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  1. New theory: When the fans race for the Skytrain with 90 seconds left to play, the Canucks get confused into thinking the game has already ended .
  2. 'Young' Oilers will surprise everyone in the 18/19 season.
  3. Fisher-Underwood. Toe drag or wraparound?
  4. Latvia. I got to see them play the Czechs at the Olympics. Denis Savard or Patrick Kane?
  5. Calamari. Concussion (grade 3) or eye injury?
  6. "City of Glendale to vote on new ownership proposal. Friday deadline looms." "Shane Doan is a UFA again. Should we sign this 42 year-old?" "Cody got an assist last night. What a terrible trade!" "Peter Forsberg training again. Discussions with at least 6 NHL teams." "Patrick Kane allstar game shootout goal on a hoverboard!!" "Ovechkin caught eating deep-fried mars bars at training camp. Tips the scale at 275lbs."
  7. Kunitz. Bigger nets or bigger rinks?
  8. Pominville. Roy or Brodeur?
  9. Daigle. Probert or Semenko?
  10. Milbury... because it's always just a matter of time minutes before he sticks his foot in his mouth. TSN, Sportsnet, or CBC?
  11. Tambellini. Shorthouse or Hughson.
  12. RNH. Hedman or Myers?
  13. I met Geoff in 1991 and he was a total prick to me.