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  1. hahaha what the F hahahaha we’ll take that thank you!
  2. would rather have just been a band and full instrumental for the anthem.....that was painful...
  3. Same old same old, they say they will boycott, but they will still spend money. Also corporations kowtowing to the RMB as expected.
  4. Usually i would agree not to believe anything u see, but then this same person was seen later last night arresting protestors on the street.
  5. Thank you, i’m just back in HK for vacation.
  6. It’s really tense here now, only passengers and airport staff and airline crews allowed into the airports. The train stations that this happened at last night are ones i pass by to go home. I could have been on one of those trains at that moment, I had to take another line and transfer around to get home last night.
  7. This was the incident that happened a couple of days ago, but there's been talks about targeting other areas the next few days.
  8. Send all the information to the Chinese government, that would probably shut these people up real quick. Thought Xi was cracking down on the rich shipping money out?
  9. which ever team it is.......DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!
  10. Are owners of teams that are revenue sharing to teams like CAR okay with them matching such a cash bonus heavy offer sheet?
  11. Well in chinese, there's a saying that you look how you are from the inside. So if you are beautiful inside, it will show on the outside.
  12. Dammit JB!!! Why didn't u get those picks that were never offered for Hutton!!
  13. Police has already used tear gas and plastic bullets on the protesters. Things are really ugly in Hong Kong right now, I have lots of family and friends in there too. Hope they are safe. Government refuses to listen, and they're only waiting for orders from PRC. If things escalate, can see another Tiananmen Square incident happening. Watch PRC deny it again.