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  1. Kesler overrated ? You gotta be kidding me, so Chicago and Anaheim wants him bad ...they are STUPID LOL We never appriciated players we have, we run out Bure, Kesler ...
  2. Bonino only 26 haha Kesler only 29 who spent his entire 10 years as a Canuck, and has 2 years left at 5mln AAV this can be evn close ?
  3. Good luck to replace Kesler !! Thanks for your time in Vancouver Ryan !!!
  4. Players like Kesler won the Cup, not sure why you think he is "cancer" in the room.
  5. I read that Bennings , during his intro press conference in late May, said the team hoped to re-sign Kessler before the NHL draft. If this is a truth ?
  6. Thank you very much for the information gentleman's ! Perhaps I am missing something because if we trade him to Anaheim or Chicago it will only decrease our chances next year IMO Sedins not getting any younger, we have a solid core of players, new coach and GM. I wish we can keep Kesler and become a contender with him AGAIN !
  7. I really like Kesler (always like him from a day 1 in a Canucks uniform), his style and character .Can somebody explain to me why he wants out ? and why Canucks not trying to hold on player like Kesler (and his very reasonable contract $$). Thanks