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  1. Scott Walker. Opps guess I was a little late.
  2. I want to change my answer to this one. Plus one for you. Good answer.
  3. I don't think there is much reason to change coach's until the Sedins retire. Every coach that comes in is going to over play them and ignore the younger guys till they retire. I've enjoyed having them on the Canucks but I can't wait till there gone so the new era can truly start. Please don't get me wrong I am not a Sedin hater at all I just think there time is up and when they are gone we can get a new coach and the new era can start. So I say save some money and stick with Willie till the end of his contract then get a new coach just my two cents.
  4. Our D is much better for sure but think we are still missing that Noris caliber Defenseman although its too early to say for sure. I'm maybe one of the few that believes its easier to fix your defense then it is to fix your forwards though. Seems to me its much easier to find defensive gems outside the first round than it is to find high end offensive forwards. I've always believed that you should never pick a defenseman in the first round unless he is far superior to the next draft able forward they are just too unpredictable in there development and it seems to me that most of the best defensemen in the league where picked either late in the first round or later. This makes it sound like I'm pointing my finger at the OJ pick but I'm not. He may be and hopefully will be a top pairing defenseman I don't know enough about him to say. I just hope Benning picks the most talented forward available in this draft as we have serious scoring concerns going forward. But your right Benning has done a great job so far with our defense and certainly made steps in the right direction with our forwards. I certainly have much more optimism for our hockey club then I did at this time last year.
  5. Just my Opinion but I think we are still at least 3 very solid drafts away from being competitive again. We could get lucky with a 2nd round or higher steal that speeds that up a bit. I think in 3 years time we will start our rise and in 6-8 years we might have a team that might make it out of the second round. Who knows we can always get lucky but a team with no superstars seems unlikely to win a Cup. We could build a team and this seems like the most likely situation that has a average 1st line a 2nd line that could almost be a 1st line and a 3rd line that would be a 2nd on most teams. This team would need excellent Defense and a great goalie. Lets hope some of our prospect far exceed expectations and guys like Boeser reach theirs. So to answer your question no way does one of those 2 guys save our team but if we can get 3 like that in the next 3 drafts we might have a chance.
  6. The problem with your theory OP is that Boston is probably the weakest team to win the Cup in the last ten years. They only won it because they went through a very weak Eastern Conference at the time with little to no injury problems then faced a relatively soft team that was already plagued with injury which only got worse as the series continued. In my opinion in the last ten Cup finals that was the only year a team like that would have one. Perfect circumstances for Boston. You typically need a couple high end forwards, a noris caliber Defenseman and an elite level goalie to win a Cup and then the rest of the team build like the Bruins of 2011. Boston had the Goalie and the Defenseman, then got really really lucky with the matchups. We currently have none of the above except for maybe the Goalie if Demko works out as we all hope. We are so so so very far away from the above team that if we can assemble will maybe have a 10-20% chance of winning a Cup. Now is a perfect storm like chance that Boston got out of the question for us to win the Cup out of the question? No but it is so unlikely. But once every ten years or so a team that absolutely no right to win the Cup wins it. Boston and Carolina come to mind. IMO we are at a minimum 3 spectacular drafts away from being able to put that team together with probably another 3-5 years of development after that. That's 6-8 more years under Ideal circumstances for us to get to the 10-20% chance of winning the Cup. Its just so damn hard to win the Cup its ridiculous and it just got 1 team harder. We are definitely trending in the right direction but we are so very very far away. That all being said I believe Benning can do it if he is given the time to do it. But the chances of this team sticking to the kind of plan needed long enough to win a Cup seems highly unlikely in Vancouver. Lets hope we can stay the course.
  7. I don't consider myself a tanker although a lot here might. What I believe is that the team needs really good asset management, where the team sits now. By that I mean we need to trade older players especially expiring contracts for futures. This could be Picks, prospects or younger less developed players. If this means we do worse in the standings thats OK with me as our picks will get better. I don't think we need to trade all our Vets as they help in development, however I do think that for the next couple years 2-3 should be traded each year. I don't think we should intentionally try to lose although I don't think any player would do that anyways. Signings like Eriksson don't bother me as they can be used to help the players develop as long as you aren't taking spots from prospects that are ready to make the jump. Bieksa is the only Vet I can remember us trading who didn't ask to be moved in the last 5 years or more. It seems to me that if you have played on this team for 5 or more years you don't need a NTC as this organization has given you a job for life. Your job security is better on the Canucks then in most unions. I think a lot of people on here that get labelled tankers are just like me. They don't necessarily want the team to try to lose they just want to get the new core in place.
  8. I really hope we get some luck this year at the draft. We are due aren't we? Please.
  9. You know the way I look at is the Sedins are like a girlfriend you've had for a long time. You still Love them but your not in Love with them. Sometimes you break up with them and it was the best thing for both parties and sometimes you realize you are still in Love with them. The Sedins have been around a long time and some people just want change for the sake of change. I myself Love the Sedins but I'm not in Love with them, I'm ready for a change. But I respect them as players and way more then that as people. They are truly first class citizens of the world. My guess is we will all miss them when they are gone but nothing lasts forever. Personally I want them to retire Canucks, I know that seems odd as I'm ready to move on from them, but like an old girlfriend just cause I'm ready to move on, doesn't mean I ever want to see them with someone else.
  10. I really hope his surgery went well and he makes a full recovery, signs with the team again and gets a real shot at making the team next year. Was really looking forward to seeing him play and see what he could bring to the club.
  11. Tanev too
  12. If Jake becomes a 40 point player is it a disaster? No but damn near IMHO. If he isn't 50-70 player in his prime I'd say we did rather poorly in a very good draft with the 6th pick. But we need to wait at least 6 years to know.
  13. Players time on ice can increase or decrease production. For example AV found that if he cut the Sedins TOI their production went up. Over playing players can decrease production as much as anything. So if Bonino is playing less then Sutter its probably because thats the amount of icetime his couch feels that he is most effective getting. Same goes for Sutter. For the record I think they are both good players and would be happy with either.
  14. I just started playing Destiny again. I played it as a launch tittle really enjoyed it but ran out of things to do and the first expansion kind of sucked. But there are 4 expansions now so lots of new stuff to do.