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  1. Yeah at this point you just gotta keep throwing stuff against the wall until something sticks.
  2. I don't think it is the coach as much as it has been the personnel.
  3. Hopefully, Vanek starts lighting it up around TD.
  4. I am thinking if you are keeping the Sedins on the PP then they need to be with skill/speed. 2 slugs(I say that with due respect) are enough, 3s a company, sorry not sorry Vanek. We should call up Goldobin with Eriksson possibly out. Hell, I'd call him up if only to try him out on the PP alone. Granny can play with the Sedins, he's a smart player with a shot. Pouliot can be given the chance to QB a PP. Sedin-Sedin-Granny Goldobin-Pouliot Embracing my inner internet hockey coach. Maybe set up in an umbrella style with Pouliot up top with Goldy to his left and Granny on his right. Sedins can move the puck behind the net then once it gets towards the point they can get in front of the net. Keep it simple and get the puck on net(hopefully with the goalie screen) and capitalize on rebounds if there are any, nothing cute. Shots, shots, shots!!! That should be the 2nd unit. There's a lot of things you could do with the other one. Either way, there have to be changes. The lack of a PP defenseman and snipers is concerning. We gotta make due with what we got... for now...
  5. That's cold.
  6. He should be call up if Eriksson is out. He should be called up to try him out on the PP alone if any reason.
  7. How the hell would you fix it?
  8. Overall bad game. This team needs to be faster with the puck and to change the PP. Sedins should be 2nd unit at most and used mainly 5v5 since they seem to be more productive there. Eriksson may be out so Jake should get back in. Lines need to be juggled.
  9. Oh my goodness
  10. Lines I want to see Granlund-Bo-Brock Sedin-Sedin-Vanek Baer-Sutter-Dorsett Eriksson-Gagner-Virtanen IMO Baer has deserved a demotion and Granny a promotion. I am very interested to see how he'd do with Bo. Bottom 6 is interchangeable. Wouldn't mind seeing Virtanen with the Sedins either but their line with Vanek has been good 5v5.
  11. Bode Wilde too
  12. RD. There are a few that could be there.
  13. Too early to make those estimates. If Juolevi proves he can be a rock solid and dependable top 4 guy in his early 20's once he starts playing in the NHL then I would reconsider. We can't tell that right now though. We won't find out if he does that for a while. Still, something hard to get outside drafting high in the 1st round. I don't see us paying for one like Cowtown. I view Juolevi as a cross between Edler and Tanev. He's very smooth yet skilled. Not super dynamic but he is super smart. He may not turn into our number 1 guy, especially if we get lucky in this upcoming draft, but he can be a solid 2/3 IMO. D-cores aren't built around one guy you need multiple pieces and Juolevi can be a key piece to our blueline. Preaching patience though. Some players take more time, especially defenseman.
  14. Not denying Tkachuk's skillset but our organization needed a solid defenseman badly and still does. With the loss of Tryamkin, it emphasizes it more. We don't need a Tkachuk. It would be awesome to have one, don't get me wrong. You don't need a Tkachuk to win the cup, it would be very helpful though. You need strong defenseman to win the cup, ie Letang, Doughty, Keith, Seabrook, etc. You can't not have strong defenseman if you want success in this league, it is a necessity and up until the 2016 draft we were not addressing that problem. Not saying Tkachuk is a dime a dozen player, he isn't. Just stating why I stand by the Juoleivi pick. Perhaps maybe his brother Brady could end up being similar? Perhaps not but there stands the possibility of us drafting him and we could use more size with our skilled guys for sure.
  15. Price > Luo. IMO Price was ready to take the reigns. Not that it matters anymore anyway.