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  1. would like to see some trades that get us the oilers pick and Anaheim pick then hopefully get Reinhart, Nylander and then Virtanen that would be a great draft.
  2. My top choice if we trade up is Sam Reinhart, but would take William Nylander at 6th or Jake Virtanen, but Ehlers would be nice too. Hope we make a trade to get a pick to get both Nylander and Jake.
  3. I say looking at our current goalie situation. Are Lack or Markstrom going to handle our need. I think a guy like Demko if available should get the second pick or a big D-man like Vanier.
  4. After reading all this I would hope to see Kesler traded as he would most likely fetch us another early first round pick say to Nashville who seems to like guys like Kesler. So as what I see our needs to be is scoring. I would pick if we got nashville and also our first in the top 10 then. Nikolaj Ehlers - by far the best scorer and plus minus is amazing. Leon Draisaitl - has size and can score too. Well a little bit of size and scoring talent. No point and trying to get defence as with all these no trade clauses tough to see our defence changing over the next few years.
  5. All I can say is time for a change should be a new General Manager. Sorry but far to many mistakes and not enough done to address the hockey issue. I do not blame Tortorella most of all this is on Mike Gillis. He created this and we lost two number 1 goalies to end up with two unproven ones and another 3rd line center. I cannot see what he is after but if it is the number 1 pick in 2015 then I will undertand otherwise Gillis needs to go.
  6. I hope that MG is either going to make some big changes or re-tool because anything less and I pray that he gets fired.
  7. Marc Andre Fluery overrated Tyler Bozak
  8. I agree that Bieska is wrong they need someone who lets them know that he is there coaching. I watched AV over and over just stand and watch sometimes he would smile. Someone needs to push this team.
  9. Watched Lincoln good history film but boring and little action 6/10 Skyfall a little darkness to Bond movie 8.5/10