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  1. I really hope we get some luck this year at the draft. We are due aren't we? Please.
  2. You know the way I look at is the Sedins are like a girlfriend you've had for a long time. You still Love them but your not in Love with them. Sometimes you break up with them and it was the best thing for both parties and sometimes you realize you are still in Love with them. The Sedins have been around a long time and some people just want change for the sake of change. I myself Love the Sedins but I'm not in Love with them, I'm ready for a change. But I respect them as players and way more then that as people. They are truly first class citizens of the world. My guess is we will all miss them when they are gone but nothing lasts forever. Personally I want them to retire Canucks, I know that seems odd as I'm ready to move on from them, but like an old girlfriend just cause I'm ready to move on, doesn't mean I ever want to see them with someone else.
  3. I really hope his surgery went well and he makes a full recovery, signs with the team again and gets a real shot at making the team next year. Was really looking forward to seeing him play and see what he could bring to the club.
  4. Tanev too
  5. If Jake becomes a 40 point player is it a disaster? No but damn near IMHO. If he isn't 50-70 player in his prime I'd say we did rather poorly in a very good draft with the 6th pick. But we need to wait at least 6 years to know.
  6. Players time on ice can increase or decrease production. For example AV found that if he cut the Sedins TOI their production went up. Over playing players can decrease production as much as anything. So if Bonino is playing less then Sutter its probably because thats the amount of icetime his couch feels that he is most effective getting. Same goes for Sutter. For the record I think they are both good players and would be happy with either.
  7. I just started playing Destiny again. I played it as a launch tittle really enjoyed it but ran out of things to do and the first expansion kind of sucked. But there are 4 expansions now so lots of new stuff to do.
  8. If we pick him which I'm sure wont happen I hope he's a whole lot better than that glowing review. Can't put up points gets bounced around leagues and had a bad WJC. I'm sure the he is a good player but by that review you would never know it.
  9. That makes me feel sick. I really hope he is ok.
  10. The situation the Canucks are in now will require time and patience to repair. There is no magic wand for this one no matter who is in charge. Some savy trades and good drafting are the only things that will improve this team and Benning has done a pretty good job on that front IMO.
  11. Still one of my all time favorite Canuck defense man. Looks like he is still build like a tank. Those girls are lucky someone like him was around to help, that girl looked pretty small but carrying someone that's 60-70 lbs on a hiking trail for 30 plus minutes is no joke for the average person.
  12. I thought the assessment was pretty fair and well thought out. The score article on the other hand was pretty much crap but oh well only one direction for Benning to go on that list. Reminds me of a guy I use to work with. When management would tell him he had the worst numbers in the company. He would say "somebody has to be worst, I've got big shoulders I can take it". That being said I actually think Benning is at worse in the top half of GM's.
  13. I think this is great that Edem is going. But disapointed we still need these things. When are people going to stop caring about other peoples sex lives.
  14. I think they will have a 96 point season +- 2 points which I think will put them just in or just out of the playoffs.
  15. Well I think things have changed the bar has dropped but to be a superstar you used to have to have scored 50 goals in a season. Thats the definition I always use for superstar status. So yeah no they aren't, great players though. But superstar is like Elite everyone falls into that catagory these days. It used to be that there was only ever 3-5 supersars in the league at any given time now every team seems to have 1 or 2.