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  1. If Mtl wants Burrows, they better put in a nice offer after that hissy fit Bergevin threw about GMJB "tampering" with PK Subban.
  2. I think its more of, how do they confirm whether the person voting is really the person they are stating they are. Schools check student IDs before exams to make sure hired exam takers aren't writing the exams, ids are checked at bars to make sure they're not selling to minors, so why not for an important event like election voting?
  3. Yea, I don't understand how it is not mandatory to check ID for an important event like voting for the next leader of your country.....
  4. YESSSSS....the warcry is very important! Omg chills just imagining Rogers Arena echoing with the claps and warcry
  5. I absolutely loved the Viking clap the Icelandic team/fans did during Euro2016!!! It was amazing and intimidating for the opponents. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR CAPTAIN HANK CANUCK FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Only been there once while waiting for a table at another restaurant. The place itself isn't bad, they had this wide open area for live music set-up, lots of screens of different sizes for games. Never tried the food since we just ordered a pitcher of beer, and our table was ready in 5 minutes...lol I think the location isn't the best, not much parking, and frankly, who would go all the way to robson for a sports bar? They also have earls/milestone right nearby.
  7. wow...I didn't hear about this one until I saw this thread. At first, I thought this was the same incident as the pilot in Indonesia that happened around the same time. Same thing, intoxicated and boarded the plane, there were footages of him drunk at security inspection, and him slurring on his before takeoff announcement in the cabin. Crazy. Citilink pilot suspended after allegedly showing up drunk for flight
  8. The team went 1 out of 8 on PP....blame the Sedins. I'm sorry, I didn't know that the Sedins played on both PP units.....from what I saw, PP2 played majority of the PPs leaving about less than 1 minute for PP1 halfway through the game....don't see them lighting it up. From what I see, both units need work done. PP1 needs more shots, and PP2 needs to learn how to keep possession in the offensive zone. Last night, they spent most of the time having to go back and retrieve the puck because either their passes were not connecting, or the puck keeps getting picked off and sent out. Anyways, this was my first full game after being away halfway around the world for the last couple of weeks. Fine with team performance. Wasn't expecting the team to dominate in the first place.
  9. Being away from his local buddies and hitting the hot spots around town probably did wonders for his recent performance too.
  10. Obviously the Sedins should be sent back to Sweden immediately along with WD, so Fin can coach the team and have Horvat out on the ice for the full 60 minutes. We will win all the games remaining in the season, squeak into the playoffs win the Stanley cup and draft 1st overall for Patrick. This way, all the fans will flock back into Rogers Arena.
  11. Then they can easily just sell the team and would still make a profit. Then maybe the next owners will finally do what the fans want...OR...maybe they will not GAF about the team and fans and relocate them. I hear Seattle is a nice location, or somewhere south of the border, maybe Quebec finally gets a team back.
  12. LOL....biggest busts with 30 games in.......did NHL shorten their regular season to 35 games now? We're not even halfway through the season. Talk about busts when the season is over. Tons more of things happening around the league to write about...
  13. So...let's say there are teams out there that will take the Sedins and their full cap.....so....what kinda crap are we expected to take back......and why would we want it then?
  14. Not sure if just my browser or anyone else has the same problem, but from time to time I get an error message when loading back to the home page. Edit: Its an I.E. error message, pretty much crashing and having to reload/reopen the tab or page.
  15. I don't understand why everyone is ragging on PP1 when the past few games PP2 can hardly even set up in the attacking zone. Hutton really struggled with the puck last night on those 3rd period PPs.