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  1. With Ferland having left the bubble and having no plans to return, does this mean a guy like Kole Lind (who was the last forward cut, if I'm not mistaken) get called into the bubble?!?

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      This is a question I've mulled. & IF this continues, can any CDC'ers suit up?!

    2. DarkIndianRises


      I think so, but MacEwen is still ahead of Lind on the depth chart.  I know that this isn’t what you were implying but I thought I’d mention it anyways.

    3. -AJ-


      Indeed, MacEwen would still draw in first.

  2. My gut says that those were Micheal Ferland's last NHL games. I just don't see how he returns ever again. He seems destined for LTIR. Really sad ending but he's young, has a young family, and has a lot of life to lead past hockey. Seems like a guy who could find his way into coaching in the next few years if he plays it smart. I think for his safety, you can't let him back on the ice. And that sucks to say. But he's got to think about his quality of life outside the game. I've said the same thing about Baertschi. After his contract ends, Baer probably retires. Both of them have too many concussions. Hope he's alright in the long term.
  3. I feel like Canuck luck dictates one of the two things happening:


    We win the Stanley Cup in a "non legit way" (aka this bubble hockey thing) or we win the first overall pick, again, in a very controversial way (second lottery).


    Will either these things happen? Probably not but would be funny if either of these outcomes DID happen this year.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      No, Canucks luck is we just wouldn't win the lottery.

      The Canucks didn't even win the 1st overall pick when they had a 50% chance.

  4. Was personally hoping they'd be the Seattle Washington Washington Capitals...
  5. We shouldn't do this because drafting has been a strength for the Canucks (although I have my worries now that Judd Brackett is no longer in the organization, especially in the later rounds). But it'll cost us in the future. The Maple Leafs are going to regret that decision in a few years when they struggle to fit guys into the lineup who are cost controlled on their bloated roster. It'll also be hilarious when Matthews bolts from Toronto to go play for Arizona or some other American team and they don't win a cup during his time there.
  6. Makes sense. He's been one of the best offensive players in the AHL for the last few years. Loss to Utica but win for Boucher. He is an RFA still and I wonder if the Canucks qualify him? If he has a good run in Russia, he could return or -- more likely -- trade his rights for a pick or something.... but that sounds like asset management which this management group doesn't quite "buy into" LOL.
  7. No surprise here. After Bill Peters got hired in the KHL, I figured this was a matter of time. And CSKA Moscow is a top team in the KHL, so it's not like he got signed by a bottom dweller either. And of course, his first reaction was can I go to the KHL after everything went down. But the good thing is that he's likely to play in Russia for the rest of his career, so, oh well.
  8. So, after reading the articles, I don't see how race played into anything here?!? He was 32 years old, had signed a 1 year deal with Vancouver after a down year, had a career year and wanted more (likely term and a raise), and was surprised when the Canucks prioritized signing the Sedins over him (ignoring the fact that the Sedins were the 2nd and 3rd overall picks in the 1999 draft and were entering their primes). Salary cap had just become part of the NHL and I think teams were trying to navigate that. He seemed to be caught in a mix of having a great season in an odd year and his age definitely spooked teams (including the Canucks). He didn't even sign a contract until September 12th of that year... and I assume he only did when he rejected other deals in July. Reading it all, race definitely didn't seem to factor at all... it was just timing. In hindsight, what he should have done, was waited till the Sedins signed, inked his deal, and likely taken the 2 year deal that was probably on the table because he was out of the league not that long after. He definitely had a big season in Vancouver and I do wish he had stuck around because I think he was probably the second best line mate the Sedins after Burrows.... But also, if Carter had re-signed... do we get the rise of Burrows?!? Was that inevitable?!? Or would we have missed the creation of a franchise legend?!? Hard to say. But this definitely feels like these articles were written by writers looking to stretch out a slow news day.
  9. I feel like we will only be able to re-sign him if a couple of things happen. We can move out one of Brandon Sutter or Jay Beagle's contracts, get a Covid 19 compliance buyout and use it on Loui Eriksson (if there's 2, use the other on Sven Baertschi), and move out one of Sven Baertschi or Jordie Benn's contracts. Just a lot of dead weight on the bottom end of the roster, contract wise. And this isn't including what to do with Michael Ferland and his deal (though, LTIR could be a realistic landing spot for him). Canucks need to start using bottom 6 spots on guys like Zach MacEwen, Lukas Jasek, Kole Lind, Justin Bailey, etc because they're on cheap contracts, have proven themselves in the AHL, and would bring more of that youthful spark that is needed going forward.
  10. I appreciate that Judd's private account is "@Judd4theDefense" -- if only we picked a few more defensive prospects under him HA.
  11. This sucks. Really bad move for the Canucks. And this turned into yet another PR blunder for Benning and co. They're really going to have to hit it out of the park in terms of drafting in the next two years to really remind people of who we lost. That said, Canucks are moving out a rebuild and Brackett moving to a team with lots of draft picks does make sense. I can see him landing somewhere on the East Coast (he's based in the Boston area, if I'm not mistaken) with a team that's stock piling picks... Or, and I've been wondering about this, will Brackett try for a GM job or Assistant GM job? Could be time for him to seek a promotion elsewhere. But based on our luck, I bet he becomes director of amateur scouting for the Seattle expansion team hahaha.
  12. Quantum

