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  1. Man that line-up list gave me a headache trying to read it. Danier Saidin
  2. Are people seriously B*tching about a young stars classic game now???
  3. Or it could also show how clogged up the smaller ice surface and structured coaching it is for the NHL too. Not saying Larsen was good in his short stint in the NHL.
  4. Should just remove the names of all the schools and name them according to the School District code.
  5. Yea the EMS shipping fee to Canada is atrocious, but then the website I buy from only uses EMS. So I usually try to buy a few items to "justify" the shipping cost.
  6. Maybe it also depends on the courier the sender is using? I usually receive my inbound international mail a day or 2 after i receive the tracking number, but then the sender uses EMS.
  7. Wow congrats to Ryan Johnson! He's building quite a resume there~
  8. I'm gonna have to pass this one! I really don't have the extra time to be active enough for the game, and joining would just be a disservice to everyone. Miss playing mafia though!
  9. Maybe they're taking Chaput...or Cammarozza....or Grenier.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. I think out of the 3 released so far, I really liked the Blues....and Columbus with the close 2nd. The front for Nashville looks a bit bare.
  11. Nice, can't wait to see a healthy Gudbranson for next season. I keep forgetting he's only 25.
  12. I personally don't see him playing either, at most I think they will give him the 9 games. Unless he absolutely blows everyone out of the water.
  13. So if Sergachev plays half the season with Tampa next season, it's a straight one on one deal. wow
  14. Wasn't there a rumour a couple days ago that Drouin was going to MTL for Galchenyuk or something? Looks like there was some truth into after all.