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  1. [Player Discussion] Corrado

    He's only 21. He's still got a lot of development to do. Let him get in the 35-50 point range and then give him a go in the NHL. Hopefully his Utica points will improve on what should be a better team than last year.
  2. Ben Hutton Talk

    does anyone know if they've talked about an ELC with him? I really really wanna get him signed. From what I've read around, he's an awesome dman & i would hate to have him pull a schultz
  3. Kudos to the Sedins

    I can't applaud them enough for still believing & not wanting out. Both are HUGE parts of the team and are probably why some players get excited about playing for us. It pisses me off whenever i hear crap about the "sedan sisters" & "two girls no cup". Other teams' fans don't give the twins nearly enough credit for everything they've accomplished. I LOVE their devotion & commitment to this team. They either win it with us, or don't win at all. They are class acts & without a doubt, 22 & 33 will be in the rafters
  4. [Draft] Vancouver drafts Nikita Tryamkin(D) with 66th overall

    I like the pick but i wouldn't have used our 3rd on him. I would've taken Glover & hope Tryamkin was there in the 4th/5th. At least he is HUGE!
  5. Jake Virtanen Talk

    He's an amazing skater, has an awesome shot, & is physical. Awesome pick
  6. Jared McCann Talk

    I love the pick. Best player available IMO. I just hope that he & his dad's reactions were only cause he dropped so low. Needs to get bigger & he'll be great. For those concerned about points, look at Horvat's jump from last year to this!
  7. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I like Virtanen but I'm scared that he only impressed because he played with over agers. Im also reading that the most he is gonna be is a 3rd line checker with minimal offense. I am impressed with his 45 goals though! I feel like we just need to draft the best players available because our prospect pool is so weak. And once the pool gets stronger, that is when we start going positionally. I feel like both Virtanen & Nylander are risky picks :$
  8. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Just curious but why hasn't Perlini been in the discussion much?
  9. We Need A NEW Goal Song

    Holiday needs to come back
  10. Future top 6 for fun! (Proposal)

    that detroit trade would really suck for detroit, especially is elder doesn't get back to the way he was lol
  11. Kesler on Team1040: "Hopefully I can retire as a Canuck"

    Bottom line is that he wants to win the cup, and he wants to win soon. He said that last year at the end of the season. I think it's pretty clear that it won't happen here, so just trade him to a contending team. PIT? DET? If we keep him, he's gonna be spending the rest of his career in what is probably going to be a rebuilding team. If he wants to stay that bad, he can say goodbye to his stanley cup. Id say trade him, and then resign him at the end of his career if he really wants to stay
  12. Renewed respect for Kevin Bieksa

    hence, my name