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  1. Greenie O'Knuckles....
  2. I read the last/newst one in like 3 days, it was cray cray homies. Also Araya and danny are epic
  3. Noobs
  4. Banned 'cause my car isn't working.... again
  5. Banned for having dumbest death scene from movie as avatar, lololol siktir git
  6. 21:34 minute long song, this is why I love black metal
  7. CELTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My car can run over your car
  9. DLing Armored Kill, eff yea.

    1. Gooby


      Still downloading the patch. lol

    2. NightHawkSniper


      Haven't played BF3 in awhile, do they sell packs individually?or is it still premium?

  10. I love snow skiing, but can't do it very much here in South Carolina. Snowboarded once, it was fun, but I enjoy skiing more.
  11. Always saves his cookies when on the interwebs.
  12. This is Vancouver, WA we are talking about right? If so... GO WINTERHAWKS
  13. should be cooked into pizza