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  1. 3-2 Canucks Hank Virtanen Megna
  2. Such great memories. Man that car lol, loved it (I was 11)
  3. NHL Players you've met- The Good & The Bad

    A lot of old Canucks & Flames alumni dating back to the mid 80's. All were/are really very nice down to earth dudes. Trent Yawney gets a special nod as he helped out with a disgruntled customer at a fast food place I was working at the time & everyone involved but me had no clue who he was, he was just being a nice guy but went above and beyond. Got to meet several Panthers players last season (2015-16). A friend is a relative of Willie Mitchell & got us on the "family & friends" list for post game at the game here in Calgary & that was cool. Unfortunately Willie was stuck in the medical room post game so we didn't get to meet him, Luongo or Jagr. The way it goes sometimes, but got to met B Mo, as he was also there to see Willie. Also a really nice guy. Garth Butcher I have a running joke with a friend about. He wasn't actually a dick, but told me & my buddy that he would be right back out of the dressing room to sign our programs. Every other player already had at that point. We waited forever & were eventually the last people there/kicked out & Butcher never came back. Then as we walked through the now basically empty parking lot at the Pacific Coliseum on our way to catch the bus he drove by us and waved, lol the bastard. So whenever wronged in any way we still refer to it as being "Garth Butchered".
  4. The amount of other teams jerseys in Rogers arena stands

    Schneider.Man I think you may be overly focused on the local fishbowl. It's something you see in every city, for example I live in Calgary and the fans of the local team complain about the same thing here, you see a good number of opposing team jerseys at any given game.
  5. Born in '71 (Yes I'm old as dirt lol) Grew up in the lower mainland listening to Jim Robson call the games on my dad's stereo. Always been a die-hard (long-suffering) Canucks fan, always will be even though I've now lived in Calgary since the summer of '89. Still try to get to the games when my Nucks are in town. Still have such fond memories of the '82 cup run, and of course '94 and '11.
  6. Top 5 most hated Canucks of all time

    Agree but also disagree... At the time Vancouver was either first or second in hits through the first 3 rounds.. Imo Boston being tentative initially was the fear of being burned by Vancouver's dangerous PP at the time.. After a couple of games of pretty much shutting it down in a couple of tight losses, and with nothing to lose they lost any fear of that PP and just dragged Vancouver down into playing Broons' hockey. I do think the Rome hit certainly instigated the expected push-back, and Vancouver was too easily taken off their game once the PP wasn't clicking. Hammer getting hurt along with losing Rome certainly didn't help our chances. Boston running around confident in their PK (and knowing the zebras were letting a lot of nonsense go), coupled with Vancouver getting sucked into playing Boston's game instead of their own, lost us that series in my eyes. Physical we were fine with, the dirty stuff and post-whistle garbage not so much, but the B's got away with it.
  7. What are ex-Canucks up to? (Discussion and Input)

    Dana Murzyn owns a millwork shop in Calgary. It's very cool that he displays a surprising amount of his Canucks memorabilia in the reception/showroom area including that infamous pic of Gretzky punching him in the face, jerseys etc.
  8. (Poll) Canuck Logo ?

    This is actually exceptionally good. One of the few I've really liked. As far as logo goes...I would prefer either going back to stick in rink (new stylized version as in the pic *edit* or even the original stick in rink) or if we stick with the Orca, please please get rid of the Vancouver word-mark and put a green stripe on the Orca logo instead of the outside grey stripe (or even to replace the inside blue stripe).
  9. Rick Rypien or Dave Tiger Willams?

    On my team as a fighter and player? Tiger all day. People can say "era" all they want, but he was still the first ever and one of the very few members of the 30 goal 300 PIM club, regardless of era. That in itself is amazingly impressive. Strictly on fighting skill? Rypper all the way, that kid could flat out fight, way more skilled of a fighter than Tiger. The size difference isn't as big as people are talking though. Close to the same height, both listed as 5'11" in HockeyDB but I think Ryp was likely probably closer to 5'9". Tiger listed at 190lbs, but I remember him being talked about at the time as 185-188ish, Ryp listed at 194lbs but I think he was closer to 175-180... Either way I'm a huge fan of both & there is no wrong answer lol..
  10. Most talented 3 canucks - alltime / SURPRISE

    Dana Murzyn. 92 points in 72 games (1.28 points per game) along with 233 pims his last year of junior.
  11. Big Buff, TO's Phnuff...Dmen Trade Prospects Drying Up

    Just a thought but it might be easier to get Hammer to waive if he's told we (Vancouver) *would* be interested in re-signing him in the offseason. Temporary rental situation for a quick cup shot plus helps us longterm might sway him
  12. Having had concussions in the past & considering the kind of player & person he is purported to be, I tend to lean that he legit didn't see him until the last second & sort of put the hands up at the last second to protect & push away. It certainly looks really bad at first glance, but if you've ever had your bell rung badly you could understand how you could be looking right at something but not focusing & realize until the last second it's right in your space. I wonder if there's a camera angle from the front that might give a different perspective. As has been said though, imagine if that was Burr, yikes, he'd be drawn & quartered.. We'd be subjected to the next 5 years of endless Ron Maclean anti-Burr propoganda montages & monologues.
  13. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    True, but how about Larionov, lets hope he has Igor's hands
  14. Name That Canuck!

    I see a lot more Adrian Aucoin there than Murzyn.
  15. Name That Canuck!

    Here's one