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  1. What a joke. Guess they care more about offending the CCP than the wellbeing of the world Bruce Aylward, Senior Advisor to Director General of WHO, was interviewed by RTHK. When he is asked about reconsidering Taiwan’s membership considering its good performance in tackling COVID-19, Aylward refuses to answer and hung up.
  2. Up to 14% of recovered patients test positive again Sounds similar to a report that came out earlier this month, not sure if this is being confirmed again. But scary if true.
  3. maybe that's why they have low numbers lol.
  4. the more the numbers rise in the US and Europe, the more it's obvious that the numbers we're getting from China are fixed. How is it possible that a country with population of 1.4B people have such a small number of cases/capita. Even if they locked down the entire nation, the numbers are still way too low.
  5. That makes 3 players tested positive.
  6. First time back into the office for today after working from home the past few days. Wish I brought a mask with me. The air circulating from the vent has been irritating my lungs ever since they opened up the ceiling and replaced something. I can feel my throat and chest tightening and tickling since this morning. Doesn't help the vent is right above my workstation. Also would like to rant about a coworker that just sneezed and coughed in the open air , just because there is only 10% of staff in the office to enforce social distancing doesn't mean it's now a free for all to cough and sneeze into the air all you want. UGH
  7. I wish more proactive action was taken back in Jan and Feb to ensure we would have good amount of extra medical supplies for our HCPs in preparation to face the virus when/if it hits us.... Maybe China will send us back 16 tonnes of supplies...but highly doubt it. Picture is from the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong & Macao Facebook page.
  8. Wuhan denying virus tests to keep numbers down' Pretty much expected that this is happening, anyone remotely familiar with the CCP would know this is how they would do things. Slow down testing to keep numbers dropping, encourage citizens abroad to come home for protection as the virus spreads worldwide, then use state media to boast their success in subduing the virus locally meanwhile blaming new numbers on "imported" cases. Lockdown for Hubei has been removed, expect 2nd wave to hit soon. But CCP state media for the past week or so has been going full steam with spewing BS and looking everyone to blame but themselves. First they tried to blame the US stating the virus was brought in by US Army. Now they shifting to Italy by taking a sentence from Italian Prof. Remuzzi out of context to suggest that the virus was already circulating in Italy in November before it showed up in China. I wish more people can read Chinese to truly see the BS they put out there. Makes my blood absolutely boil.
  9. In hindsight I also wonder whether the bout of Bronchitis I had late February was actually Bronchitis or not...I would wake up with a sore throat then it was gone the next day. I spent 6 days at home until I wasn't fatigued and coughing all the time.
  10. I dunno, I'll put Xi above the turd.
  11. I think this is in Spanish going by the twitter comments, mind you I watched it without sound. He is saying that the black ink is "soap" to show you how to wash your hands so that the soap covers the entire surface of your hands to ensure you wash all the germs, bacteria, virus away.
  12. COVID-19 confirmed at 4th long-term care facility in Metro Vancouver UGH......the very people that are the most vulnerable.
  13. Good reminder for everyone on washing hands. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  14. Apparently the first dog, the pomeranian has died. But cause of death is unknown.