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  1. What the ____ !?

    What is happening!? AV for Tortorella, and now Schneider for a draft pick. A draft pick! I know that Horvat can and most likely will bring good to the team. But seriously, it was Schneider and we should have gotten more than a 9th overall pick. Because we need someone now, not in three-five years, now! I don't have anything against Tortorella, but I don't think he would fit in very well with the Canucks. He is an older fashioned coach that the elite players of our team wouldn't agree with. The Sedins, Kesler, Burrows... etc. who have all developed their own ways/styles will have a hard time agreeing with Tortorella's standards. But what is left to deal with. Suddenly Edler becomes the Canucks most attractive player ready for a trade. What is everyone's hopes now regarding what we can get in trades?
  2. So Nash, Weber and even Versteeg have been signed, or are nearly there. So what do the Canucks have left? Since this Doan situation started, I had thought it could be possible to get him through free agents. And get Lupul in a trade for Luongo. Or Versteeg in a trade for Luongo. How ever, Versteeg got signed by Florida. Another thing I would like to see would be either Toews or Sharp coming to Vancouver for Luongo. But who else is out there? Who would you like to see?
  3. Who would you like to see?

    Who would you like to see come to the Canucks in signing, or in exchange for Luongo? And what do you think will most likely happen? I for one, would like to see Lupul on the team, but I think most likely Doan or Versteeg will come to it. Hoping more maybe signing Doan, and trading Luongo for Lupul or Versteeg! What do you think?
  4. Line up ideas.

    First Line: Daniel Henrik Burrows Second Line: Booth Kesler Doan (Or Lupul, or Versteeg) Third Line: Higgins Lapierre Hansen Forth Line: Ryamond Malhotra Kassian (Or Ebbet) Pair 1: Edler Garrison Pair 2: Bieksa Hamhuis Pair 3: Ballard Joslin (Or Mullen) Starter: Cory Schneider Back up: Eddie Lack In the very small chance of signing a big name like Nash, he would then replace Burrows, and Burrows would take the Doan/Lupul/Versteeg spot. Considering there would be no need or either three with the signing of Nash. Also, if they could sign two of either Doan, Lupul or Versteeg. Then one would remain in the chosen spot, while the other would replace a player on the third line moving that third line player into the forth line, having no need for Kassian or Ebbet.
  5. Why not Lupul or Versteeg?
  6. So another day and we still have Luongo and no new big name to the team? I for one would like to see Lupul on the team in exchange for Luongo. If not Lupul, then Versteeg. But would it be possible to sign one of them and Doan? Considering Doan wants to leave, and Luongo wants to go to Florida, also Toronto wants him. Seems like MG could pull it off. But there are also bigger names. Sure the Canucks aren`t on the list off teams they figure Nash would to go to. But when are those right? It would be great to see him and the Sedins play together.
  7. What about Lupul?

    True, but we could try to get both. Doan is planning to move is he not? We could trade Luongo for Lupul, and get Doan through FA. Or Luongo for Versteeg from Florida.
  8. What about Lupul?

    So Toronto was going for Luongo right? And I was thinking, why don't they try to trade him for Lupul? Lupul is a good forward that we could use in the top 6.
  9. Does anyone else think that since Toronto was going for Luongo, we could have tried to get a forward like Lopul for him?

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      Yeah a 7th rounder should do the job

  10. Does anyone else think that since Toronto was going for Luongo, we could have tried to get a forward like Lopul for him?

  11. Does anyone else think that since Toronto was going for Luongo, we could have tried to get a forward like Lopul for him?