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  1. ugh canada played like SH!T in the 3rd and OT. didn’t deserve the gold at all.
  2. [Report] Alexandre Burrows suspended 10 games

    He's not JUST a member of the board of Governors............he's the NHL Chairman of the Board of Governors..........so yes I suppose he does get more pull than other owners.
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    Look....I don't give a flying FACCK who has sources and what not. I come in here routinely to find out the latest about OJ. Having to sift through pages and pages of useless bickering is annoying AF. TAKE IT TO THE GODDAMN DMS!!!! On another note, I'm glad OJ is back in the line up.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    So......how's Elias doing?
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    Canucks will never be able to play with the “toughness” “pushback” that ppl want. When your captain gets called a penalty for slightly pushing the opponents visor when he gets repeatedly hit in the face and gets no call, the Canucks will never be able to play this brand of hockey that ppl want. They will be nullified one way or the other.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    not very invested in the tournament this year, only watching for EP. As much as I am a proud Canadian, I didn’t feel anything when Canada went ahead and then scored the EN. Just annoyed with how EP’s been utilized this game.
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    FFS Sweden...stop taking penalties and keeping EP benched.....
  8. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    PP2 hasn’t done $&!# all either. Back to the drawing board for both units.
  9. Sears Canada Going Out of Business

    Ah that explains the bare, half-deserted store at Metrotown. I stepped foot in Sears yesterday after more than 5 years and was a bit shocked at how bare the shelves and racks were, and there were rarely any employees. It looked like everyone just dropped everything and left. Unfortunate to see another big store to bite the dust.
  10. My pet peeve with this team

    Rmb that time our team decided to say "F all, we're not gonna take it anymore, and fight back"?? Worked wonders...........oh wait.......we ended up with back to back to back 5-on-3s in back to back games.
  11. Man that line-up list gave me a headache trying to read it. Danier Saidin
  12. Are people seriously B*tching about a young stars classic game now???
  13. Or it could also show how clogged up the smaller ice surface and structured coaching it is for the NHL too. Not saying Larsen was good in his short stint in the NHL.
  14. Should just remove the names of all the schools and name them according to the School District code.