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  1. Perry doesnt work for me. His skating was always in question and still isnt that great. He has done just fine without having speed though. Jake on the other hand is ALL about speed. His outside rushes are his best tool to produce. I see a bit of Iginla in him, but I think his skating is even better than Iginlas was when he broke in. I mean Jake has world class speed. On the TSN podcast Craig Button said that he might be the best skater of not only this draft but the last 3. I might argue him on that after seeing MacKinnon play this year, but still a very high praise from an ex-scout. Then after that he ranked him 41 on his prospect ranking
  2. You must have missed the original argument. It was about potential. Not being a 30 goal scorer. That was just an example I used because its so rare that a 20 year old accomplishes it. When trying to judge potential you have to look at the body of work, up to that point. So that was the example that jumped out to me. I have herd many experts predict Kane to be a special talent and peg him as a possible perennial 40 scorer. At his age group I urge anyone to find a player with more upside based on his skill set. So when I read people saying that Virtanen has MORE potential than Kane I have to assume that they don't know what they are talking about. In hindsight I probably should have left it alone because to me its not even an argument.
  3. What has he done lately? That over quoted sentence should never be used for someone who is only 22! You do know that when someone goes from 20 to 22 that it doesn't take 4 years right? And to throw Booth into the mix? NO player should ever be compared to Booth. Did you ever catch any of his interviews? Even Torts called him out for being weird. That being said; I do see a lot of similarities in their on-ice game. However, I always thought Booth could have consistently put up those numbers if he had his head right. I don't see the mental warnings yet for Virtanen. I see a kid who is absolutely obsessed with the game of hockey, and has been his whole life.
  4. Big Dreamer!!!! I like Virtanen, but a higher ceiling than a 4th overall pick that put up 30 goals in the NHL as a 20 year old. Thats some positivity! I want what you're smoking! On a side note: Where are all these Pyatt comparisons coming from? That's a terrible comparison. The only similarity between the two is their draft number and their CHL point totals (sort of). That's where the similarities end. Different approach to the game completely; different skill sets completely. Plus Virtanen will never be 6'5
  5. Yeah I really like Merkley as well. His size will likely keep him out of the top ten in a draft as deep as next years though
  6. Did anybody else notice Kyle Connor at the U18's? He stood out to me even more than Eichel did. I was surprised to find out he was a 97 kid. Watch for him to climb up into that top 10 next year. Write it down.
  7. I would look at any of the USHL kids. They have been underrated for not playing in the CHL. Scouts have a hard time assessing how good they actually are when the competition is unfamiliar. Dougherty and Glover look like solid 2 way defenders. I also like Lemieux and if he falls (doubtful) Travis Sanhiem.
  8. Didnt know Brian Burke came on these message boards
  9. Where did you hear that Tallon wants Kappanen? Thats interesting if true. I've been hearing that he covets Ehlers. Tallon drafted Patrick Kane and he see's a lot of similarities between the 2. He knows he can get Ehlers at 6, but at 10 he might be gone. However, if its Kappanen he wants then a 10th pick would work. Just not sure if trading Kesler to a division rival will work for Benning
  10. 95 points as a 17 year old is pretty impressive. 39 of which are goals. I watched him on friday night hockey a couple times this year. Him and Cole Cassels stood out every shift. I'd be curious to see if that chemistry can translate at the next level. So no "bust" warnings for me yet. IMO the Canucks should jump at the opportunity if hes around at #6
  11. Would everybody actually be ok with the Canucks choosing Reinhart over Ekblad if they did end up choosing first? Also, on a side note. Its been rumored that Calgary wants Ritchie or Virtanen. Could you see a deal happening between the Canucks and Calgary? It would Guarantee the Canucks Reinhart/Ekblad/Draisaitl or Bennet. It would also pretty much guarantee Calgary Ritchie or Virtanen plus another piece from the Canucks. Seems like a fit, but what would that piece have to be?
  12. When i watched the American U18 this year the guy that stood out the most to me was Kyle Connor. Watch for his stock to rise between now and next years draft.
  13. With the playoff landscape changing to the 4 conference set up I see zero chance that JB trades Kesler to the same division that he will be battling with every year. Unfortunately the Ducks are the only team Kesler would go to that has a top 10 pick. Translation: Dont get your hopes up for 2 top 10 picks this year.
  14. After his U18 performance I dont see Sanheim getting out of the first round. Especially with how forward heavy it is. But if hes available at 36 then its a no brainer. If not im happy with #6 -Virtanen/Ritchie (team still stills needs size) then #36 -Vrana/Honka/Sanheim. That is unless a Dal Colle or Draisaitl slip (fingers crossed)