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  1. I've really liked Johnny Walker for the last two years. He, however, is an Arizona kid who is one of the star players of the Arizona State team and I feel like he's gonna end up on the Coyotes because it's too good of a story for them and him to pass up on. (Arizona kid who played for Arizona State plays for the Arizona Coyotes... that's just a feel good story). I could see the Canucks signing 1 NCAA player and than signing there other NCAA players (like Lockwood) in July. Will really depend on if Rathbone/Madden want to make the jump this year. I assume Madden will but it'll be interesting with Rathbone because he's at Harvard. He may want to play 1 extra year at Harvard before going pro because of academic reasons. In an interview with the Athletic, Benning did say he has 5 internal prospects he wants signed and playing in Utica next year... curious who they are!
  2. KHL season does conflict. KHL contracted players can't participate in NHL sanctioned events. It's one of the reasons why Podkolzin wasn't at the Canucks Development Camp this year too. Madden and Rathbone won't be there either unless they sign with the Canucks before (NCAA also conflicts). But depending on what happens with Podkolozin and if he can get out of his contract, there's always a chance he'll be there too... a lot can happen between now and September. But that said, I expect Hoglander, Woo, Utunen, Focht, and other CHL/AHL rookie prospects too be there. And we'll have a new batch of prospects from the 2020 draft to be excited by too.
  3. Mike Gillis famously traded Patrick White (2007 first round pick of the Canucks) and Daniel Rahimi (2006 second round pick of the Canucks) for Christian Ehrhoff who helped solidify the Canucks blueline in anticipation for the 2011 playoff run. Rahimi and White never played an NHL game. Whereas Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich (the other guy in the trade) both played NHL minutes with the Canucks (Lukowich played 13 games with Canucks and obviously Ehrhoff became Ehrohoff for us).
  4. This might be one of my favourite Canucks related tweets in some time. Laughed out loud hard at this one.



    1. Coconuts


      We're safe!

  5. Now I want to see Perreault fight Stecher. They're both the same size. He wasn't the smallest guy on the ice. Just salty.
  6. Actually, you’d try and swing a deal along the lines of Baertschi and Benn for Martinez. Maybe throw in a prospect (though it would likely need to be a forward from the Canucks end... maybe Will Lockwood or Jack Malone, someone unsigned... since the Canucks don’t have much in the way of D prospects to part with). This way you end up matching salaries (roughly) and trading parts for parts.
  7. Had a thought -- should Gino Odjick be added to the Ring of Honour? He's such a celebrated figure in Canucks lore and it seems kind of odd that he's not there. I know he didn't set any records but you can't deny that he was a fan favorite during his time with the Canucks. If given the choice, would you put Gino in the RoH? Why or why not?!?

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    2. 6string


      If not ROH a team award named after him?


      I love the idea of honouring him - for sure!

    3. Chickenspear


      @6string Perseverance award would be fitting, similar to the Masterton imo 

    4. 112


      i mean he was kinda a goon..

  8. First goalie goal of the decade occurs 9 days into the year -- neigh -- the decade?!?!? NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Madden is one of the best players in the NCAA right now. And that's after he had a great freshmen season. I'm not sure he immediately jumps into NHL action next season as a regular but I don't think it's crazy to think he'll sign with the Canucks this March. He will most likely get his run of games to burn a year off his ELC if he does turn pro at the end of this season. Financially, it makes a lot of sense to do it. And he'd be the 1C option in Utica in 2020-2021, most likely. I don't expect Brandon Sutter to be with the team next season too (I expect he gets dealt this summer to help with the Canucks cap situation since he'll be an expiring deal in 2020-2021).
  10. Nice. Our management team includes the former GM of the Orlando Magic (Weisbrod) and now a former CIS football star (Gear) managing hockey decisions. He appears to have been in the front office for awhile now so it probably doesn't change much. Can't wait to read all the gear puns.
  11. The deal that would make the most sense for the Canucks/Habs would probably be: Sven Baertschi Zane MacIntyre for Keith Kinkaid Hayden Verbeek Late Round Pick -- Keep Keith in the minors (essentially taking the place of MacIntyre), his salary sort of evens out with Sven's and Kinkaid's contract expires in June. Kinkaid basically takes on MacIntyre's role on the team and he gets to "mentor" DiPetro for half the year. Verbeek is a throw in as a depth prospect to even out the contracts and to help relieve the pressure that is on the Utica Comets right now in the fact that all of their C's are basically injured or called up. Verbeek has 2 years on his deal so it gives the Canucks time to determine if he could be part of their future or not. Verbeek has bounced around the AHL and ECHL this year, so I don't see the Habs being that worried about losing him. Pick to balance out the fact that the Canucks are helping the Habs out with their scoring/winger woes at the NHL level. That's just an idea. Doubt Baertschi goes to the Habs but I wouldn't be shocked if a deal for him was centered around those players if a move were to be made.
  12. The Calgary Flames just cleared 4.3 mill in cap space on an expiring deal. Watch them make a bigger move in the weeks leading up to the deadline.
  13. No, doesn't make sense. He'll be on an ELC when our young players like Pettersson get their giant contracts -- Podkolzin and Hoglander are gonna be important parts in the future... we can just sign Toffoli in the offseason if we really want him.