    Judd Brackett

    Yeah, that's totally true. You're right on it. The Top 5 were Yakupov, Murray, Galchenyuk, Reinhart, and Morgan Reilly. In a re-draft, only Morgan Reilly stays in the Top 5 and would probably be the #1 pick. (Though an argument can be made that Vasilevskiy or Filip Forsberg could go #1 too). 2 of the 5 are already out of the league with Galchenyuk on his way out too. Murray is a good defenseman that's just been plagued with injury problems since his draft year... if he retires from the NHL, it won't be because he's a bad defenseman, it's that the injuries took too much of a toll on his body. Jankowski would still be a first round pick in a 2012 redraft. He's definitely not the "best player of the draft" and that label was unfairly thrown onto him but he wasn't this spectacular bust others had predicted he would be. He's a good #3 C that'll probably carve out a 10 year career in the NHL albeit doing it quietly. It really goes to show that not every draft class is going to be spectacular. And looking back at it, 2012 is probably going down as the weakest draft class of the 2010's for the NHL.
  13. For starters, I don't believe you understand what Fascism is? What this concept is isn't fascist. Also, you're being racist canuckster19, not cool. Chandra Arya is Canadian and a working politician in Canada. End of story. What have you done for this country? This concept isn't that original. America does this with Americans living abroad, as do other countries. Usually the taxes come from if you make a certain amount of money, so you have to hit a threshold to be taxed. Personally, I think it's too murky and too hard to manage. It'll be especially hard to tax "Canadians" who have no intention of returning to Canada, for instance. And I'm not sure the cost of getting those 300,000 Canadians to pay some sort of tax will be worth the tax money they raise. It's an interesting idea but super flawed in its concept. I feel like he's just saying it to stir some talking points, it's not like Chandra Arya is an MP of importance within the Liberal Party.
  14. I'm in the group that says yes, I'd want him gone if it were he who said these things. Everybody should be held to the same standards -- regardless of whether or not he's a star player or fringe player like Brendan Lepisic. These are people who willingly chose to be in a profession that's in the public eye. They are being held to a different standard. Pettersson is obviously way more mature than Leipisic is... and he's 5 years younger than Leipsic. What Leipsic said not only about those women, but his teammates, current and former, is what led him to being fired. Can't have that kind of toxicity in the locker room. Sends a bad message to not only his teammates but to the fans of the team. So many of these arguments are about privacy and "boys will be boys" and "we all have stuff we regret in our DM's", but I'm not seeing any of these people say "hey, how do those women feel after seeing there names get degraded like this?" "What kind of message does letting Leipsic off the hook send to female NHL fans -- young and old?" "Do his (now ex) teammates still want to work with him?" Comments like those that Leipsic said have consequences. And he's not sorry about what he said, he's sorry that they got out. But to answer the question you posed, I'd hold EVERY NHL player to this standard. Star or not. I also believe most NHLers aren't like this, especially the stars who know how much is at stake. I honestly hope Leipsic is an outlier.