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  1. I don't think so. I'd take that bet. I obviously think that winning the cup is a long shot, but not that much. Having a healthy sutter, a solid top 6 forward from FA, an improvement from the young guys, and solid TD acquisition (if in the position to do so), the team could be poised to make the playoffs. And then anything could happen. To clarify though, I don't think that will happen, I just think the chances of it happening would be worth a $5 bet on 67:1 odds. I would draw the line at like 1:20 odds.
  2. Why does the cap not come off if he is retiring? Is it because he was 35+ was he signed the contract? Those cap hits don't come off until the end of the contract?
  3. 88... because he's twice the size.
  4. The question now is, will Big Bert's number be rejuvenated here next year??
  5. Thanks... don't know where the hell I got 2 years from!!
  6. Just reading Elliott's 30 thoughts, Travis Green expected to interview in Anaheim... Things brings me to something I've benn wondering for a while, I thought Willie D signed a 2 year contract? Wasn't that a big deal when he was signed, that he took the deal that was less years than Pittsburgh offered him? Or was it 3 years vs. 4 years in Pitt? It sort of seemed to me that, like with Tampa, the succession plan was to have Green take over after Willie's contract expired...
  7. Their social media people also shut down a troll pretty good, as well.
  8. Agree. Plus It's a very literate city too.
  9. I also remember two rumors from that year: shinkaruk, plus 6th overall, plus 24th overall (so, shink+mccann+virtanen) I thought I also remember hearing, however, that the move was to get Reinhart, not Ekblad.
  10. Heard on the radio this morning a comment about Daniel calling out the young kids (Jake and Jared) saying they lacked professionalism. Couldn't find anything on here, but I did find this article via google that came out today in the Province it looks like: http://www.pressreader.com/canada/the-province/20160412/282196535114565 I'm having trouble copying in the actual text of the article, but, the gist of it, Daniel thought they (Jared and Jake) have great skills but need to work on being a professional, and that he and Henrik will be delaying their trip back to Sweden to work with the two of them for a bit. I think it's easy to see, 19 years old, been blessed with this incredible talent, can act entitled without even knowing. I'm not saying they specifically do, but just that I'm not surprised by Daniel's comments. And yet again, another indicator of the great teammates and leaders that Hank and Danny are, taking time out of their summer to work with the young players.
  11. I had just figured they were lent the cars to shoot the video. Because, as was pointed out, Jake drives a challenger. Which, I believe was free from an Abbotsford dealership. I was having breakfast near where he lives last Sunday, looking to catch a glimpse of him, bieber, or the challenger. No dice...
  12. Hunger games would be sweet, too bad it would never happen. Also hard to see players really competing for that. When are they going to change the draft eligibility year to something like 19 or 20 years old. That should be the first change.
  13. While I agree that there was not enough evidence to warrant a guilty conviction, the documentary does leave out some relevant/important information. Such as, the prosecution was going to call the nurse who drew Avery's blood to testify that she put the hole in the vial (that's how they put the blood in the tube), but she was never called because the prosecution felt there wasn't a need to rebuttal the defense, as the defense didn't have a strong enough argument that the vial had been tampered with (http://onmilwaukee.com/movies/articles/makingamudererbloodvial.html). That, or they didn't want to make her 'lie'. And if it was that concrete of evidence, the defense would have spent a significantly more amount of time on that piece of evidence imo, as like you say, that would be the sealer for faulty police work. The documentary just made it seem more important than it was. Although, there is still a case to be made that someone could have used the same hole. If you haven't checked online all the things that got left out of the documentary, I would recommend it. However, even after checking things out after the documentary, I still think there wasn't enough evidence to convict him, and a lot of dirty cop work going on. Dean and Jerry are coming to Vancouver in July, a chance to really ask questions. For myself, the biggest holes in the prosecutions argument were: why was no DNA evidence found in the garage? If she was allegedly killed there, while bleeding from the neck. The key they found was just one key, like a spare key, seems suspicious to me. Did they ever play the audio between Avery and his GF when the murder was supposedly going down for the jury? Because it's eerie how calm he could be, if this is while he has her chained to the bed. This brutal murder happens in his bedroom, but yet not a single piece of DNA evidence is found? The mysterious calls Theresa was getting weeks before the murder. Some people say, if not Steven, then who? I don't think it was the cops. But could have possibly been Steven's brother, and then you have two parties unknowingly working together to "frame" someone. Anyways, the show does its job. It shows the poor judicial system and how you can essentially buy your way out of doing time (or vice versa if you're lower income), i.e. Robert Durst.
  14. Keith Carney? Jon Hamm lookalike.
  15. So, what you're saying is McCann won't be traded until after Demko is signed Also, saw a perfect example of this with him drafting Boeser "off the board" last year. Great pick up. Kylington who?