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  1. Big Buff, TO's Phnuff...Dmen Trade Prospects Drying Up

    Just a thought but it might be easier to get Hammer to waive if he's told we (Vancouver) *would* be interested in re-signing him in the offseason. Temporary rental situation for a quick cup shot plus helps us longterm might sway him
  2. Having had concussions in the past & considering the kind of player & person he is purported to be, I tend to lean that he legit didn't see him until the last second & sort of put the hands up at the last second to protect & push away. It certainly looks really bad at first glance, but if you've ever had your bell rung badly you could understand how you could be looking right at something but not focusing & realize until the last second it's right in your space. I wonder if there's a camera angle from the front that might give a different perspective. As has been said though, imagine if that was Burr, yikes, he'd be drawn & quartered.. We'd be subjected to the next 5 years of endless Ron Maclean anti-Burr propoganda montages & monologues. 
  3. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    True, but how about Larionov, lets hope he has Igor's hands  
  4. How does Ron Delorme keep his job through all the regimes

    Hindsight is great eh? Allen was ranked #3 by Central Scouting at the time of the '98 draft. -------------------------------- Monday, May 4, 1998 Lecavalier remains No. 1 TORONTO (CP) -- Vincent Lecavalier of the Rimouski Oceanic is the No. 1-ranked North American skater in the final rankings of juniors by the NHL's Central Scouting Service. Lecavalier scored 44 goals and added 71 assists for the Quebec team, and the Ile-Bizard, Que., native also played for Canada at the world junior tournament. The six-foot-four centre was No. 1 in the mid-season rankings, too. Plymouth Whalers centre David Legwand is the No. 2-ranked prospect. The OHL's MVP had 54 goals and 51 assists. Defencemen Bryan Allen of the Oshawa Generals is third, up two spots from the midseason list, and Brad Stuart of the Regina Pats is fourth, jumping all the way from 10th.
  5. Vancouver Canucks Drafting History

    It's easy to look back in hindsight at what a bust he was, but for what it's worth ISS had him at #23 & we picked him @ #25. He was billed as a physical center with skill & wasn't an "off the board" kind of pick.. He also eventually helped get us Ehrhoff too so he ended up having some value. From his 2007 scouting profile: Central Scouting Report: A skilled forward with the ability to make a difference… strong player with a physical presence… plays tough in the corners and in traffic… is good on the right wing and gets his wrist shot off with ease… sometimes lacks urgency in his play. Hockey Profile: Named Associated Press Player of the Year for Minnesota boys hockey in 2007… named to the All-Tournament Team of the Class AA State Championships in 2007 after leading his team to the title game for the second consecutive year… had 36 points (11-25-36) in 17 games with Grand Rapids after missing the beginning of the season with an injury… played 12 games with the Tri-City Storm of the USHL in 2007 registering nine points (8-1-9)… will attend the University of Minnesota in the fall… selected to play in the 2007 Under-18 World Championships. 2007 FINAL ISS RANKINGS: JUNE 1 Kane, Patrick RW 11/19/1988 L 5.09.5 160 London OHL 2 vanRiemsdyk, James LW 5/4/1989 L 6.03 200 USA Under-18 NTDP 3 Turris, Kyle C 8/14/1989 R 6.00.5 170 Burnaby BCHL 4 Cherepanov, Alexei RW 1/15/1989 L 6.00 183 Omsk RusE 5 Voracek, Jakub RW 8/15/1989 L 6.01.5 187 Halifax QMJHL 6 Alzner, Karl LD 9/24/1988 L 6.02 206 Calgary WHL 7 Gagner, Sam C 8/10/1989 R 5.11 191 London OHL 8. Mayorov, Maxim LW 3/26/1989 L 6.02 187 Leninogorsk RusS 9 Ellerby, Keaton LD 11/5/1988 L 6.04.5 186 Kamloops WHL 10 Backlund, Mikael C 3/17/1989 L 6.00 194 Vasteras SweAl 11 Esposito, Angelo C 2/20/1989 L 6.01 180 Quebec QMJHL 12 Gillies, Colto C 2/12/1989 L 6.03.5 189 Saskatoon WHL 13 Couture, Logan C 3/28/1989 L 6.00.5 195 Ottawa OHL 14 Petrecki, Nicholas LD 7/11/1989 L 6.03 213 Omaha USHL 15 Perron, David RW 5/28/1988 R 5.11.5 180 Lewiston QMJHL 16 Hamill, Zach C 9/23/1988 R 5.10.5 180 Everett WHL 17 Hickey, Thomas LD 2/8/1989 L 5.11 182 Seattle WHL 18 Eller, Lars LW 5/8/1989 L 6.00 198 V. Frolunda SweJE 19 McDonagh, Ryan LD 6/13/1989 L 6.01 200 Cretin-Derham USHSW 20 Blum, Jon RD 1/30/1989 R 6.00.5 160 Vancouver WHL 21 MacLean, Brett LW 12/24/198 R 6.01.5 196 Oshawa OHL 22 O'Brien, Jim C 1/29/1989 R 6.02 184 Minnesota WCHA 23 White, Pat C 1/20/1989 R 6.00.5 186 Grand Rapids USHSW 24 MacMillan, Logan 7/5/1989 L 6.01 172 Halifax QMJHL 25 Moller, Oscar RW 1/22/1989 R 5.11 179 Chilliwack WHL 26 Repik, Michal RW 12/31/1988 R 5.10.5 180 Vancouver WHL 27 Shattenkirk, Kevin RD 1/29/1989 R 5.11 193 USA Under-18 NTDP 28 Plante, Alex RD 5/9/1989 R 6.03.5 225 Calgary WHL 29 Cross, Tommy LD 9/12/1989 L6.03 195 Westminster USHSE 30 Sutter, Brandon c 2/14/1989 R 6.03 170 Red Deer WHL
  6. Favorite Canucks Player

