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  1. Is "the draft is coming" right up there too?
  2. I can understand what you would love to see happen BUT the reality could be quite different. Sign a UFA RW for Horvat, sounds to me like another Erickson signing danger. Sign a first pairing D? How likely is that to happen, sounds to me like a Shattenkirk signing. Bottom line is, free agency is not the solution. Look at the first 5 years of Benning, it is not a small sample, 5 years. Who do we have? Erickson was the big signing, and then we have Gagner, Beagle, Schaller, Roussel.... That is the reality. I agree that our talent is steadily increasing but there are still huge gaps, like we have no second line talent and, well, you know about the D group. So yes we are close to the playoffs. That is the first step. Look how much Edmonton is struggling to get there. And if we can become a steady playoff team in a couple of years, that will be huge. But then compare our roster to Washington or Tampa Bay and you can see the gap.
  3. We are close to what? Making the playoffs? I would say yes, we are close to that and maybe next year, but more likely the year after that. As for being a contender, well I mean realistically, we are a full second line and 3 top 4 defencemen away, so that is way out still. If the rebuild goes well, then maybe in 5 years??
  4. So much positive from this year, really. You can see where this is going. This team will be exciting next year and will be a contender in 3 to 4 years.
  5. That really summarizes where this franchise is at at this time: "Hope we loose all remaining games and get the best draft lottery odds possible at this point. " When fans hope for losses, it tells you the franchise is very deep in the rebuild and the end point is not even in sight. This has been a very successful season but realistically, this team is still needing 3 top 6 forwards, and 3 top 4 defencemen. 6 more high draft picks needed?
  6. Maybe so but what an unbelievable season this has been. To be still in contention in Mid-March, it is truly ahead of schedule. The team has 4 wins in the last 10 games at the toughest part of the season. Way ahead of schedule.
  7. A rebuild takes a long time. We have a few pieces in place, we need to add the others. No one predicted this team to be close to the play-offs this year. And it will be the same for the next few years. As for Vegas, $600 million US buys you a decent team, yes. And add to this that they are 100% protected for the next expansion draft. Realistically, you have to think that they could really get back to the Final this year and win it this time.
  8. It is indeed a process. We cant compare ourselves to Vegas, Vegas is a team built to win now, we are aiming to win in like 5 years.