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  1. Tuch has been an animal this period.
  2. Something will light a fire within them in game 4. That is my prediction.
  3. As I said Penguins will lead the series 3-0 before a Capitals comeback.
  4. For the first few games the Penguins will dominate the Capitals then something big that happens in the series will spark the Capitals. Capitals come back down 3-0 to beat the Penguins in 7. Book it.
  5. Finland Ends Universal Basic Income

    Try getting an education, finding a good job and bettering yourself instead of relying on the government handouts. The type of people that are lazy and rely on handouts are not a benefit to society they just benefit from a social society. People who don't put in the work, or enough for that matter, should not be rewarded with free money. The people that put in the work should be paid accordingly and the people who don't likewise. I am anti-UBI and UI. UBI would likely cost a government hundreds of billions of dollars a year for a population the size of Canada. That's unsustainable. The only way I see it ever working is on a small scale.
  6. Finland Ends Universal Basic Income

    Just because you breathe air doesn't mean your entitled to $&!#. You've got to earn everything you get. How else are you suppose to be a productive member of society if you don't put the work into it?
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yeah I am not expecting him to be a top player right away. Gonna take a bit for him to grow into the NHL and for us to develop and acquire a solid supporting cast. Dahlin would definitely help in that regard.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    When I asked my buddy from Sweden who he plays like he said that he plays like both Sedins but faster
  9. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    He is an anomaly on the Bruins.
  10. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Always respect Bergeron for dragging out a stretcher for an opposing injured player. Dude's a class act which is funny because one of his linemates is the complete opposite.
  11. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Those other two players are the players I have the most respect for out their respective teams. That said Sean had a career year and deserves it.
  12. Not to mention Granimal would be cheaper.
  13. Brian Boyle to Mikhail Sergachev "Im going to f*%^ng kill you"

    Serg was feeding him some shots while he was on the ground. Idk if it was said before or after that.
  14. Playoff Hockey : Still a street fight. CANUCKS ARE YOU WATCHING ?

    Sedins are still tough af. last 3 they tried to sell first two they got wrecked.