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  1. Yeah it is getting ridiculous. It is just because some desperate teams are willing to lock up and grant players more than they are entitled to after their ELC's expire that other players agents try to obtain the same sort of deals. Oh well, Tanev will eventually settle for a bridge contract.. he doesn't have any other choice if he wants to play in the NHL, does he? Well aside from a team offer sheeting him... which I think Toronto would do.
  2. I think he is only going to get better.. he has developed rapidly from an average junior A player. I think he is only going to continue to progress and as he gains experience his offence will increase. Right now he focuses on defense like a d-man should but he has shown he can make some beauty passes and pinch in to the play. Look at his backdoor pass to Tanner Glass as a rookie call up in the SCF and his OT winner first NHL goal, pretty good signs that he has some offensive capabilities. He just plays super safe and for that reason he has a solid plus/minus everywhere he goes. As he gets older and fills out he will put up numbers, just watch.
  3. Overated/ Underated Game

    If you ever played the game or even knew anything about it then you would understand that what he does with the puck is incredible.
  4. Overated/ Underated Game

    Haha he is so underrated and he is probably the most widely respected player around the NHL by the players for his talent watch the first 40 seconds.
  5. Overated/ Underated Game

    Underrated: Jannik Hansen, Chris Tanev Overrated: Alex Edler, Kassian
  6. Anton Cederholm | D

    Totally disagree. NCAA Div 1 is faster and more skilled IMO. NCAA players tend to come from Jr A/USHL and are older not to mention usually smaller than Major Junior guys but faster and more skilled. The highest end major junior guys have more speed and skill but as a whole... NCAA = more skill/speed. The Dub is much tougher and the players are bigger. I agree with you that going to the Dub would have helped him in the sense he would have adjusted faster to the physicality of the NHL.
  7. Who would you like to see?

    Players I would want on the Canucks next year Free Agency: Doan Luongo Trade Options: Blackhawks: Bolland, Shaw, Montador, Pirri Panthers: Goc, Matthias, Versteeg, Theodore Leafs: Franson, Brown, Colborne Keep in mind I tried to be somewhat realistic, there are obviously some more high profile players on these teams I would want the Canucks to get. And I do not expect to get all those players for Luongo, those are just guys I would want to be involved in the trade.
  8. Why not sign Morrow and Doan? That's size! skill! and grit!

    Honestly, anything is possible with the Canucks in terms of signing and trading for good players (that are available). The Canucks have a reputation of treating their players well, are a very strong team, and are located in a very nice city. Any player that wants to win a cup in the next couple years will consider the Vancouver Canucks. What might hold players back is that they might get reduced ice time on such a strong squad which can lead to their next contract being lower than if they light it up on a mediocre NHL team.
  9. Why not sign Morrow and Doan? That's size! skill! and grit!

    That would be so ideal if the Canucks could land both of them. I think at that point they would consider moving Booth and Raymond. I think Morrow-Kesler-Doan would be one of the hardest lines to play against in the NHL. I could see them all reaching at least 50 points. That is a line that will show up in playoffs.