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  1. New theory: When the fans race for the Skytrain with 90 seconds left to play, the Canucks get confused into thinking the game has already ended .
  2. 'Young' Oilers will surprise everyone in the 18/19 season.
  3. "City of Glendale to vote on new ownership proposal. Friday deadline looms." "Shane Doan is a UFA again. Should we sign this 42 year-old?" "Cody got an assist last night. What a terrible trade!" "Peter Forsberg training again. Discussions with at least 6 NHL teams." "Patrick Kane allstar game shootout goal on a hoverboard!!" "Ovechkin caught eating deep-fried mars bars at training camp. Tips the scale at 275lbs."
  4. I met Geoff in 1991 and he was a total prick to me.