  7. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I see it as the same philosophy, but different circumstances. For starters they didn't really come into the year with the same kind of depth Vancouver had on paper. It may be because I live in Calgary but out here Hartley until very recently was seen as very much a pro-veteran player coach. I see & heard many of the same things said about him that are being said about WD. Look at TJ Brodie, the guy was outplaying most of their D from the get-go & showing tons of potential but didn't get a full season in the NHL until he was 22 (year before this one). Sam Bennett earned his shot. He was one of their best players in the pre-season before his injury, and still was sent down to the OHL when he healed up. Hartely called him their best player in a preseason game vs the Canucks even. The Flames were forced to call him up if they wanted to see him get any actual NHL games (after his OHL season finished) because if he was would be subject to waivers if shipped to the AHL. Then when called up he was a healthy scratch & didn't get a game in until after they officially locked up a playoff spot. Then in spite of playing great for a few playoff games he was moved down to the 4th line behind vets who were playing better once he started to fade. Ferkland is 23 and only played because Bouma is hurt. He wasn't supposed to be playing. They're very adamant about earned not given. They don't play youngsters unless they are outplaying vets, the same things that WD was saying.
  8. Willie Desjardins on TSN 1040

    I disagree. Calgary has been living the mantra of "everything earned, nothing given" for some time now. They play their best players period. The rookies in their lineup had to outplay vets & prove themselves to get their spots, the same thing WD and JB are preaching. Gaudreau was healthy scratched early in the season for not playing the right way & there was talk of him being sent down if he didn't pick it up immediately.
  9. Thanks for a good year

