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  1. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    He is an anomaly on the Bruins.
  2. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Always respect Bergeron for dragging out a stretcher for an opposing injured player. Dude's a class act which is funny because one of his linemates is the complete opposite.
  3. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Those other two players are the players I have the most respect for out their respective teams. That said Sean had a career year and deserves it.
  4. Not to mention Granimal would be cheaper.
  5. Brian Boyle to Mikhail Sergachev "Im going to f*%^ng kill you"

    Serg was feeding him some shots while he was on the ground. Idk if it was said before or after that.
  6. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Sedins are still tough af. last 3 they tried to sell first two they got wrecked.
  7. (Proposal) Go big on UFA...or not at all!

    One could argue that a shot at the Stanley Cup on a contender definitely sounds more enticing.
  8. Happy Birthday, Markus Granlund!

    Still one of our best defensive players. Overall underrated and can be effective in multiple ways depending on how he is deployed.
  9. Kinder Pipeline Expansion halted / soon to be cancelled.

    Lose-lose situation for Trudeau. Pipeline dead = Loses a lot of support and Conservatives/Scheer slam him now and next election. Pipeline alive = Loses BC support and lefty media make it a gong show.
  10. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Nashville and VGK are playing pretty physical. TB is the most skilled team in the league. Considering we are in a division with SJS, ANA, CGY, LAK, VGK we need size. That's not to say we don't need skill as well. Speed is necessary at this point. You have to find a balance so that you're capable of matching up with any team well. If we don't get any sort of size then I fear we might get intimidated by a team... again. Pushback is necessary and I am not talking just about the scoring type.
  11. It's not bad and they have a good d prospect pool. Orlov, Niskanen are both legit top 4 D and Carlson is a capable #1 guy They should try to find a way to retain Carlson. Probably dump Orpik somewhere. Sign someone cheap like Hammer for a season or two and give young guns like Johansen and Bowey opportunity
  12. There really is no point too right now. They still have a great team. They got to figure out what they need to get over the hump. Kovalchuk?
  13. Man, I just want the Caps to win. Their fans deserve so much more.
  14. Carlson hits the goal post last minute!!! Oh my.