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  1. Damn the way he talks and acts is very Hank-like
  2. Nothing is a guarantee but he has good genes and skillset. He should up his confidence a ton and overall game in junior.
  3. He will have time to work on his offensive skill and round out his game. He is playing with good teammates which sets him on the path to becoming a complementary forward we need. The type of gritty forward that can play with skill and create space for them. But yeah physically he looks ready for pro.
  4. I see the sarcasm flew past me.
  5. No need to rush in a teen PWF. Been there done that.
  6. It looks like he suffers the same problem as Ekblad. Man-Childism
  7. I was high on Vilardi but I don't mind Pettersson. Dude has some serious skill and smarts.
  8. Halp


    Red Wine under 50$. Give small description on wine flavour.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ghostsof1915


      Masi, from Italy. 


      Red or White. Awesome. 

    3. Junkyard Dog

      Junkyard Dog

      No @brilac


      I am pretty much 2 Tyrion Lannisters in one tallish dude.

    4. Crabcakes


      You can do very well up to $50 per bottle.  Of course, the art of it is getting bang for your buck.


      Wine is very personal, it depends on your taste.  New World v Old World, drier, fruitier, full bodied etc.  I could recommend a bunch of old world wine, mostly French but if you're into Australian or Californian or Chilean, you might not like it.

  9. Franson cheap top 6 option. We'd have a righty on the left side though so idk.
  10. Sbisa and Tryamkin gone in an offseason. Have to wonder what's going through the mindset of Juolevi at this point.
  11. Surprisingly decent match $&!# ending.
  12. Kesler or Schnieder
  13. Vilardi is a natural C. Only played wing last year other than that C growing up and when he started in WHL. Spitfires just had too much depth down middle.