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  1. (Discussion) I KEPT MY KESLER JERSEY... Because,.

    Lucic will be broken after the Kings make a playoff run. Not worth the commitment/price imo. Dump it all on Stamkos!
  2. The guy asking him to facetime with whomever... that was awkward. But he handled it like a pro.
  3. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    Looks like he requested a trade at the start of the season to Western Canada. If a deal hasn't happened yet with Van, I doubt it's going to happen. 
  4. [PGT] Vancouver 4-3 Arizona

    I didn't get to see the whole game, so I'm not entirely sure on context, but Bo led all forwards in ice time by at least a minute and a half. He may not be putting up the points... yet... but I think he's turning into one of Willie's most reliable. The points will come.  
  5. Want to cancel cable - Canucks games too important

    That would be an interesting thing to try, with at least similar to what is done for getting American Netflix. I don't see why it wouldn't work...
  6. Want to cancel cable - Canucks games too important

    EDIT: So, I found this article which I think sums it up pretty good, as I thought this class action lawsuit against the NHL had helped in-market fans, but I was totally wrong, so unless you're a non-BC resident, then I think you're stuck with cable... http://www.broadstreethockey.com/2015/6/15/8783249/nhl-tv-settlement-settlement-game-center-live I was under the impression that you could buy these single team packages and still watch your team when you lived "in market", but it doesn't sound like that. It's still really only for out-of-market consumers and they'll still blackout in-market games.
  7. After watching that Top 10 Canucks Hawks video, I was reminded how that Mitchell hit on Toews was an absolute beauty!
  8. That article was pure gold! Highlights: Dallas Stars, TBL, Ducks, and Avs.
  9. Francesco Aquilini And Tom Brady's Email

    Also I wonder who the 6 were that he spoke with... Sedins, Higgins, Horvat, Bieksa, and Hamhuis?!
  10. Francesco Aquilini And Tom Brady's Email

    I think this was my favorite of all the emails (From one of Brady's guys to him regarding purchasing a domain name for his charity): It’s interesting — someone’s owned the TB12.com domain for 13 years, so it’s possible that they’re not a squatter and just like the “TB12” name, which is probably a better situation for us. Last week Tony suggested that — if we did want to try to buy TB12.com — we should do everything possible to conceal the real identity of the buyer. Apparently he’s gotten good deals in the past by having interns convince squatters that they’re doing school projects, etc. It’s worth doing whatever we can, I suppose.
  11. Canucks Announce New AGM

    Exactly, never said it was a bad thing. It's good if they can share roles.
  12. Canucks Announce New AGM

