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  1. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Bear - Bo - Eriksson Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Gagner - Sutter - Rodin Virtanen - Burmistrov - Dorsett Gaunce Del Zotto - Tanev Edler - Stetcher Hutton - Gudbranson Holm Markstrom Nilsson Note: I think you will see the top 9 right wingers move between lines throughout the season. Gagner and Sutter may switch on the draw if one is struggling. Erikson, Granland, Rodin, Virtanen and Dorsett can all play both wings. pretty versatile. Prediction 1: Brock gets the Troy treatment and is sent to Utica to start the season. Rodin goes down with injury and Brock is recalled. He never leaves. Prediction 2: Gudbranson gets traded for a 1st and 2nd in 2018 Prediction 3: Utica is going to be a good team Prediction 4: Canucks pick 5th at the 2018 draft
  2. [Waivers] Tyler Graovac (MIN)

    Yeah, if you look at his stats on hockey DB you will see that he has a history of playmaking (assists). Not saying this kid is a world-beater but a 6'5 4th line Centre that can put up 6 goals in 45 NHL gams sounds like an upgrade on Chaput who put up 3 in the same time frame.
  3. [Waivers] Tyler Graovac (MIN)

    He is 23 YO. He looks like he would be a good 4th line centre. A young 4th line of Gaunce - Graovac - Chaput would be interesting. However, I think all three shoot left which could be a problem.
  4. I am sorry burst this bubble because I would LOVE to see Eagle get traded for a good young forward prospect or picks. However, he has a full no trade this year and has gone on record in the past saying he would NOT waive. I thought it fitting to source my claim from the same website who claims to have Eddie on the block. Cheers, Vancity
  5. I think if we had Matthews the media would call the police themselves to set up the barricades down Robson Street.
  6. Its great to see some Canadian teams on the rise finally.
  7. Sometimes. If you have a well balanced line you hope they can take on anything the other team throws at you. That being said it doesn't always look as good on the ice as it does on paper.
  8. Either way it is cool that we are seeing guys emerge enough to have the Sedins on a lower line. Although I still miss the glory days of the Sedins.. good times. I can see this happening to balance the line up: Baertschi - Bo - Eriksson Granlund - Sutter - Hansen Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen Burrows - Gaunce - Dorsett If the Sedin boys are playing lower in the line up they will need some size to protect them, Virtanen fits that bill and he has a great shot which would work well with them.
  9. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks

    This is what we will see soon enough..
  10. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks

    Thanks for verifying for us.
  11. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks

    I will admit that I did not verify this, but it does not make sense to give a SO with a goal against. A SO would mean zero goals scored. I look forward to the result of your research.
  12. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks

    I thought he did well. He is not a stud but he did an admirable job as the PPQB. He is missing a deadly shot but can certainly walk the line and make a nice pass.
  13. [PGT] Flames @ Canucks