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  1. Torts' favorite reporter pens the idea of reuniting Burrows and AV. He says "a third probably won't get it done". I agree, I think Burrows has 2nd round pick value. http://nypost.com/2017/02/16/nhl-pest-who-would-make-sense-as-a-rangers-trade-rental/
  2. UND Coach Brad Berry on 1040: http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/berry-full-expect-boeser-to-leave-und-after-this-year-1.671647 He doesn't say much, outside of the generic answers they typically give, but I'll summarize it here: - He says Brock has played well this year, he started off hot then was playing injured and had to have the surgery. He says his slump has to do mostly with the team and the league. Teams are tightening up for a "playoff push", a lot more 2-1, 3-2 type of games been harder to score, but he's also been unlucky, quite a few posts, some that just miss the net, etc. - Talks about Brock on the PP (only 2 PP goals), he says the other teams are adjusting to Brock, saying it's harder in your second year when people start to recognize you. In his first year he could easily find the open space to score, he says though the team needs to get better to try to open Brock up for the PP. - Thinks he will be able to score at the NHL level. - Says he's a really powerful skater, but did not go on to say he's necessarily a fast skater, but overall a good skater. - UND's preparation plan for next year is that Brock is going to leave for the show. Other non-Boeser related info: - Really enjoys watching Stecher play, thought his assist on Burrows' goal was very good. - Goalie Cam Johnson might be a collegiate FA option from UND. - Tyson Jost is having a great season, has a great work ethic, his on ice/off ice work ethic reminds him a lot of Toews.
  3. Just because they trade for him doesn't mean they have to protect him. An Edler trade would most likely be a "rental" scenario, just like teams do every deadline for players on expiring contracts. Which, basically negates the "leverage" that other posters seem to think Benning has, which is to tell Edler: "either waive your NTC or we won't protect you", which is a terribly unprofessional thing to do, imo. But since Edler will likely get traded to a contender, on a rental basis, to a team that already has a list of player to protect, as you pointed out, he'll likely end up being un-protected for Vegas anyways. Where it could get interesting, is that since he isn't a true rental, in the sense that his contract is not expiring, a team could trade for him at a "rental" price from the Canucks, and then after being eliminated from the playoffs or winning, they could trade him again at a higher price to any team that wants him for the remainder of his contract. That team would have the leverage to say "waive or we'll expose you", even though they were probably planning on not protecting him anyways, but at least this way Edler would have a say in what team he wants to play for. But again, that's pretty unprofessional and seems fairly unlikely to happen. Moving on from that, I see a trade as a possibility to a contender, but like you were alluding to, don't be surprised if we don't get great value. Maybe a 2nd/3rd round pick and a B grade prospect if we're lucky.
  4. I don't think so. I'd take that bet. I obviously think that winning the cup is a long shot, but not that much. Having a healthy sutter, a solid top 6 forward from FA, an improvement from the young guys, and solid TD acquisition (if in the position to do so), the team could be poised to make the playoffs. And then anything could happen. To clarify though, I don't think that will happen, I just think the chances of it happening would be worth a $5 bet on 67:1 odds. I would draw the line at like 1:20 odds.
  5. Why does the cap not come off if he is retiring? Is it because he was 35+ was he signed the contract? Those cap hits don't come off until the end of the contract?
  6. 88... because he's twice the size.
  7. The question now is, will Big Bert's number be rejuvenated here next year??
  8. Thanks... don't know where the hell I got 2 years from!!
  9. Just reading Elliott's 30 thoughts, Travis Green expected to interview in Anaheim... Things brings me to something I've benn wondering for a while, I thought Willie D signed a 2 year contract? Wasn't that a big deal when he was signed, that he took the deal that was less years than Pittsburgh offered him? Or was it 3 years vs. 4 years in Pitt? It sort of seemed to me that, like with Tampa, the succession plan was to have Green take over after Willie's contract expired...
  10. Their social media people also shut down a troll pretty good, as well.
  11. Agree. Plus It's a very literate city too.
  12. I also remember two rumors from that year: shinkaruk, plus 6th overall, plus 24th overall (so, shink+mccann+virtanen) I thought I also remember hearing, however, that the move was to get Reinhart, not Ekblad.
  13. Heard on the radio this morning a comment about Daniel calling out the young kids (Jake and Jared) saying they lacked professionalism. Couldn't find anything on here, but I did find this article via google that came out today in the Province it looks like: http://www.pressreader.com/canada/the-province/20160412/282196535114565 I'm having trouble copying in the actual text of the article, but, the gist of it, Daniel thought they (Jared and Jake) have great skills but need to work on being a professional, and that he and Henrik will be delaying their trip back to Sweden to work with the two of them for a bit. I think it's easy to see, 19 years old, been blessed with this incredible talent, can act entitled without even knowing. I'm not saying they specifically do, but just that I'm not surprised by Daniel's comments. And yet again, another indicator of the great teammates and leaders that Hank and Danny are, taking time out of their summer to work with the young players.
  14. I had just figured they were lent the cars to shoot the video. Because, as was pointed out, Jake drives a challenger. Which, I believe was free from an Abbotsford dealership. I was having breakfast near where he lives last Sunday, looking to catch a glimpse of him, bieber, or the challenger. No dice...
  15. Hunger games would be sweet, too bad it would never happen. Also hard to see players really competing for that. When are they going to change the draft eligibility year to something like 19 or 20 years old. That should be the first change.