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  1. What ufa's should we go after?

    I'd like De Haan and Vanek. Vanek - 2 year deal, NTC. This year proved he's not worth trading so why not hand him a NTC and hopefully sign for a reasonable amount of dollars. He's already said he's tired of being traded from team to team. Good chemistry with Boeser, natural scorer. De Haan - 2 year deal. Kind of a poor mans left handed version of Tanev. Upgrade over Hutton and Beiga. Probably has trade value at the deadline. 27 years old, a veteran but not old. Really gives us depth which was a problem last season. Edler- Tanev DeHaan - Stecher Del Zotto- Gudbranson Extras Pouliot Beiga Hutton I don't believe Juolevi or Hughes will be ready for next season. Juolevi should spend time in Utica and Hughes could benefit from another year at college.
  2. Good grief. Hughes has as much a chance of being an impact NHLer as anyone else drafted today. Just because he may not be ready next year doesn't mean he's a bad pick. This kid is going to be part of our core for a long time.......and maybe next year we get to add his brother to the lineup.
  3. Part 1 To Van Erik Karlsson 2019 4th rnd pick To Ott Juolevi Brisebois Tanev 2019 4th rnd pick - becomes a 1st rnd pick if Karlsson resigns with the Canucks. After seeing what Colorado got for Duchene I think this is fair for both sides.
  4. I feel......I feel at least one of those guys should be on our team. I give Arizona the edge, Galchenyuk is more consistent. Would have liked to see him in Canuck colours.
  5. Would rather see Vanek come back. Known chemistry with Boeser.
  6. 2017.18 Canucks Team Awards (Poll)

    MVP: Horvat - pretty much does everything for this team. I put him ahead of Boeser because Horvat kills penalties and is a more complete player. Most Exciting: Boeser - best part of watching the Canucks this season. Best Defensemen: Edler- leading the "D" in points, actually had a solid year for us. Unsung Hero: Dorsett - got the team off to a hot start, protected his teammates. Wish he could still play. Brought something the Canucks really need. Not an actual award, but it should be: Most Improved - Derrick Pouliot - I hope he's brought back next year. Could be a really solid bottom pairing guy. Virtanen is a close second.
  7. (Proposal) VAN - WIN

    Logan Stanley is a defenseman
  8. (Proposal) Vancouver / Arizona

    I wasn't aware Tanev had any sort of NTC. I don't think it matters where Tanev wants to go. I'd do this deal. Good for both sides.
  9. To Vancouver Logan Stanley - solid defensive prospect. 6'7, 228lbs, 19yrs old. Andrew Copp - Bottom six center, replaces some of what Sutter does.Still only 23 and has good size. 17 points in 58 games this season. Winnipeg's 3rd round pick. - who doesn't want more draft picks? To Winterpeg Sutter - Adds center depth and really helps their mediocre penalty kill, would be valuable to have for the playoffs. Replaceable for the Canucks through free-agency or prospects (Pettersson, Dahlen) coming through. Plus we have Gagner for two more years. Granlund - Defensively sound, chips in offence, good depth piece for them. The Canucks and Jets are in two different places right now. Vancouver is rebuilding, so adding a blue chip prospect, young center and pick make sense for them. In the long run Sutter won't be needed and our top centers will be Horvat and Pettersson with Gaudette, Dahlen and other prospects in the mix. The Jets are looking at being serious playoff contenders, the only thing they really needed are middle six forwards who can help the PK and provide depth. Sutter and Granlund fit the bill. Plus they have 28mil in cap space and can afford to have Sutter long term.
  10. (Proposal) Blockbuster MON-VAN

    I think we value Tanev a little bit too much. He seems to be injury prone and provides little offense, though he is a superb defensive player and makes a good first past. Galchenyuk still has tonnes of potential.
  11. To VAN Noah Juulsen Alex Galchenyuk To Montreal Chris Tanev Granlund Virtanen Goldobin Benefits for Vancouver Galchenyuk can play both center and the wing. Probably just needs a new coach/fresh start Blue chip defensive prospect coming back. Also a right hand shot. Benefits for Montreal Solid top four blueliner in Tanev. Weber -Tanev-Petry down their right side In Virtanen they potentially get the big powerforward they've been looking for. Granlund provides depth. Goldobin is a solid offensive prospect, could help out with their offense. Goldobin may be better suited to playing in the East.
  12. To VAN: 1st Round pick Zach Senyshyn To BOS Ben Hutton 4th & 7th round picks We get another 1st overall, plus a prospect, Boston gets a d-man and they are already rumored to want Hutton.
  13. [Discussion] Hindsight Team

    I would have drafted Ehlers instead of Virtanen and Pastrnak instead of McCann. Draft any one of Tkachuk, Sergachev or McAvoy instead of Juolevi (though its way too soon to call him a bust) Trade Kassian for a draft pick or someone other than Prust. I would not sign Eriksson, though if we had to take a bad deal I'd rather have David Backes and his deal. I wouldn't sign Nilsson and would have traded for or signed someone else. I wouldn't have traded Jordan Subban for Dowd. I'd use him in a package deal. I will say I really liked the Del Zotto signing and I don't mind the Gagner deal, but they make signing Eriksson look really, really stupid. Despite some serious misses I really like what Benning has done, he fleeced Calgary and for the most part his draft selections are solid. Brock Boeser at 23rd overall was a steal. The scouts deserve a big pat on the back for that one.
  14. To Vancouver: Daniel Sprong Tristan Jarry To Pittsburgh: Ben Hutton Anders Nilsson 5th Round Pick This gives us another young winger with lots of potential, and maybe a little upgrade in our goaltending. Pittsburgh get more depth on defense, with someone who has the potential to be a top four d-man. We give up the 5th round pick because I think Sprong is worth a little more than Ben Hutton right now. Edit: Changed the 5th rounf pick from a 4th, thanks for reminding me we already moved our 4th.
  15. (Discussion) Draft Pick and Rankings

    Not necessarily. I'm assuming we get a top 10 pick, maybe a top 5 depending on how the season ends. I'm also betting we don't get a first overall because the Canucks don't have that kind of luck. And Svechnikov is nowhere near my list, too much bad luck with Russians. I want to see how Goldobin turns out first. Plus, Patrick and Hischier should have been at the top of everyone's list last year, but it looks like the Canuck's would have taken Makar 1st overall anyway. This is supposed to be a fun exercise. Take a guess at where we finish the season, pretend the seasons ending now, maybe we trade Vanek or someone for an additional pick, who knows. Tell us your wish list, and lets just assume Dahlin and Svechnikov are at the top of your list.