    As per the Canucks website: http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=776306 Welcome a Mr. John Wisbrod as Assistant General Manager. Various other hockey ops roles were also announced. Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver Canucks President of Hockey Operations, Trevor Linden named John Weisbrod Assistant General Manager today in addition to a number of new and enhanced roles to the Hockey Operations and Human Performance staff. Weisbrod first joined the Canucks as Vice President, Player Personnel on July 7, 2014. As Assistant General Manager, he will work closely with Jim Benning and Trevor Linden on player personnel decisions, provide strategic direction to the professional and amateur scouting departments and support day-to-day team operations. The Bern, Switzerland native has appeared in 69 regular season NHL games split between Vancouver and Calgary collecting 30 points (10-20-30) and 26 penalty minutes. Weisbrod served three years as Assistant General Manager of Player Personnel with the Calgary Flames. He was Director of Professional and Collegiate Scouting for the Boston Bruins from 2006 to 2011 and served as a Pro Scout for the Dallas Stars during the 2005-06 season. A Harvard graduate, Weisbrod was General Manager and Director of Operations for the Albany River Rats winning the Calder Cup in 1993 and 1995. He also served as General Manager of the IHL’s Orlando Solar Bears where he guided the team to a Turner Cup Championship in 2001. Weisbrod was named President and Chief Operating Officer of RDV Sports (Orlando Magic & Solar Bears) in 2000 and became General Manager of the Magic in 2004. The Hockey Operations department also named Chris Gear Vice President and General Counsel, Vancouver Canucks and Canucks Sports & Entertainment (CS&E). Judd Brackett was named Director of Amateur Scouting, Ryan Johnson was named Assistant Director Player Development and Mike Addesa joins the club as an Amateur Scout. The Human Performance department named Rick Celebrini Director, Rehabilitation and Jon Sanderson as Head Athletic Therapist. Chris Gear assumes an additional role at CS&E, joining the Hockey Operations team with five years’ experience as Vice President & Legal Counsel. He will work closely with Jonathan Wall, Director of Hockey Administration on the legal application of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, salary cap management, player transactions and contracts. Judd Bracket served seven years as an Amateur Scout in the Canucks organization prior to being named Director of Amateur Scouting. Brackett will oversee the Amateur Scouting staff, leading the department and supporting the player evaluations of regional scouts. Brackett will report to John Weisbrod in his new role. Ryan Johnson takes on an expanded role as Assistant Director Player Development after two seasons as Player Development Consultant. Johnson played 120 games in a Canucks uniform and 701 career NHL games. He will continue to work with prospects and AHL players in Utica, supporting Head Coach Travis Green and liaise with General Manager, Jim Benning and John Weisbrod on Comets hockey operations. Mike Addesa joins the Canucks as an amateur scout with prior experience as a NHL Scout, NCAA Head Coach and Atlantic Junior Hockey League franchise owner. As Head Coach at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Addesa guided the 1984-85 team to a NCAA Championship. Addesa will report to Stan Smyl, Senior Advisor to the General Manager & Director, Player Development. Addesa will support amateur scouting in the Quebec region. Rick Celebrini was recently named Director, Rehabilitation within the club’s Human Performance department after serving as a consultant during the 2014.15 season. Celebrini will lead the Human Performance team and oversee injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols. Celebrini is a founder and the Director of Sport Medicine and Science for the Fortius Institute, and Head of Sports Medicine and Science for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Jon Sanderson was named Head Athletic Therapist of the Human Performance department, bringing 16 seasons and over 1,000 NHL games of experience to the role. Sanderson previously worked for the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League and served as a member of the Team Canada medical staff at the Winter Olympic Games in 2006. Looks a lot like consolidating roles to save some money...
  13. Benning on 1040 Post Sutter Trade

    This is a good question.. but I think it's being overthought a bit. Pitt used to own three third round picks, Buff's (Even though this pick is ours from a series of trades), NYI's, and their own (not sure if they've traded their own yet?). They traded us the highest of the three picks. Pitt now owns two picks in the third round which they can trade. So let's say they trade at the deadline, they won't trade a specific teams picks they could say we'll trade you A.) our next highest third round pick or B.) our lowest third round pick or C.) Both It doesn't matter which team it belongs to, they'll just have to specify second highest or third highest, since the highest was given to us. It's not a matter of trading a teams pick per se, it's more of trading their position in the third round if that makes sense...
  14. Benning on 1040 Post Sutter Trade

    Well if that's the way trades are done now... Maybe Dallas will trade a 129th overall (Benn) for a 3rd overall (Turris). With that "joke" aside, I agree with you that Sutter will be an upgrade, I just think we may have overpaid a bit with Clendenning, but time will tell how it works out. Without saying as much, they had expectations for Bonino. Remember the video that was posted by the canucks when management was discussing a RK deal? Benning had mentioned how Bonino is a guy that'll get us 20-25 goals and be an anchor on the 2nd power play unit. Bonino didn't reach that ceiling and the 2nd power play was awful. (Benning may have 'inflated' his thoughts to the rest of his management team just so he could get a deal done, considering at the time it was his newly acquired team to run and if Kesler didn't want to be here, then Benning wanted to him to GTFO ASAP). Additionally, for all we know Benning might have preferred to trade for Sutter with RK17, but was limited by the NTC/Pitt's offer knowing Van was handcuffed, but the experiment on Bonino was done and he was able to utilize him to get the piece he actually wanted. IMO, I think Benning has patience. Something that I think will be key to building a winner and something that is hard to have in this market.
  15. Benning on 1040 Post Sutter Trade

    Couldn't agree more with not missing Bonino's lazy line changes.