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  1. Sedin Donates All Star Winnings

    Outside of the Sedins, keanu Reeves and Pk Subban you just don't hear about many rich people caring about the little guy. All four of them have my respect.
  2. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I think Both. I think that its a marketing ploy and I think he believes that they will develop better here.  If they are on the team next year pretty sure they earned it as there is other youth that can replace them and draw ticket sales. 
  3. Trade Deadline Calculations

    I liked Demitra too. The funny thing about death is I've seen it go both ways.  I've met people who wouldn't say a bad thing or almost cringe at the fact someone was talking about someone dead.  To the opposite where once the person was dead they could finally let loose and bash them knowing the person obviously can't fight back. 
  4. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I don't think that the pocket book is effected next year because if Virt and McCaan don't make the team Shinkerak and Guance likely do and I'm personally just as excited about the later as I am the former.  For me watching the youth come up is the most exciting thing to happen since 2011.  I personally felt that after the loss in 2011 that the team needed more youth and after some pretty bad Playoff showings leading up to 2011 that that was probably our one kick at the can with that core so when we went 3 more years without really much changing I was losing interest in the team. The youth movement has really sparked my interest in the team again.  I'm sure I'm not the only one and for me as long as I keep seeing that they are developing and giving the young guys an honest chance I'll keep watching.
  5. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I think so but I think that both of them would have likely been sent to the AHL if they had been eligible.  I think that the bottom line is important to JB, but I think he sees the big picture and being able to control how his prized prospects are developed means more to him as he knows if he can turn the team into a real winner again soon money will be the last of there problems. I would guess next year they will have to play there way onto and keep there jobs in the NHL much more then this year as JB will be able to control there development in Utica also. 
  6. Trade Deadline Calculations

    I'm not trying to pick a fight at all I'm just curious.  Is it bad taste because he is dead? Should only good things be said about the dead or should they not be talked about at all? Personally I think his death has no bearing on talking about him especially as his death occurred when he was no longer on the team.  I believe that Demitra played pretty much to the value of his contract so he was pretty neutral. I wish we would have signed him when he was 3-4 younger then he would have been a bargain.
  7. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    Sure but the skate is way better IMO.
  8. Best Jersey The Canucks have ever had IMO.  I know it wont happen but I wish they would go back to this as there main jersey.
  9. Out with the old in with the youth.

    I personally think that using the Torts year as an example of what the owners lost in revenue and saying that that was solely based on the team missing the playoffs and or there performance is a little misleading.  What your not mentioning is that they came back that season after winning just 1 playoff game in 3 Seasons with basically the exact same aging core and people where fed up. There is no way to change history but I'm willing to bet that if we could go back in time and just make the playoffs as we probably will this year Revenues would have still been down $30 million or more that season even with playoff revenue added. People just decided to vote with there wallets that year they were sick and tired of the same old same old and just hiring a new coach wasn't going to cut it.  I think this year is totally different, I'm more excited about this team than I have been in years because I see a brighter future and I like the direction the team is going so if they trade some old guys and bring up Guance or Shink  or who ever and miss the playoffs because of it.  I will actually have more interest in the Canucks as I'm dying to see these guys finally get there shot.  So IMO it would be just the loss of Playoff revenue which may add up to $10 mil or so.  But to be honest do you think losing Vrbata and/or Hamhuis who has been gone a long while anyways will affect our chances of making the playoffs that much for all we know whoever replaces them could increase our odds of making the playoffs.  
  10. The Pro Tank Thread

    Curious what has Benning done that makes you think he is not competent?
  11. The Pro Tank Thread

    I think that when you are having a year like this where you don't have a reasonable chance of success in the playoffs. That asset management is very important. Keeping ageing vets on expiring contracts instead of trading them for prospects and picks could be tanking the future. Trading Veterans and getting assets in return but losing more games now and getting a higher draft pick is could tanking the present. So in theory everyone's a tanker some just want to tank the future others the present. That's the problem with a retool your stuck in limbo. Your too good to get high picks for a future push for the Cup. But your not good enough or have enough assets to trade to make a push for the Cup now. The way I see it is the so called tankers would like to sacrifice short term success for a better chance at getting those assets that truly make a difference aka the Sedens.  The so called non tankers (I say so called because of the theory I just came up with everyone's a tanker) want to eventually suck the honest way by running out of talent through attrition then draft high but with the chance that along the way we could manage to draft some gems and win that way. Both these strategies have there strengths and weaknesses. Both make me think why did the salary cap have to come when the Canadian dollar was strong and we finally got rich owners who would have been willing to buy a cup???? BTW this post is only half serious and is 3 am here, just needed a break from studying for a test for work tomorrow.
  12. Are you jumping off the Band Wagon? (Discussion)

    Doh I answered the question wrong I answered No, I'm not jumping off the band wagon then read it again. So one of the no's should be a yes I will always support them. Hockey teams are like pheonix's they need to die so they can rise again from the ashes. The Canucks are dieing right now and in a few years they will rise again.
  13. I'm going to this game tonight with my brother in law who is a Detroit fan so I hope win or lose they at least put up a good effort.
  14. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    Not sure how the team will compete this year but got to say the next best thing for me to a team that can compete for the Stanley Cup is watching our prospect grow and improve. With Bearchi sp? , Virtanin, Hutton, McCann making the opening night roster and the return of Horvat this should be a really interesting year from a development standpoint. I've been watching this team for over 30 years and I can't remember a year with this many promising prospects and rookies on it. Linden, Benning and Gillis (the last couple years) have done a remarkable job turning our prospect pool around to the deepest that I can remember at least. Its nice to look at the team and think that we have a bright future ahead of us.