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  1. WOAH. Surprising. But both players needed a change of scenery.
  2. Canucks to host 2018 Summer Development Camp

    Well, the highlights of this camp will be the new prospects who we draft next week. Whoever is the 7th overall pick we take (unless it's moved) should be the star of the show. I'm sure Elias Petersson may show up but with his thumb injury, management may want to let Petersson focus on training above everything else. Petersson will be here for training camp, which is what matters. Also, those complaining about Demko not being on the list, I'm pretty sure he's not eligble for prospects camp anymore. I think players with more than 2 years or 3 years AHL experience aren't allowed to be there but I could be TOTALLY WRONG. I'm sure it's optional for the AHL guys to go and most want to train. Wouldn't be surprised if a guy like Chatfield, Briesbois, or Jasek is a last minute addition. I'm not surprised Lockwood isn't coming this year. He has to pay his way to Vancouver because of NCAA rules and he's injured. Doesn't seem worth it. I bet Lockwood signs in March anyways. The guys I'm interested in from the invitee list are Tanner MacMaster and Colton Poolman. Poolman is a former teammate of Brock's and a defenseman. He most likely won't be swayed to sign a contract with the Canucks this summer but could be a guy we have to keep an eye on in March of next year. I also really like Tanner MacMaster. If it weren't for Jasek's incredible Utica debut, all eyes would be on MacMaster. MacMaster was almost as good as Jasek when he joined the Utica lineup. He's got an AHL deal next year but I wouldn't be shocked if a strong showing at this summer's prospect camp convinces the Canucks to offer MacMaster an entry level deal (similar to what the Canucks did for Carcone a few years ago and Ronalds Kenins a few years before that). I feel like MacMaster could be a really good depth piece moving forward and I'd hate to see MacMaster go the way of Curtis Valk/Yanni Gourde/Anotine Roussel as a guy on the Canucks radar who they let slip to another organization who actually sees value in them (and in Gourde/Roussel's cases become actual NHLers who contribute). We'll likely get more invitees announced after the draft. Still, this is one of my favorite parts of the summer. Can't wait for it.
  3. He likely won't waive his NTC to come to us but I'd love to have him. He'd be a fine 1C until either Horvat or Petersson is ready for the job. A Johnson - Horvat - Gaudette - Sutter down the middle is actually really good. Better Johnson than those dumb Bozak rumors. Tampa Bay likely needs to shed salary and Johnson seems like the casualty to this. I believe this rumor has some legs despite it coming from Eklund. I assume Yzerman will want picks + prospects for Johnson, though. And the Canucks should not be giving up either of those things.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    This takes the pressure off of Juolevi to have to crack the Canucks roster. Thank god. Starting in Utica will not be bad for Juolevi. Happy he's getting surgery. I wonder if this was an injury that was nagging him last season? Could explain why he hasn't been able to take his game to the next level?
  5. I really like his stuff. I'm subscribed to him on Youtube. Love how much his channel has been growing! Really inciteful and well researched. Love the fan's perspective he provides. I think he might be a CDC member? If he reads this, you're doing a great job Shannon! Love your stuff and keep at it!
  6. Maple Leafs are at 50 contract spots + they just signed a bunch of euro UFAs, so they're tight on roster spots. My guess is that they just didn't have room for Vesey. Vesey can still opt to sign elsewhere but his path to the NHL is easier with the Oilers over the Leafs. Still, good move for both teams. Oilers get a prospect and the Leafs get something for Vesey instead of nothing.
  7. Vegas are stealth going to sign Tavares. It just makes a ton of sense.
  8. The worst signing in Canucks history? Good grief. That's overblown. He was coming off a 40 goal season the summer he signed with us, so of course he was going to get big money. Was it the right call for the Canucks to sign him? Certainly not but every team has 1 of these types of contracts. Good thing is, Canucks have the cap space for him, so it's not a big issue. Eriksson definitely thrives on the east coast, so he should be moved there for maximum value. But I wouldn't deal him for Lucic for anything. You think Eriksson is bad, Lucic is worse... just watch some Oilers games from this year. Guy was dreadful. At least Eriksson was... injured.
  9. But that's not a good thing. Lucic's contract is longer and he's aged worse than Eriksson despite being younger. I'd rather keep Eriksson. At least Eriksson can still defend. I don't think Lucic can do even that anymore.
  10. The new Raymond + Ballard -- LOL
  11. He went undrafted last year. I suspect he'll go undrafted this year too. Not worth the bad press and stigma. If I were a player in the organization that drafts him (and potentially signs him), I'd demand a trade, that's for sure... no matter what level I was at with the club.
  12. (#17) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    For the giggles mostly, and also because it would be a cool story, I hope the Devils select Ryan McLeod. They drafted Ryan's brother Michael in 2016. It would be a cool reunion of sorts if they selected Ryan. But they'll probably draft MacIssac, they could use another top defensive prospect.
  13. Kristoffer Gunnarsson | D

    Gunnarsson makes for good defense depth. He'll sign with the Canucks next year and it'll be good. I legitimately think that there's a good chance every player in this draft class signs with the Canucks unless Jack Rathbone pulls a Vesey/Schultz (but I doubt it he does that, seems like a high character kid). Gunnarson most likely never lights the world on fire but I'm sure Benning and co hope Gunnarsson can become a Brooks Orpik-type. Has not offensive upside but can play solid minutes and be reliable defensively. For a kid as young as him to have no points and be in the SHL for two years does speak volumes for his defensive game, SHL is a tough league, so there's something there. I won't be counting Gunnarsson out.
  14. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    Look up Rick Dudley and Don Waddell's trading history when they were in charge of the Atlanta Thrashers. They literally traded Ilya Kovalchuk for a bag of pucks. Anything goes with those two. That's why I threw out Baertschi's name. Rick & Don are literally the worst management tandem in the salary cap era and now they're in charge of Carolina.