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  1. I feel he could surpass Tanev but it would take time to adjust to the elite league that is the NHL.
  2. Yeah I feel you. It is a bit much to think about and in the end it is a meaningless argument. We likely won't see Juolevi for another year or two. Injuries he has had haven't helped him or us watching him. Everyone in the organization is confident in his abilities being able to translate. A lot of Utica fans feel he is one of their best playmakers back there. We kind of need him to pull through. Edler is not getting any younger. If he became a solid top 4 D for us it would be pretty huge even if Tkachuk is the better player. Hopefully Pod can bring some of those elements we're lacking and/or Jake can add a bit more bite to his game. For now lets hope Ferland can get healthy because we really miss his physicality.
  3. They are also having fun at it too. They get to entertain people. See how they look forward, get a lot of positive feedback and responses to their videos. Most of the time it's not all they do. Content creators have awesome jobs if they are successful.
  4. There's no "at least" in my mind both are pos media networks. They also took out of context a teenager wearing a MAGA that. Stating he approached and mocked a native american who actually was the one who approached them banging a drum. They had to pay out the kid a lot of money as a result of falsely labeling him. He also is suing NBC and Washington post. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cnn-settles-lawsuit-with-kentucky-teen-wearing-maga-hat-in-demonstration_n_5e15b538c5b66361cb5d3c90
  5. He's more of a goalie homer than anything. Doesn't matter if its Canucks, Flames Oilers he always has praise for the goalies.
  6. Have to admit having Hull and Gretzky on whats pretty entertaining. They should just do HoF players as Coaches all the time.
  7. Stecher is very very expendable. Top 6 D who isn't a PKer or a PPer. Brogan would likely play the 2nd unit PP freeing up more time for Myers/Edler.
  8. It is a combo of things but the side who thinks we could of had all three are having to deal with a lot more what ifs than the people who they're arguing with. It's easy to say in hindsight but when you're dealing with more scenarios having to play out for you to be right then the other why argue?
  9. You can't win them all. No team can draft perfect in hindsight. Bruins drafted Pasternak late in 2014 but could of had Barzal and Boeser in 2015. Probably would of won the cup last year if they did. That one is a lot worse than Juolevi because the Bruins already had Pasternak and only could've gotten off better. All that said you really can't complain with how things turned out, especially with Petey and Hughes and always coming up short in the lottery. Missing out on Tkachuk might of been the best thing to happen. I personally would love Tkachuk on this team but I would never have him over Petey and Hughes ever.
  10. Can you say you definitely would of had them all more than you can say you wouldn't though?
  11. There's is no big picture. It isn't the Olympics, World Championships, World Cup or World Juniors. This is a professional sports league and we aren't like the MLB or NBA where we have only one team. I'll cheer for the team I root for. You want Canadian pride? then take solace in the fact that most american teams have a large chunk of Canadians on them. You think Canadian teams would root for us if we made the finals? Did they back in 2011 against the Bruins?!?! Think about it.