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  1. No. Hughes is a special talent and we are much more deeper at forward than we are at D so it wouldn't make much sense for the Canucks as well. Also it would force us to tie up a lot of money at forward which is already a problem the Leafs are dealing with.
  2. It's not just because of Laf, it's because of what you get for Matthews. Having Laf would give them enough flexibility to make that sort of move in order to get that great return. No Laf no flexibility Trading Matthews would net you a return like Chychrun, Hayton +++. That's a young top 4 D, a top prospect and more. Having two young guys like Hayton, Laferriere on top of Marner/Tavares would be a good forward group. Then you throw in a top 4 D in Chychrun and you might be able to get another top 4 D with Nylander+. Overall you lose offense(that slowly improves) but make incredible strides with a new and greatly improved D-core. And on top of that you gain cap flexibility. You can sign someone and take advantage of the ELC's of the young stars to help make the team better short term. Like I said. Having 33M in 3 players will not succeed long term. It is a huge anchor. Cap isn't gonna go down soon. Winning the lotto could be a lifesaver and allow them to make this sort of move.
  3. As I mentioned my idea above wouldn't happen unless they won the lottery. All those things about Matthew are correct which is why he'd net an incredible return. I also said to trade Nylander as well. They're almost 19M together. 33M in 3 players isn't gonna help long term. Just trading Nylander will likely not be enough. If they don't win the lottery however there's not much to do.
  4. This year? I doubt he reaches the 3rd round. Maybe if he falls somewhere in the 2nd round JB trades up with our 3rd pick to get him.
  5. Actually I think they'd probably get a roster player(to even out cap) like Stepan(who'd be redundant with Matthews) and a good pick. Even with giving up a solid Dman in Chychrun, Matthews is no joke. Leafs would probably have to give up a guy like Dermott back since Yotes will need a D back, but like Stepan being redundant Chychrun would make Dermott redundant, especially with already having Sandin. Stepan would be an upcoming UFA that year which would clear 6.5M I believe. My idea would be Dermott and Matthews for Chychrun, Hayton, Stepan and a 2021 1st(Would require them NOT to re-sign Hall). You can then trade Nylander too, maybe package him with that pick to get a top 4 Veteran RD. Maybe go after Risto? Overall a top 4 consisting of Muzzin, Chychrun, Reilly and whoever you get from Nylander would be a huge improvement. They'd take a hit offensively but would have young talent in Laferriere and Hayton on the rise and cap flexibility. If the Leafs get lucky with the lotto they have a great opportunity to retool their roster.
  6. I have liked the Habs all the way back when Price started getting good(after the 2010 Olympics) and especially when they got Weber. Both are two of my favorite players. Before my Price profile pic it was mean mugged Weber. Also a Gallagher fan. If you've notice I like BC born/WHL talent.
  7. One advantage the Canucks have going in is that they've played a Blues-lite in Minny in a playoff series. The Blues will be playing in their first playoff-like experience while this will be our 2nd. If the Canucks come out strong out of the gate they can catch the Blues sleeping and steal a game or two before the Blues find their feet. A key factor will be Marky though, if he plays well we will be able to do that.
  8. I think if they win Laferriere they should trade Matthews as well if they can net a great return. Maybe the Yotes are willing to part with Chychrun, Hayton+ if Matthews was available.
  9. I would agree if my 2nd team wasn't the Habs. Kind of winning on two fronts right now.
  10. Unsure that we got 3. More likely we got 2. I expect one of OJ and Rath becoming a top 4 D is more likely than both of them panning out that way. Would be nice though and I am happy we have 2 solid D prospects. The more solid ones you have the more likely you'll get one that pan out. Other than them Rafferty is a enigma and Woo looks like a solid potential top 6 D(potential Dillon-level?). Brisebois is gonna have to really show what he's got next camp since next season is probably his last chance to here, same with Rafferty. Not as great as our pool at forward but not a bad cupboard of Dmen, especially when Tryamkin is looming around it. The draft should be interesting. Hopefully Jim and co can find someone in the 3-5 rounds.
  11. In the post game celebrations he looked pretty fine.
  12. If Toronto wins it they should trade Matthews and Nylander. That would net them a lot. Build around Laf/Marner/Tavares and whatever you get from Matthews(like a young top 4 D man) If EDM wins I would trade down or trade the pick entirely. They could use more help now.
  13. If the Leafs win Laferriere they should really consider moving Matthews and Nylander. Nylander can get something pretty decent and Matthews is gonna net a lot.
  14. Rather would of had the Jets in over the Flamers.
  15. What's even colder is that the Canucks rebuild won a post-season series before the leafs rebuild did and we did it on our first try.