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  1. Sorry but if I'm on a bike and see one of my friends get hit I'm chasing the the guy who hit my friend. Did anybody not see that one of the bikers is in critical condition in the hospital? I don't like bikers but the driver of the range rover was negligent.
  2. Everytime GSP fights he makes me free money. Put down 1G on him and made $200 profit. Nobody is beating him because his wrestling neutralizes his opponents. I've literally made thousands wagering on George. Not the most exciting fighter but he's a guaranteed lock to bet on! Plus he's canadien
  3. This is one of the most overrated TV shows. I watch a couple of episodes and literally fell sleepy watching it. Too much CGI and special affects and not enough good acting. Too many characters to follow and its like a maze trying to figure out the plot. Breaking Bad or Homeland are excellent TV shows that deserve the hype!
  4. It looks like these IEM manufacturers have dressed up normal earphones with fancy ear tips and transparent wires to justify the premium prices. I seriously doubt there`s any difference between normal apple earbuds and these souped up riced out IEMs. Companies just hoodwinking unsuspecting consumers is more like it! Ill stick with my $1 stock earbuds which sound fine and do their job