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  1. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Funny you say that the Leafs signed Ohlund when he was an RFA we matched and kept him. BTW I grew up in BC but live in Ontario now. People out here don't even acknowledge the Canucks exist. Not sure which is worse hate or total indifference, though.
  2. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    I have no idea what it would take to get the 8th from Chicago, but imagine if we could draft 2 of Bouchard, Hughes, Dobsen or Boqvist? Tanev + Bear and a second? To much to little? I'm not good at the fantasy values. But that would fix our defense I think in one draft.
  3. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Ohlund was a hell of a player.
  4. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    OJ wasn't eligible for the AHL last year that's why he was in Finland. OJ is not the pick I would have made but who am I to say lol. I am at peace with this pick and look forward to seeing it play out.
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I think EP will transition to the NHL faster then the Sedin's. That being said patience is a virtue and if he does falter out of the gate I expect like the Sedin's he will succeed in the end. Very excited about Patterson. It's fun to know that we could have two guys in two years who have legitimate chances at the Calder. Fun times.
  6. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Also the picks value will vary on draft day as each pick is made. For example if you asked the Canucks if they would take the 9th overall pick for Schnieder a week before the draft I'm sure the answer would be no. However after the 8th pick is made and the guy they want (Horvat) is still there the answer is yes.
  7. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    That's a loaded question in a way and its sort of human nature to value the unknown more then the known. Let me give you an example say you bought a lottery ticket for this weeks loto and the grand prize is $1,000,000. Then I came along and offered you the lottery ticket from last weeks draw where I won $10.00. Most people would probably keep the lottery ticket because of what it could turn into, but the reality the ticket that's worth $10 is most likely worth more. Same thing here most teams wont trade the 7TH for OJ, but lets say they draft Dobsen at 7th. Most would trade Dobsen for OJ. The pick because its an unknown entity has a higher perceived value once its been picked it loses a lot of its value. That's my opinion anyways.
  8. I'd say looking at that list we have done pretty good. Maybe even spectacular but it's to early to say.
  9. I don't underestimate Bo but I think you might be underestimating CS. I don't think we got fair value yet anyways Bo has time to change that and very well might and I hope he does. Please don't take this as me slagging Bo he is a great young player and what we need now much more then CS. But CS at the time was a top goalie in the league Bo is not a top center in the league yet. Time is still Bo's friend where as time is CS enemy now.
  10. I didn't say CS was still a top 5 goalie and I also said Bo fits our plans better now as he is much younger and on the rise and not the decline. Let's put it this way if we had CS at his peak and Bo was the offer to trade as Bo is now. That's not a fair trade CS is worth more. Our Goalie situation played heavily into the trade but without that it wasn't a fair trade.
  11. Love Bo glad he is on the team but 5 years later NJ still got the better player. That might change but I doubt it CS was a top 5 goalie In the league I have my doubts Bo is ever a top 5 center in the league. I'm still happy to have Bo especially now as he fits our plans better now but at the time Bo for CS NJ robbed us. All that being said I was never upset with the trade given our Goalie situation at the time we were trapped between a rock and a hard place and got what we could.
  12. 94 & 2011 SCF Run

    I found the 2011 team with exceptions of course kind of unlikeable, I also wasn't a huge fan of there brand of hockey. I felt the 94 team had grit, skill and lot of heart. I felt 2011 team had lots of skill some grit and a lack of heart. I don't remember injuries slowing down the 94 team nor do I remember them being an excuse. I'm sure this is all a matter of perception, but the 2011 team seemed full of excuses. Marchant pretty much bullied the Canucks and they had no response at all it was the one and only time I was embarrassed to be a Canucks fan and was embarrassed for the players it was an awful experience for me. I might be getting a little dramatic but It should have been the highest point in Canucks history but to me it was the lowest.
  13. Where are we now?

    I'm holding judgement on Benning and Linden for all that at the moment as I get the feeling they where given a directive by ownership to go in a certain direction. I believe that directive changed and what happens now is purely on those two. I do think that Benning has a very keen hockey mind and have a lot of faith in his ability. I was one of the people who thought the term and to some extent although I understand it the pay of LE was off. I don't think anyone could honestly say they knew that LE offense would dry up so fast and to such an extent. All of the other FA signings are short enough term and pay to have any long term effects on the Canucks. Like you I hope they don't panic which I feel the LE deal kind of was and make another mistake on a Bozak or the like. However if a JT deal was able to be made it might be worth the risk. I might be a minority but I am hoping for a quiet off season, keep the cap space for now unless of course something comes up you can't refuse like JT for example.
  14. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I wouldn't be apposed to EP spending another year in the SHL. He could break all his own records and be that much more prepared for the NHL. It would be nice to watch him play for the Canucks next year but let's be honest it's not like EP can make us a contender on his own so no real reason to hurry same goes for OJ IMO. We are so far from being a contender there is no reason at all to put any of our young guys in the NHL till they have nothing left to learn in the lower leagues. I probably have an unpopular opinion but I am fully prepared to be at the bottom of the league for another 3-4 years. I want the Canucks to do it right for once and build a team that can make a legitimate run for the Cup for many years instead of this one and done we always seem to do and I think a lot of that is patience.