put onto Hughes who has the confidence to take it. Not that OJ couldn't handle it. But what I'm say is when you are the only high end defensive prospect in the system a lot of eyes are looking at you. It can now be spread out a little. He went have to come into the league thinking he has to be a difference maker right away he can just work on his game. I think these two can one day make an amazing top pairing. Or an amazing one two punch of you want to spread the talent out.
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    I just watched the interview with him at the combine. Man this kid is confident and motivated. I am actually getting more excited about Hughes than I am EP who I think is going to be a superstar. But this kids drive and determination are what helps push teams to championships. I am really getting excited about this teams future again.
  15. Quinn Hughes | D

    So I have now had time to look into Hughes more and I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with this pick. I will be shocked if he doesn't become a star in the NHL. You know I have a lot of faith in Bennings drafting but being a Canuck fan I go into every draft with that dread of yet another 1st pick that turned out to be almost useless to the team. But I'm certain Benning hit a home run with this pick.