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  1. To Vancouver: Nail Yakupov To: Edmonton Luca Sbisa (retain 25% of Salary) 2017 3rd (can't remember if we have one or not) There were rumours before the draft that Edmonton was asking for a 3rd, if this was true I think some team would have made that trade. Adding Sbisa sweetens the deal because the Oilers still need more defense despite getting Adam Larsson. I think Yakupov is a better alternative than Evander Kane. He might still be maturing as a person and player but at least he isn't consistently in trouble with the law. Having a fresh start may also help raise his offensive numbers, and at worst we have a 3rd liner scoring 30 points a season. He is also someone who could help the second unit on the power play. Your opinions?
  2. I would be happy if Okposo was the big signing Benning was talking about. He's the at the perfect stage of his career to join the Canucks. I'd be even happier if he signed Okposo and Eriksson. I'd love to see and all Swedish line with the Sedins. Plus we know they have chemistry from the WC a few years back when Swedes won gold.
  3. I would definitely be happy with either of these players, though I am leaning toward Tkachuk. People are worried that he benefits too much from playing with Marner and Dvorak but if you watch his highlights he makes great one on one plays where his linemates aren't even a factor, plus he sets up Marner and Dvorak just as much as they set him up. And its not like he will be playing with weak talent at the NHL level. I think if you put Tkachuk in Dubois place, he would do just as good. Also I think Tkachuk has better play-making ability. But what do I know. I'll admit my draft prospect knowledge is limited. And again I'd be happy if the Canucks drafted either one. Probably wouldn't complain in they drafted Chychrun either.
  4. Just a thought: Trade Vrbata, Gaunce, and a 3rd round pick to the Ducks for Sami Vatanen? He's a restricted free agent, so with Vrbata and potentially Hamhuis gone there should be plenty of cap space to resign him. I know he's a little on the small side, 5'10? But he would provide much needed blueline offense. Vatanen would be a good player for winning now as well as in the future. We can always draft or sign bigger d-men in the future, plus we have Pedan looking like he's almost NHL ready, and the Canucks have high hopes for Trymakin. Your thoughts?
  5. I think the orca is a great symbol for our hockey club. We live on the west coast, orcas are a big part of our culture and the province makes huge money on whale watching. Walk around any BC city you will some form of art work that involves orcas. Plus the logo has outgrown it's old meaning and for younger fans developed a whole new one. I can say the same thing about the jersey colors, white for snow, blue for the ocean or rain and green for our forests all things that define a big part of BC.