    I've been a die-hard fan for as long as I can remember. Born in '71, grew up listening to Jim Robson call the games on the radio & have great memories of the 82' cup run. Moved to Calgary in '89 and have remained a loyal die-hard to this day, and always will. It's not easy being a fan of a hated rival in an out-of-market city, not only do we hear the negativity from the "fans" & media in Vancouver but we hear up close & personal the non-stop hyperbole from the other side too... Anyway... I'm not happy with how the season ended but I am proud of how the guys battled, especially the last 2 games. They showed they weren't going to go down without a fight which is what I really hoped for if we were going to lose. It's frustrating & heartbreaking as I still feel that this team had a better chance at taking out the Ducks & going on a Cinderella run than the Flames do but it doesn't matter now. It doesn't make me less of a fan if I can see the big picture in a positive light. After the disasterous last season with Torts I was more disheartened than I have ever been, until they made wholesale management changes. I was still a bit skeptical & to be honest for the first time since it's been available here didn't get the Center Ice package, but instead listened to the games via 1040 online & eventually gave in after Christmas & got the Rogers Game Center app. I like the culture change that has been started, I like the management & coaching staff that are put in place, I like the direction those people are pointing the team. I expect Benning to address the areas he feels need work and for us to continue to get better while we do it. I see a great future with the likes of Virtanen, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Corrado, Clendening, McCann, Cassels, Subban etc on the way. Benning had to see what he really had when it mattered most & clearly we have areas that need work. I believe that we can remain competitive while we get better, so while I hate hate HATE that we lost (especially to Calgary) I am also positive we're moving in the right direction and with consistent direction and a gameplan we'll be an elite team again sooner than most think. There's nothing wrong with appreciating the effort we saw at the end & being positive about what we believe is coming. It doesn't make us bad fans or mean we're satisfied, or happy with it. Some folks are just wired to look for positives, while some choose to dwell on negatives. To each their own.
  10. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | 4/19/15 | Series Tied 1-1

    Zero net presence & not moving their feet, frustrating after they did that so well last game. Still time left, we're lucky to be down by only 2.
  11. Worst Playoff Home Crowd Ever (Game1)

    This thread is like the Twilight Zone to me.. I live in Calgary & don't go to all the games but I go to almost all of the games vs the Canucks (plus a few others) and the Saddledome is a library most of the time. People here complain all the time how quiet it is & how people sit on their hands all game. The oilpatch suits here staring at their phones all game are the Alberta version of the hipster yuppies out there. All the same complaints of tickets not being affordable besides the 'bleeds & how non-hockey fan business folk have all the good seats filled. That said, with it having been 6 years without playoffs in Calgary I do expect it'll be LOUD here for the games, but don't fool yourself, I find the games I've been to in Vancouver over the last few years have on average been consistently louder than the games here. A few lately have been exceptions with the playoff anticipation though (like the LA game in particular). I did also want to mention the video posted a page or two back of game 7 in '94 in Calgary. I was at the game and it was actually LOUD. Probably the loudest game I have been to. I suspect some of what is going on is how the areans are being mic'd (as others have mentioned). The game last night, the crowd did sound dead on the TV which it sounds like probably wasn't case based on people's comments who were there. I think the perception on here of the dome being louder is based on the networks audio mix.
  12. This. Thank you RonMexico. Who cares what "analysts" think? They're just guessing & it makes it sweeter when they're wrong. Heck all but one of the mainstream "analysts" also didn't think Calgary would even make the playoffs, keep that in mind.
  13. Why Are You A Canuck?

    Good on ya! Hope he gets to meet Trev again. Myself, born in Burnaby in '71 & raised in Maple Ridge (couple blocks from the Neelys). Long-suffering lifelong fan Grew up listening to Jim Robson call the games on the radio as few games were available on TV. He'll always be the voice of the Canucks to me. "A special hello to hospital patients and shut-ins, the pensioners, the blind, all the people who don't get out to games but enjoy the hockey broadcasts". I've lived in Calgary since '89 but will forever be a Canuck. I was lucky enough to go to game 7 vs Calgary in '94 with my dad. My favourite live hockey memory to this day.
  14. What Was Your First Canucks Game?

    Mid -late 70's vs Chicago. Probably Nov 78', I was 7 & we won. Much love for the old Pacific Coliseum. Probably "good-old-days-itis" ... but I remember how loud & rowdy the crowds seemed then, booing the opposition & refs and cheering LOUD when the home team entered the offensive zone.
  15. Best Captain in Canucks History

    For me it's Smyl, Linden, Sedin. All quite close for various reasons. These 3 exemplified all the intangibles you look for in a captain and in the end I give Steamer a slight edge over Linden. A case can easily be made for all 3, there is no wrong answer.